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Superb Quality Boxing Gear for Great Value Prices!

Introducing elements of combat sports such as boxing into your workout regime is becoming increasingly popular. So make sure you are fully equipped today by browsing through our selection of goods and building your training gear. We also stock a variety of accessories within our other sports page which you can take a look at too and discover a new activity you love!

Must-have Boxing Equipment

There are a wide range of accessories which you can purchase for boxing. However, most of these may be provided if you attend a class at your local gym. But if you wish to train in your own time too or with a qualified coach, you would need to invest in high quality gear to avoid injury. Below is a list of equipment you can buy:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Punching bags
  • Mouth guards
  • Boxing pads

Boxing gloves is the most essential item you would need to use when training. These gloves are specially designed to reduce the impact of your punch on your hands. Therefore you are able to get the most out of your workout without any risk of injury. The Velcro straps located around the wrists also allow you to acquire a snug and precise fit.

Hand wraps can be worn solo or underneath the gloves for extra coverage. These wraps cover key areas of your hands such as the knuckles to ensure that you are able to get an accurate jab without the added bulk of the glove.

Punching bags are another good idea for training at home. These can then allow you to practice your boxing skills from the comfort of your own home if you are unable to make it to your local facility.

Mouth guards are also another thing you should consider purchasing if you are sparring and wanting to continue professionally. Ensuring that you do not receive any injury to your teeth or mouth, these guards surround your teeth and absorb the impact of a face level punch.

And finally, boxing mitts are a great investment for when you are training with a partner. These pads provide protection to the opposition’s palms while you are practicing your punches against them. By absorbing the impact, you a can be assured that your sparring partner will be fully covered and safe when training your one on one combat.

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing can be used as a form of training for professional fights, or it can also be easily integrated into your workout routine to keep on top of your health and fitness. Therefore below we have listed the positive effects that practicing this combat sport has on your body:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Enhances muscle strength
  • Coordination improvements
  • Great stress relief
  • Excellent for weight loss

As you are constantly moving during the workout you are able to tone and sculpt multiple muscles across the body. As well as this you are ensuring that your heart and lungs function correctly in order to improve your stamina during the session. It also helps to enhance your coordination and concentration as you aim to calculate what your opponent is going to do next and how to block them. And finally, this form of sport is excellent for stress relief and weight loss due to the amount of effort needed to complete each move with a great force.

Start Boxing Training Today!

Above we have looked into the positive health benefits of boxing drills. And as this training is becoming so popular, you are guaranteed to be able to find a course in your local gym to take part in. Or maybe speak to a qualified instructor in the facility and get advice on how you can introduce moves such as a jab, hook and cross into your everyday training regime to get the most out of your workout.

Common misconceptions of boxing classes are that it is something you only join if you want to fight professionally and are mainly dominated by males. This impression therefore clouds ladies judgements sometimes when it comes to taking up the activity. However, you don’t have to train to fight with boxing, the moves themselves increase your stamina and help build and sculpt muscles too. They can even assist with weight loss when carried out regularly. So before you shy away from signing up to a class or giving it a go in your local gym, read through our in-depth article on reasons why women should try boxing too.

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Make us your number one shop for all of your boxing essentials as our selection of high quality goods are spectacular. As all of our products are supplied to us directly from the manufacturer, you can feel satisfied in the fact that you are getting supreme quality equipment that will live up to your training demands.

We also strive to ensure that customers across the globe can receive their order rapidly. This is why we offer such a vast range of shipping services which operate in the UK and overseas at express rates. You can also opt to pick your order up from our warehouse if you live locally too!

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