Welcome to the Basketball shop online at Sports Fitness, this is your first stop shop for your must have basketball gear. You have arrived at the basketball department, where you can find balls, accessories and much more gear that are all gathered from the world –class brands to guarantee authenticity and high quality. Be sure to browse through our range to find goods that can be a great addition to your gear. 

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Basketball is one of our sports we proudly cater for here at Sports Fitness, ensuring you keen basketball lovers can get just what you’re looking for delivered direct to your door. Check out our selection to get fully kitted out with the best high quality items. Our range includes suppliers such as Midwest and Wilson, well-known brands in the sport of basketball!

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Basketball is a growing sport around the world and is much loved by all ages and abilities. You may think that throwing a ball into a hoop is pretty easy, well, think again! Tremendous amount of strength, stamina, fitness and skill is required to play this sport at an intense high level; but does however  make the ideal sport to have great fun with friends and family. 
Not sure on what item of gear you're in need of? Then be sure to click on the product you like the look of so you are able to read the detailed product description that we proudly supply, including all the key features of the item ensuring you will be purchasing the correct and most-suitable piece of gear. Not only do we provide detailed descriptions but also a secure online checkout process for our valued customers who can order online with great confidence, where goods will then be dispatched quickly for a fast and direct delivery to your door!
In this shop we primarily specialize in basketballs, our selection varies in manufacturers helping to ensure we provide our customers with the best looking basketballs. Basketballs come in all differed sizes specific to the type of basketball played. Typically, a child should play with a size 3 ball; youth a size 5, women’s games are usually played with a size 6, while the men use a size 7 ball. Characteristics of a basketball are very distinctive; the surface of the ball is usually divided into ‘ribs’, which are recessed below the surface in various configurations. Basketballs are generally designed for indoor use, which are usually made from leather or absorbent composites. As you probably know, an orange surface with black ribs complete with the brands logo is a traditional looking basketball; however they can come in various different colors and configurations. 
This department you can find further items of gear that could be an essential to your kit bag. As basketball is a very physical sport a mouth guard could be a suitable purchase to help protection your teeth in case of any knocks or falls.  
At Sports Fitness we only sell goods that are provided direct from the manufacturers, so we can guarantee our customers of 100% official merchandise that is produced to the highest of quality. Click on your desired product to read key features and view an enlarged image of the item, so you definitely know that it’s the one for you. 
Need to update your kit bag? Make Sports Fitness your first stop whether it’s for basketball or any other sport, we are confident you’ll find what you’re looking for here! 

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