Whether you swim recreationally or are training for a race, making sure that your swimwear fits you correctly and is of a high quality is a must. And to ensure that you are getting top of the range clothing here on our swimwear online store, we have ordered our stock directly from the manufacturer. Below you will find an array of swim wear in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes so that the whole family can be kitted out in the best quality gear. Supplied by the likes of Speedo, Maru, Zoggs and Precision, we are confident that you and your loved ones will adore your purchases!

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  1. Jammer Swim Shorts (Navy)
    Jammer Swim Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £6.00 Was £11.99
  2. Katherine Actionback Swimming Costume (Navy/Blue/White)
    Katherine Actionback Swimming Costume (Navy/Blue/White)
    Special Price £10.00 Was £19.99
  3. Maru Polka Pacer Hydro Swimsuit (Blue/Green)
    Maru Polka Pacer Hydro Swimsuit (Blue/Green)
    Special Price £10.00 Was £19.99
  4. Maru Pacer Boogie Back Swimsuit (Navy)
    Maru Pacer Boogie Back Swimsuit (Navy)
    Special Price £7.50 Was £14.99
  5. Maru Polka Pacer Panel Hydro Swimsuit (Black/Pink)
    Maru Polka Pacer Panel Hydro Swimsuit (Black/Pink)
    Special Price £10.00 Was £19.99
  6. Maru Zazou Pacer Panel Swimsuit (Black/Neon)
    Maru Zazou Pacer Panel Swimsuit (Black/Neon)
    Special Price £10.00 Was £19.99
  7. Speedo Girls Monogram Swimming Costume (Blue/Navy)
    Speedo Girls Monogram Swimming Suit (Blue/Navy)
    Special Price £8.00 Was £15.99
  8. Speedo Turbodive Swimming Costume (Black/Red)
    Speedo Turbodive Swimming Costume (Black/Red)
    Special Price £15.00 Was £29.99
  9. Speedo Endurance+ Medalist Swimsuit (Black)
    Speedo Endurance+ Medalist Swimsuit (Black)
    Special Price £11.00 Was £21.99
  10. Precision Swimming Costume (Navy)
    Precision Swimming Costume (Navy)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £9.99
  11. Precision Swimming Costume (Black)
    Precision Swimming Costume (Black)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £9.99
  12. Zoggs Cottesloe Flyback Swimming Costume (Navy)
    Zoggs Cottesloe Flyback Swimming Costume (Navy)
    Special Price £10.00 Was £19.99
  13. Kids Jammer Swim Shorts (Navy)
    Kids Jammer Swim Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £6.00 Was £11.99
  14. Kids Aqua Swim Shorts (Black)
    Kids Aqua Swim Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £9.99
  15. Precision Kids Aqua Swim Shorts (Navy)
    Kids Aqua Swim Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £9.99
  16. Jammer Kids Swim Shorts (Black)
    Jammer Kids Swim Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £6.00 Was £11.99
  17. Jammer Swim Shorts (Black)
    Jammer Swim Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £6.00 Was £11.99
  18. Zoggs Penrith Swim Shorts (Blue)
    Zoggs Penrith Swim Shorts (Blue)
    Special Price £7.50 Was £14.99
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Swimming can be carried out in all seasons due to the fact that most leisure centres have undercover pools. Due to the convenience of accessing your local centre, this is what makes the sport such a popular choice for all ages. And along with this increase in popularity comes the higher demand for top quality swimwear, which is exactly what you get here at Sports Fitness. So make us your go-to place for all your swimming needs and shop our selection of items now!

Selecting the Right Swimwear

For swimming, you ideally need a form fitting suit which will help create that elegant streamline shape to allow you to glide through the water efficiently. And here at Sports Fitness you will discover our fantastic variety of swimwear types for all ages and sexes which have been specifically designed to meet these needs. So whether you are swimming for fitness, preparing for a competitive event, or taking the kids out for a fun swim, you are guaranteed to find the ideal item of swimwear here for you.

However, choosing which style is best for you or your children could become troublesome due to the extensive selection we have in stock. If you require assistance with choosing women’s swimwear, men’s trunks and kid’s clothing, our helpful members of staff are happy to help with finding the best fit for you – just give us a call!

Catering for a number of shapes and sizes, below are just a few types of swim attire we have available for you to order today:

  • Ladies swimsuit
  • Men’s swimming trunks
  • Boys swim shorts
  • Girls swimming costume

When picking the type of swimwear to purchase, you would need to consider the fabric it is made out of. Affecting the overall fit of the suit, the combination of 4-way stretch material and a racer back finish will ensure that you have an optimum comfort and support from your garment. As well as this, it is important to also consider scouting for chlorine resistant fabrics which do not absorb the chemical which is used in the pools.

To ensure that your new item of swimwear has a sustainable longevity, you would need to make sure that you are following the proper washing instructions for your specific item. These can normally be found on the inside tag. It is vital to refer to these before you pop your new investment in the washing machine as using fabric softeners can be damaging to the integrity of the swim clothing.

Some recommended ways you can care for your swimsuit is to leave it to soak in a bowl of warm water then leave it to drip dry. But, depending on the washing instructions, you can also consider putting them in the washing machine on a hand wash cycle without any fabric softener.

The Benefits of Swimming

If you are considering becoming a regular swimmer, you most certainly should! Visiting your local baths on a routine basis has a fabulous effect on your health and fitness, no matter what age you are. This is down to the fact that by swimming you are working a larger amount of muscles at one time compared to any other sport. Establishing the basics of the sport is essential for young children and adults as this teaches us a vital survival technique as well as providing us with hours of fun. Here are just a few reasons why you should take the plunge and begin the enjoyment of swimming:

  • Relaxed paced workout
  • Social interaction
  • Enhanced muscle strength
  • Superb way to lose weight
  • Increases heart rate
  • Reduced impact on your body
  • Strengthens endurance
  • Excellent stress relief
  • Improves flexibility, balance and posture

There are a number of ways you can get involved with swimming, whether you are looking at introducing you child to the sport or wanting a refresher yourself. You can usually look up your closest baths to where you live and attend their public sessions if you are already confident with your swimming ability. However if you are not so confident and want some assistance, most venues have specially designed classes and lessons for mature swimmers. There are also options to sign your little one up for a course which will teach them all of the basics when it comes to swimming.

Buying Official Swim Gear from Sports Fitness

If you are on the hunt for a new swimsuit or pair of swim trunks, you are in the right place. As our stock is officially sourced from the specialist manufacturers, we are able to instil confidence in our customers as they know that they are getting outstanding value for money. And be sure to take a look at the swimming accessories page before you finalise your payment as you can pick up high quality goods such as goggles, caps and floating assistants.

It is highly recommended that you buy your new swimwear from us today as we have very limited stock levels. So upgrade your swimming gear today and head to the checkout now! With our vast selection of delivery services available, you can be enjoying your new swim clothing in no time. Shipping worldwide, we offer a range of rapid methods available via a dedicated express courier as well as Royal Mail services for UK next day or international delivery. We also offer the option to collect your new items from our warehouse which is perfect for our local customers!

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