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Running can benefit you more when you are motivated and energized, so why suffer by wearing ill-fitting sportswear? They may be your go-to comfortable gear, but a streamline, lightweight and well-ventilated fabric is more effective, and you will feel more confident when setting out on your next run wearing it. On this page you can browse through our wide range of running clothes from shirts and sports bras to shorts and tights, build the perfect exercise wardrobe for you. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, our collection of high-quality moisture wicking items is sure to provide you with the support and breathability you desire from your workout apparel. 

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  1. Precision Running Rain Jacket (Yellow)
    Precision Rain Jacket (Yellow)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £19.99
  2. Adidas Women's 'Inf' Gym Shorts
    Adidas Women's 'Inf' Gym Shorts
    Special Price £3.75 Was £14.99
  3. Adidas Women's 'FR HB' Gym Shorts
    Adidas Women's 'FR HB' Gym Shorts
    Special Price £3.75 Was £14.99
  4. Joma Record Running Shorts (Red)
    Joma Record Shorts (Red)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  5. Joma Youth Elite II Competition Long Run Shorts (Navy)
    Joma Youth Elite II Competition Long Run Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £3.25 Was £12.99
  6. Joma Women's Lycra Running Shorts (Blue)
    Joma Women's Lycra Run Shorts (Blue)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £19.99
  7. Joma Record Short Running Tights (Black)
    Joma Record Short Run Tights (Black)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £19.99
  8. Joma Running Shorts (Black)
    Joma Running Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £3.75 Was £14.99
  9. Joma Kids Elite II Competition Running Shorts (Navy)
    Joma Kids Elite II Competition Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £3.25 Was £12.99
  10. Joma Kids Elite II Competition Long Running Shorts (Black)
    Joma Youth Elite II Competition Long Run Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £3.25 Was £12.99
  11. Precision Unisex Running Shorts (Black)
    Precision Unisex Running Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £2.50 Was £9.99
  12. Puma Women's NightCat Shorts (Pink)
    Puma Women's NightCat Shorts (Pink)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £19.99
  13. Puma Girls Active Dry Shorts (Pink)
    Puma Girls Active Dry Shorts (Pink)
    Special Price £2.50 Was £9.99
  14. Joma Record Running Tights (Navy)
    Joma Record Run Tights (Navy)
    Special Price £6.50 Was £25.99
  15. New Balance Womens Accelerate Capri Tights
    New Balance Womens Accelerate Capri Tights
    Special Price £6.25 Was £24.99
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Refresh Your Running Kit by Shopping the Latest Styles from Leading Sportswear Manufacturers Now!

Running is a much-loved form of exercise for a variety of reasons. It can be easily slotted into your daily routine as routes and schedules can be adapted to suit your needs. There are no set parameters for running, so the world is your oyster when it comes to the sport. And that is why so many people choose to take up jogging to keep fit. It can also be used alongside a well-balanced diet to achieve weight loss or work as a training booster for other sports. 


Whether you are training for an upcoming marathon, trail running or out on a casual jog, ensuring you have comfortable and well-fitting running clothing is important. Regular clothing items such as t-shirts, shorts, joggers, and leggings can contribute to an increase in sweat build-up and lead to overheating while running due to how they are designed. They are also more likely to move and alter their fit while on the move, so can prove to be more distracting than beneficial.

This is why running gear such as jerseys, vests, tights, and shorts have been specially adapted to provide you with the ultimate support and moisture controlling properties to keep you feeling fresh and sweat-free throughout your run. They also have a more streamline fit with adjustment attributes where needed to ensure that they remain in place. And by sitting closer to the skin, the fabric is able to activate its sweat absorption technology more efficiently. So whether you are out on a long cross country run or short sprint, ensuring you have the correct gear is key.


Clothing for running is not necessarily your average jersey and pants. There is an unlimited amount of kit combinations you can put together, ultimately it is what you feel most comfortable in. For example pairing running leggings with  reflective jacket for outdoors or a running vest and shorts for indoors. As a result of this, you can see above that we stock a wide selection of sportswear for runners suitable for a number of conditions. You can shop in mens, ladies and juniors gear such as:

  • Sports Bras
  • Short sleeve tops
  • Vests and tank tops
  • Men's Running Jerseys
  • Long sleeve Running tops
  • Quarter Zip tops
  • Women's Gym Shorts
  • Running Jackets
  • Leggings
  • Womens Running Tights
  • Reflective Jackets
  • Men's Running Shorts


When shopping for new running clothing, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it contain any sweat resistant technology?
  • Is it well ventilated and breathable?
  • Will it be supportive?
  • How does it feel? Is it lightweight?

And here at Sports Fitness we acknowledge that shopping online can be difficult when trying to find the best gear for your needs. As a result of this, you will find that all of our listings have detailed pictures and descriptions covering all areas of the products available. Our staff are also on hand via the telephone or email to answer any questions you might have as we want you to feel as confident as possible in your purchases from us.

Why Buy Running Clothes at Sports Fitness

Ensuring we are stocking a great variety of running kit to suit different budgets, genders, and sizes, we have sourced our supplies directly from a range of leading sportswear manufacturers. Therefore, you can feel confident in the quality of your purchase as items have been sourced straight top brands such as Joma, New Balance, Puma and much more in both adults and kids sizes!

We offer a number of express shipping methods on the delivery page of thecheckout, or you can choose to collect your order from our warehouse and come say hello! Shop mens running, womens running and kids running clothes now! You can also shop our selection of running accessories to amplifying your experience when pounding the pavement.

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