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You have arrived at Sports Fitness’s Hockey shop. For new or avid hockey players this department should be your first stop. If you’re new to hockey or well-experienced and looking for new hockey sticks or accessories then is the best online shop for you. All of our goods are official and of outstanding quality, so do not hesitate if you wish to order from Sports Fitness.

Our selection of hockey equipment and accessories cater for both kids and adults and men and women. Hockey is a much loved sport and is a great way to have fun and stay in shape, and with our range of equipment you can get out there as a beginner or an advanced player and play your beloved sport in style and confidence. Every product includes its own description so customers know key features and design of the product they may wish to purchase.

Check out our Hockey range at Sports Fitness, Ideal for all Abilities. Official goods Sold at Fantastic Prices!


The hockey range as you can see above are gathered by the world’s best hockey brands such as Mantis and Mazon. Our hockey sticks are provided in a variety of lengths. It is important that you purchase the correct length hockey stick as it will enhance your performance. Hockey stick sizes are based on your height. If you are purchasing your first hockey stick then be sure to research how to choose the correct stick length.

If you are looking at purchasing your first hockey stick or to update your current stick then look no further than Sports Fitness as we are confident that we will meet your requirements, as well as style and budget. Our sticks are catered for both kids and adults, simply use the dropdown menu provided to select your specific length.

Sports Fitness is an online store based in the UK specializing in a wide variety of sports, navigate to the other sports department to find our extensive range. All of our goods are official and available for international shipping for a fantastic price. We aim to provide an easy online order process so customers can place their orders with confidence.

The hockey shop at Sports Fitness is one of our many sports that we supply for. Hockey is a team sport where two teams play against each other trying to maneuver the ball into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick only.  The game is popular with male and females in many parts of the world. Field hockey is mostly played on sand-based artificial grass with a small hard ball, which makes it important that you wear protection.

No matter where you are in the world you can order a hockey stick from Sports Fitness and receive your order on a fast and efficient shipping service. Purchase yours today – orders now being taken online!

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