Welcome to our Darts online store here at Sports Fitness. Within this page dedicated to the popular recreational and competitive sport, you will discover a wide range of equipment at fabulous prices. All of our stock has been provided by Harrows to ensure that we only supply our customers with the best quality official goods to allow them to get the most out of the game. Therefore you can browse with confidence, knowing that the quality of the products is of the highest level. So whether you are a regular or casual player, you are guaranteed to find the essentials you need right here to increase the experience of your darts training.

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Darts is an excellent way to improve your concentration and cognitive functions through anticipating what area you need to hit next in order to get the best score. This is why darts is such a popular sport as pretty much anyone can play it, all you need is a board and a set of darts. And along with the assistance of your local darts club you will be able to improve your technique in no time!

High Quality Darts Gear

Before starting on your darts journey, you need to make sure that you are in safe environment to be throwing darts. And when it comes to storing your equipment, you would need to ensure that these are kept away from children as the sharp ends are very dangerous for inexperienced users. So below is a list of darts accessories which you could look into purchasing if you want to increase your skills in the sport:

  • Bristle Dartboard
  • Darts sets
  • Carbon dart flights
  • Dart shafts
  • Storage wallets
  • Showcard
  • Scoreboard

Whether you are practicing at home or wanting to set up a darts area in your facility, a great place to start would be by purchasing a dartboard. There are a number of boards available to order from match professional sizing and specification to your everyday board. So browse through our stock and find the right one for your needs here.

When it comes to choosing your shafts and flights it can be quite daunting as there is so much choice. This is why we supply separate equipment in different sizes and textures as well as complete sets. Therefore you can discover which fit is right for you here.

And to keep all of your gear together you can find a storage wallet within this category. Suited for carrying three full darts along with a selection of additional shafts and flights, this is the perfect case for you. This handy little pouch will ensure that you will have all of your darts equipment with you in one conveniently packaged place.

If you want to start up a local darts team or have put a board up in your establishment, a Showcard is an excellent way of making sure you always have darts on hand for the players. Containing around 30 flights and 10 shafts, this set is perfect to keep behind the bar or next to the board so that aspiring professionals and recreational players can have a go conveniently without having to bring their own equipment.

Another thing you could look at purchasing to enhance your darts experience is to invest in a score board. Whether this is a small chalk board, white board or even a pen and paper, this is an ideal way to keep track of your progress during training or a match. Boards where the details can be wiped off are ideal for public establishments as the details can be changed constantly. However, if you want to keep track of your skills, a pen and paper documentation is excellent as you can physically make a note of when your stronger days and techniques are.

How to Play Darts

Below we are going to take a look at the fundamentals of darts which will help you with getting started. There are multiple ways in which you can play darts solo or as part of a group, however we will begin to take a look at how the scoring works in general.

  • Yellow/Black areas – amounts to the number at the top of the section
  • Outer Red/Green areas – double the amount at the top of the section
  • Inner Red/Green areas – triple the amount at the top of the section
  • Outer Green Bull – 25 points
  • Inner Red Bull – 50 points

When marking up the area, you would need to ensure that the thrower stands 7ft 9 ¼ inches or 2.37m away from the board as per the darts rules. The general stance is on with one foot in front of the other slightly with the knee bent which allows you to have full control over the accuracy of the dart flight.

The most common game played is called ’01’ where the object of the game is to get down to zero before your opponent. It takes this name after the fact that at the beginning of the game the throwers start off with either 301 or 501 points. And to start it off, both darts players throw to establish who will play first. This is decided by who hits closer to the bullseye. From here you will compete against one another deducting the points scored on the board until you reach 0 or the closest you can get.

Another game you can play is called cricket. And this works by using the numbered areas 15 to 20. The aim of this game is to hit a number three times in a row to close the number before your partner. And at the end of the game the numbers you have closed are added together to determine the winner.

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