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Developed in Rugby, England, in the 19th Century rugby is now a popular sport that is played around the globe. There are multiple variations on the game of rugby, the two most popular being rugby league and rugby union - two similar but completely separate sports, each with their own rules, governing bodies and code of practice.

Essential Rugby Equipment

Rugby is traditionally a public school sport, often described as ‘a game for thugs, played by gentlemen.’ This phrase gives insight into the nature of the sport, with a heavy aspect of body contact and brute force. The physicality of the game gives rise to the need for specialist rugby equipment.

Whether your kids play rugby at school, or you are an adult playing for an amateur league, skimping on protective rugby accessories is not a good idea. Specifically designed merchandise offers the best protection to the vulnerable areas of the body when playing a game of rugby.

Here at Sports Fitness you can add to your kit with a fantastic range of rugby clothing. Rugby players traditionally wear shirt, shorts and socks on the rugby field. Purposely designed, durable clothing is ideal for the heavy wear and tear environment of the rugby pitch. Shirts are heavyweight in comparison to those designed for other sports, and this durability is essential, unless you want to replace your kit after every game.

Other must have rugby accessories are mouth guards to protect the teeth and jaw, and gloves offering protection for the hands. You can find a range of rugby gloves and mouth guards right here at Sports Fitness, so add to your kit or replace damaged items while supplies last.

We stock a range of merchandise and accessories for many popular sports, including rugby. Whether you are new to the sport of rugby or a seasoned professional you can visit our blog, which has a wealth of information, to find out the essential items of kit and other merchandise required for playing rugby and many other sports.

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