Check out the latest and must have Running Gear from the Sports Fitness online store. Struggling to find motivation to improve your running regime? Updating essentials and running attire is a great method to get motivated. Even if you’re looking for a specific accessory for part of your routine then be sure to browse our selection here at Sports Fitness.  Running is one the easiest sports to get up and start doing, making it one of most popular sports in the world. It’s simple, all you need is a pair of running trainers, suitable apparel and you’re off! 

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Running Gear

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If you’re intermediate or even a well-experienced runner we are confident that our wide range of running gear will meet your needs. Apparel or accessories are available in a variety of styles and brands to ensure your style and budget are met!  Add to your goods and make your running regime even better with new accessories that could enhance your skills. An addition such as a stopwatch allows you to time your run accurately and give you a time to beat next time.  

Need Something to Get Going Again? Check out our Running Gear to get motivated!


As your running sessions improve you may want to invest into getting more advanced and specialized goods, such as vests and shorts to enhance your performance. To keep your training up throughout the winter months you could take a look at the variety of jackets, hi-vis tops and running gloves we have to offer. 
Running is a great step towards any sporting activity, and when started an immediate benefit is felt and are therefore hooked for life. The thrill of running and pushing yourself for faster and longer distances provides a great boost in self-esteem and motivation to get out and beat your previous run. Whether you’re walking, jogging or running, running is always something you can progress to as times and forms can always be improved! Build up your momentum to enhance your stamina and a great feeling of satisfaction about yourself. 
Once hooked on the sport of running no doubt you’ll be forever updating your gear and attire, be sure to shop at Sports Fitness to view our range of extensive running clothes! Our range helps you to get fully kitted out in head to toe in the best apparel, which includes items to suit any weather condition. Looking for a lightweight running vest for the hot conditions or maybe a pair of tights to keep warm throughout the winter months? Look no further, find it here! 
Our shop includes attire that caters for men, ladies and kids with many items being of a unisex design. The clothing shop features an array of colors with a variety of sportswear brands, providing an extensive range that will meet style requirements as well as budgets, with our sizes being second-to-none ensuring we cater for all shapes and sizes. 
Road safety is a major aspect in the sport of running and one of the most important! Running on the streets or roads especially during dim lighting it is highly recommended that you are aware of the dangerous risks that are involved. Ensuring you are seen by other road users is essential, that’s why here at Sports Fitness we provide a variety of LED strips, hi-vis vests and reflective accessories that are a must for your running gear! Benefit from your running gear and make yourself seen and safe on the roads. 
Hydration of course is another key factor of running. Here at the Sports Fitness store we are the home of an impressive selection of drinks bottles, which is an essential piece of your accessories. Nowadays runners make their run more enjoyable by listening to motivating music, so keep your MP3 player, iPod or your phone safe within one of our cases we are proud to offer! 
Aiming towards a marathon or even a 5k race, join clubs around the world with many the running enthusiasts it will urge and motivate you to want to reach your goal quicker. Even if you’re new to the sport of the running and you may be needing some extra advice on what your next purchase should be then fear not our customer service team is on hand to answer any queries as well as to guide you through our website if need be.
Like the look of some of our running gear? Then do not hesitate to place your order at Sports Fitness, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing authenticity and high quality, as well as international delivery direct to your door!