Here on our Rugby accessories page at Sports Fitness you will uncover a range of high quality gear from manufacturers such as Optimum. To ensure that 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, you can shop rugby gear which has been delivered to our warehouse straight from the manufacturer’s distribution centre right here. As a result of this you can be assured that you will receive premium quality official equipment to upgrade your training bag with. So take a look below and browse through our extensive range of authentic stock and fill your shopping cart with a wide selection of gear for all ages.

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During rugby drills and matches, having the correct equipment is very important. And you can find high quality accessories above to help you prepare for your life long journey with this popular sport. Whether you are gathering a few mates together for a friendly game, or aspiring to become a professional squad member, start building your gear here!

Rugby Protective Gear

As rugby is a fairly aggressive contact sport, ensuring you and/or your child is protected during their practices or matches are crucial. This is why we have stocked a wide range of equipment in adult’s and children’s sizes to make sure that you are fully prepared for future games. Below is a list of rugby training kit essentials which you would need to consider purchasing before attending practices or scheduled fixtures with your team:

  • Mouth guards
  • Thermal gloves
  • Protective padded top
  • Studded boots
  • Headgear

Mouth guards are a must for ensuring that your teeth and mouth in general remain protected during impact. Along with this you can get specially designed headgear to prevent any injury to your most vital body part. Together, these items of protective gear will have you feeling 100% satisfied that your head is covered and the accessories will absorb most of the impact to keep you safe.

Rugby is most commonly played outdoors throughout all seasons where possible. This means that you would need to wrap up warm in the colder climates. Therefore you can pick up a pair of thermal gloves from us here at Sports Fitness. Along with keeping your hands warm, these gloves have additional grip design on the palm of the hands to increase your productivity and performance out on the pitch.

Under layers such as a specially designed protective top can be worn as a base layer to your jersey in order to keep yourself shielded from impact. Providing you with a slim fit shaping, this t-shirt contains additional areas of hard and cushioned plates which act as a barrier between your opponent and your vital body parts. Buying and wearing this therefore means that you will be less at risk of suffering from a serious injury when wearing this top to your future rugby training.

Studded boots are an essential when it comes to practicing your rugby skills on the field. This is because the studs improve your grip against the ground and reduce the likelihood of you falling over on a loose piece of mud.

Rugby Positions Explained

In both men’s and women’s rugby the rules and specification of positioning is the same. This therefore ensures that the rules and regulations of the game are kept streamline across the different sub divisions. So to prepare you for your new journey with the sport, we will now look into how to play rugby.

Before signing up to a team or trying out, you would need to establish what type of player you wanted to be. The various positions available are as follows:

  • Loose head and tight head prop
  • Hooker
  • Lock
  • Blind side and open side flanker
  • Number 8
  • Scrum and fly half
  • Left and right winger
  • Inside and outsider centre
  • Fullback

Within the scrum you will find the front row to be the props either side of the hooker. This line of defence works perfectly to keep the hooker in line and up close to the ball so that they can receive it first over their opposition.

Behind these are the locks who are typically the taller players of the team as they are the ones which need to catch the ball during a lineout or restart. They also need a great level of physical strength to hold the entire scrum, ruck and mauls together.

And finally in the third row of the scrum are the flankers with the Number 8 in between. The flankers’ main objective is to acquire the ball via tackles of the opposition. And the number 8 is the player who receives the ball from the hooker and can pass it to the halves behind them to continue play down the field.

The first contact the ball has with the backers is through the scrum half who takes it from number 8 and the fly half who can then receive it from the scrum half. Both of these players can then pass the ball to the rest of the backers.

The left and right wingers are the players who need the fastest speed as well as requiring some aspects of defence. This is because they run on the outside of the pitch so they can normally have a clear line to the goal.

Inside and outside centres are used for both defence and attack tactics. This is because they are in the centre of the action after being handed the ball from the scrum.

And finally, the full back is the last player at the back of the field who defends the goal and they must be confident in stopping and tackling the opponents.

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