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This the Kites and Accessories store here at Sports Fitness. And within this category you will find a wide range of recreational and competitive kites to suit a variety of budgets. Produced by Breeze, all of our stock has been supplied direct from the manufacturer. This therefore allows us to validate the authenticity and quality of our goods. And this then assured our customers that they are buying high quality equipment when shopping with us. So whether you are taking your kids kite flying this summer or a looking at starting competition training, we have got the accessory to meet your requirements right here.

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Assisting you on your journey to smashing recent kiting Guinness World Records, we have a fantastic range of kites available for you to order above. Browse through this page today and stock up on all of your kiting needs. Be sure to act fast and buy now as our stock levels are limited!

Styles of Equipment

Depending on what style of flying you are going to do, there are a number of shapes and sizes of kites. Therefore before you even look into purchasing your new kite, you would need to establish what the use of it will be. Below are just few of the different styles you can get:

  • Diamonds
  • Deltas
  • Quad-line
  • Foils

Prior to the other shapes listed above, the diamond used to be the most popular kite shape to use for sporting events, however now it appears to be more traditional and vintage when compared against the newer styles. This used to be such a widely used shape as the tail increases the stability during the flight and the point at the front ensures that it can glide through the air precisely. These kites tend to be generally larger when it comes to surface area which is where intricate and eye-catching designs can be introduced to make the kite stand out more.

Deltas took the inspiration of the diamond shape, however were engineered to become a higher performance piece of kit. By altering the style to a triangular frame it reduces the drag and resistance while travelling through the air. The point at the front also assists greatly when carrying out tricks in a competition too.

Quad line, also known as revolutions kites, have been produced in such a way which means that it can be flown in a number of ways. Forwards, backwards and sideways, this style of kite can easily glide through these moves as well as hovering in the sky, which is a skill none of the other sports styles have.

Finally, foils have two layers of aerofoil which ensures that the kite can inflate from within to stay afloat in the sky. However, due to the parachute styling of the foils, you will find that the resistance is very high which means that you will get a lot of pull while out and about. This means that you will be better off using this style for recreational use rather than for a competition where accuracy is key.

Fundamentals of Flying a Kite

Flying a kite is enjoyable for the whole family, so during the spring and summer weathers, why not look at purchasing a kite from our store and heading out together? There are specially designed children’s sizes and adults along with competition stylings too to suit a range of flyers needs. This sport can also be a great way to burn calories too, which makes this a popular activity for all ages.

When it comes to learning to fly a kite, you would need to take into consideration the wind direction and the pull of the wind’s strength. From here you can adapt your grip and stance as needed to ensure that you don’t get carried away by the force of the wind, remaining in control at all times.

For competitions there are a number of ways in which you can get involved. By speaking to your local leisure centre or looking online, you will be able to find a class or group near you which specialises in the type of kite flying you want to do. If you wish to go into competitive racing and grading, having the guidance from an educated trainer is essential to get you to the level you want to be at.

There are two main types of competitions which you can take part in once you have mastered the art of kiting:

  • IRB Competition
  • Freestyle Competition

The IRB competition is a sport kite event in which you are graded on your precision and kite ballet. This type of competition can be carried out along or part of a duo or even a group if you can find a number of friends or flyers of the same level as yourself to give it a go. For the ‘Ballet’ portion of the event you would need to put together a routine to a piece of music. And the six tricks included in the routine would have to meet the requirements set by the judges.

The Freestyle competition contains two sub divisions called trick out and trick party. Trick party is similar to the IRB in a way that you will be graded on 4 compulsory and ballet elements. However, the trick out is an informal knockout whereby competitors show off their best skills and defeat their opponent based on the reaction from the judges and crowd.

How to Throw a Frisbee

As well as mastering the kite flying technique, you can also pick up a Frisbee from our category here. Produced by Aerobie, this Frisbee will give you hours of entertainment and joy just like the kite. However, with this sport it is less stress on your muscles as you don’t have to fight for control against the wind.

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