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This is the American Football shop, your go-to online store for essential American football merchandise and accessories. Welcome to our online shop here at Sports Fitness, we are proud to supply goods for one of the most popular sports in America, here you will find a vast range of American footballs and more! Beginner or advanced our range will be perfect for you! 

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Although America is well known for their success in this fantastic sport, many more countries are beginning to take interest in American football. Fan of simply watching your favorite team on TV or enjoy taking part then our range of footballs and other merchandise will be a popular hit for you avid American football lovers. 
Sports Fitness proudly caters for a vast range of sports. Our 100% reliable website is easy to use and navigate, leaving our customers confident when placing their order online here at Sports Fitness. We guarantee authenticity and high quality, so if you like the look of one of our American footballs you will be receiving an official piece of merchandise. 

Stop off at our American Football shop for must have footballs and merchandise!


We primarily stock footballs in this category and with our extensive selection you will sure find one that will meet your requirements! Supplied from various manufacturers in a variation of colors and styles, take a read of each individual description that each product includes to ensure you gain full information about your desired product. Also, the images provided can be enlarged so you receive a better look of each item. 
Whatever your budget we are confident we have an American football for you!  For kids, training, match days or simply for display take a look on our shop and purchase yours today and get fast worldwide delivery! Another popular sport is basketball, which we also proudly supply for here at Sports Fitness. 
As you probably know America’s version of football is different to the football played in UK. Football, as it is referred to in the United States is played by two teams of eleven players. The sport originated for from football and rugby and was first played in 1869. American football is played on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. The team in control of the oval-shaped ball, the offense, attempt to run down the field passing or running with ball, while the defending team aim to stop their advance and take control of the ball. Points are primarily scored by advancing the ball down to the opposition’s end zone by a touchdown or kicking the ball through the opponent’s goalposts. 
If you require further information or assistance then do not hesitate to call our number one customer service team, who are on hand during business hours to answer any calls or queries to help you with your experience with Sports Fitness. 
Maybe American football isn’t your desired sport, if so, be sure to navigate through our categories to find your favorite sport as well as an extensive range of products! 

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