Welcome, you have arrived at the Swimwear shop here online at Sports Fitness. Beginner, experienced regular or looking for your young ones, we proudly offer a vast range of swimming apparel for every swimmer. Browse through this category to find attire that you will love. Here at Sports Fitness we pride ourselves on shipping internationally for a fantastic price, so no matter where you live you can be the proud owner of a piece of swimwear from our range.

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30 items found.


30 items found.

Improve your healthy lifestyle regime by making swimming a part of your regime. Swimming is one of the best sports to work out, providing you with an all-body workout as well as being a non-weight bearing activity, which will be greatly beneficial on your knees and ankles.

So, whether you’re new to swimming or well experienced we are confident you’ll find a suitable piece of swim clothing, which will suit your style and your pocket!

Be comfortable and stylish with a piece of our Swimwear available here!


The swimming attire we proudly have in stock here is supplied direct from the manufacturer’s warehouses to guarantee authenticity and high quality. Our selection caters for men, women and kids! Simply browse through our range to find your perfect item of kit.

Swimwear has a specific design, including various materials and designs to ensure you can reach maximum comfort while you’re in the pool. There is a wide variety of modern swimsuits available here, varying in body coverage and materials. Your choice may depend on your style, personal preferences and what is most suitable for the style of swimming you take part in.

For you keen female swimmers, child or adult we provide a range of designs subtle or bold to help meet your style requirements. Our swimsuits are crafted with subtle flattering colors, some of which are one color with others featuring bold patterning with numerous colors. Whatever your choice we hope you can find it here at our swimwear shop.

For avid male swimmers we stock a vast range of swim shorts for you to choose from. Browse our collection of shorts that is gathered by top-class swimwear brands to find your favorite. For whatever product you may wish to purchase be sure to read up about the product with the unique product description that every product includes ensuring you will not be let down. 

Swim wear is generally tight fitting; costumes are always tight fitting with shorts being a choice of loose or tight. Tighter fitting attire is a lot more beneficial when it comes to swimming, having skin tight attire will reduce the drag in the water and therefore helps to cut through the water at a higher speed. Our jammer shorts could be the ideal purchase to benefit your swimming session even more so if you are a competitive swimmer as jammers should fit snug from waist to the knee, and so therefore it will help enhance performance.

Check out our swim apparel as well as our swimming accessories as we are your one-stop shop to update your kit. Our variety of accessories includes goggles, swim caps, nose clips, bags and more to enhance your performance in the pool as well as making your swimming session fun! Our extensive range of accessories will be the perfect addition to your swim kit, and here at Sports Fitness we proudly guarantee authenticity and high quality, so waste no time and make us your first stop for your swim gear today!

No matter what your ability be sure to get your swimwear here at Sports Fitness. Add your desired goods into the shopping cart to proceed to the checkout process where you can select a suitable shipping service so your goods are delivered direct to your door anywhere in the world.