Welcome to the Hockey accessories page here at Sports Fitness. Owning high quality equipment which can withstand your rigorous matches and training is a must for professional players. And if you are new to the sport, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality to get the better price. This is why all of our stock is supplied to us straight from the manufacturer in order to offer our customers excellent deals on supreme quality hockey gear. Due to this, you are able to feel confident in the fact that our high standards ensure that your equipment will be built to last, no matter what level you play at.

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  1. Mazon Black Magic Casey Junior Hockey Stick
    Mazon Black Magic Casey Junior Hockey Stick
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  2. Mazon Club Dimpled Hockey Balls (White) x 12
    Mazon Club Dimpled Hockey Balls (White) x 12
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  3. Mazon Dimpled Hockey Balls x 12 (Orange)
    Mazon Club Dimpled Hockey Balls (Orange) x 12
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Join in with one of the most popular sports out there and browse through our stock of spectacular products. We also stock a range of other sports accessories and equipment too which can assist you with your next journey on discovering a new hobby. Therefore you should make us your number on place for all of your training accessory needs.

Hockey Equipment

To play hockey you only really need a stick and ball if you are training alone, however if you are playing or practicing as part of a team this is where more equipment will need to become involved. Sourced from the official sports brands such as Mazon, Mantis, Optimum and Nike, our array of products above are guaranteed to live up to your demands. See below the list of hockey gear you would need to invest in if you want to pursue the sport long term:

  • Field hockey stick
  • Specialised hockey balls
  • Mouth guards
  • Protective padding

When it comes to choosing your hockey stick you would need to take into consideration your height depending on which length your need. Within our online store here you can find a selection of sticks for kids and adults too. Therefore you are guaranteed to find the best fit for you here, or you can give us a call and we will happily assist you with determining which one to go for.

There are two main types of hockey balls used at the moment and both have their unique quirks. The most commonly used and loved type of ball is the dimpled effect which we stock here at Sports Fitness. This type of ball is excellent for astro-turf fields as it aids the accuracy of the ball flight. There is also a smooth type which can be used too, however this is preferred for grass fields and wet conditions as the ball is likely to glide across the surface nicely.

Mouth guards are a must to ensure that you are kept fully covered and protective whether you are out on the field or in goal. This type of protection reduces the impact of force against your teeth if you are in an altercation on the field or are hit unfortunately by the ball. Therefore you can feel satisfied that your mouth will remain secure and guarded throughout the match.

Also there are a number of additional protective measures which you can take to ensure that no injury occurs. For the goalkeeper you can usually get larger outer knee pads and gloves as well as a guarded helmet to stop the effects of the impact of the ball on your body. For the players out on the field shin guards would be a good idea as this will shield your most vulnerable part from the force of a stick or a ball hitting against it.

About Field Hockey

For those who are not familiar with the sport, field hockey takes place on astro turf grounds or grass terrain. The aim of the game is generally to score the most points against the opposition and this can be done by skilfully passing the ball between your players and avoiding the defenders. And when you get an open shot to the goal, you will be able to strike the ball with speed and force to push it directly to the goalkeeper and beyond.

Joining Your Local Hockey Club

As this sport requires very little equipment, it can be carried out in your local hockey arena where there are indoor or outdoor fields, or even at home if you have enough space in your garden. However, before you start it is highly recommended that your check out our beginners guide for hockey over on the blog to ensure that you are fully clued up with what the requirements of the sport are and what to expect.

Within your local centre you will be able to enquire about their hockey association. From there you can sign up to courses and lessons to teach you the basics and more advanced aspects of the sport to improve your hockey skills. A qualified coach will also be able to advise and guide you through the requirements of the competitive aspect of hockey so that you can pursue your career with expert help. This route therefore is the best for those who want to join their local hockey team and become a professional player. Although, if you don’t wish to progress through that route, you can still take part in the game without the added pressure of hockey drills and training.

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