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As American football is a very popular sport and most colleges and schools have their own squad over in the states, the demand for high quality goods is very high. Therefore you are in the right place to browse through our vast array of footballs at a range of prices to suit everyone’s budget. You can also stock up on all of your sporting needs with us here too.

American Football Equipment

Whether you are a regular player or train recreationally, ensuring you have the essentials in your kit is a must. Therefore to assist with this, we have listed the accessories needed for starting your training in this excellent team sport:

  • American Football Ball
  • Protective helmet
  • Shoulder pads
  • Shin guards
  • Mouth guards
  • Gloves

The most important piece of equipment for the game is the purpose built ball. It is designed like an oval in order to increase the level of trajectory whether you are passing or kicking it to another player. Therefore the accuracy seen with these balls are very successful.

When playing in matches you would most definitely need to invest in protective gear if it isn’t already provided by your team. The helmet protects your head from one on one contact and it also features a metal cage on the front which helps to shield your face from impact. Other items of protection such as mouth guards can be purchased here at Sports Fitness to ensure that you are kept fully secure during the game.

You can also get specially designed shoulder pads to aid you with the force needed in the scrimmage by increasing your surface area. Shin guards are also a fantastic idea to buy for your kit as they can shield your most vulnerable parts from contact with the opposition.

Gloves are also a good idea as they can increase your grip on the ball to make transferring it between the players more efficient. They can also keep your hands warm too while playing outdoors during the colder seasons.

How to Play American Football

Exploring the basics of American football we can see that there are three different types of placements which you can train as. Each of these America football positions operate on offense and defence mainly but there are also special roles for those who taking part in a kick-off type of play. Below we will take a look at all of the key players and what their main roles are in the team:

  • Offense interior line – centre, offensive guard, offensive tackle
  • Offensive backs and receivers – quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end
  • Defensive line – defensive tackle, defensive end
  • Defensive line backers – middle line backer, outside line backer 
  • Defensive backs – corner back, safety
  • Special teams – kicker, holder, long snapper, punter, kick-off specialist, kick/punt returner, up back, gunner, jammer

On the front offensive line you will find the centre with two guards either side of them and then two tacklers either side of them to create a cohesive 5 person line. The job of the centre is to have the first contact with the ball after acquiring it in the scrimmage and snap it back to the quarterback. And the job of the guards and tacklers are to ensure that the opposition does not pass through the line to get to the ball.

Behind these players are the quarter backs that receive the ball from the centre player and are responsible for initiating the play by passing the ball to the running back. Found on either side of the players are the wide receivers. These positions are pass-catching experts as they receive the ball and help to move it across the field. And finally, located to the side of the forward line is the tight end who serves two purposes such as an additional wide receiver and an offensive lineman so will often have the ball passed to them if needed and will also need to block the opposition.

The front defensive line is where you will find the tacklers and ends. The key responsibilities of these players are to prevent the ball from progressing through the chain of command within the opposition. And just behind these are the line backers who operate in the middle and outside of the pitch. The middle’s aim is to stop the quarter back from getting the ball and the outside covers the tight end and running back plays.

Either side of the line backers you will find the corner backs whose job is to cover the wide receivers of the opposition. Therefore they are able to intercept passes from the quarter back to the players and their objective is to tackle the runner who is in possession of the ball. And just slightly behind these are the safeties that are the last line of defence who help with deep pass coverage.

In special teams for kicking plays you will also get a number of additional roles. A kicker is the main player who handles kick-offs and goal attempts for the team. However, a punter also serves the same purpose once they have received the ball from the long snapper in the middle of the scrimmage. A coach may also feel the need to employ a kick-off specialist if they are not that confident in the kicker or punter’s abilities.

Assisting the kicker is the holder which is usually a backup quarter back or a punter. And this job of this player is to keep the ball steady on the ground so that the kicker/punter can hit the ball accurately. There are also roles called returners who are usually the fastest players on the teams as their main aim is to retrieve the ball when it goes down field.

You will also find defensive positions such as an up back that protects the punter and the gunner and jammers too. The gunner of the opposition is normally a kicker or punter who tackles the returner of the team in possession in order to intercept the ball. And finally, the jammer’s aim is to slow down the gunners during punts of kick offs so that their returner can have ample time to get back.

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