Buy your latest swimming gear at the swim shop online at Sports Fitness, welcome to a one-stop-shop for your must have swimwear and accessories! To ensure we cover for all styles and budgets we provide a wide variety of brands and cater for both men, women and kids. Check out our large selection of swimming gear to get kitted out for your swimming session. Look good and feel good while you’re in the pool.

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Swimming Gear

48 items found.

If you’re a beginner looking to make swimming a part of your fitness regime and wanting to get kitted out or if you’re a seasoned swimmer wanting to upgrade your gear then look no further than Sports Fitness. We also proudly stock for babies, we supply must have accessories perfect to make your infants swim session even more enjoyable. Get the whole family kitted out for a trip to the pool to have great fun as well as to benefit from regular exercise.

Get the Whole Family Kitted out in Must Have Swimming Gear Available here!

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the word, loved by people of all ages. It is regarded as one of the best forms of exercise you can participate in. Swimming exercises the whole body and is a non-weight bearing activity, making it the perfect exercise if you’re injured or have weak or brittle bones. A minimal amount of attire and accessories is required for swimming, making it such an easy and popular sport to participate in. So keep in your body in shape by making swimming part of your routine.

In the sport of swimming it is important you achieve optimal comfort and we are confident that here at Sports Fitness our gear can help you achieve this. Regular swimmers are normally those who are regularly looking to improve their technique, maybe you haven’t quite got the right pair of goggles; you could check up on our range along with individual detailed product description to ensure you’re getting suitable ones.  Accessories such as nose clips and ear plugs could be the final accessory to perfect your technique.

For female swimmers our variety of swimwear will cater for all styles. Our swimsuit range are gathered by the world’s best brands, which supply their attire in a wide range of sizes so all swimmers can reach optimal fit and comfort in the pool when they order from Sports Fitness. The various colors available will ensure you keen swimmers will feel good and look good when swimming.

The huge range of swimming shorts we stock ensures we meet the styles of all male swimmers. Want shorts that are tight, loose, sort or long? Then you should make Sports Fitness your number one stop for your must have swim attire. You can navigate to the swimwear category to view our full range of apparel, where you could find the perfect addition to your swim kit.

For babies and kids who are learning to swim we have plenty of accessories that can help them along the way. For young children it is essential for them to stay safe in the pool, wearing inflatable armbands is a vital piece of safety accessory when learning to swim. We have a wide variety of armbands, trainer seats that can help your young one practicing using their legs under water and can be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning to swim. To keep babies entertained we have specially designed swimming toys, which will be ideal to use in your local swimming pool and even on holiday.

In terms of improving speed in the pool an accessory that is much underestimated is the swim cap. Probably most of you it is there to help keep hair dry, however in terms of improving speed it is very beneficial.  Swim caps aren’t just for long hair; maybe if you’re looking to improve your time wearing a swim cap may just help you do so.

Swim goggles are not a necessity however they do protect your eyes from the chlorine. If you are an avid swimmer then no doubt goggles are an essential piece of your kit. If you’re looking to update or purchase your first pair of goggles you should take a look at our range, where you’ll find bold colors, various brands and styles that will suit your needs when it comes to being in the pool.

 At Sports Fitness we aim to give our worldwide customers the best high quality products that can be delivered direct to your door for a fantastic price, ready to use immediately. We couple our fantastic products with our fantastic customer service, along with hassle-free online shopping to ensure we provide the best shopping experience.