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You are now viewing the Football Kits portion of our online store here at Sports Fitness. As you can see below we have a wide range of children’s and adult’s sportswear specifically designed to benefit soccer players. And to ensure that budding soccer players are receiving premium quality goods which will live up to their demanding schedules, we have gone direct to the manufacturers to source our stock. Therefore, with an array of apparel from Puma, Joma and Samson, the choices are endless when it comes to stocking up on your essentials. So update your football fitness regime by buying a stylish new outfit today!

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  1. Puma IT Evo Training Junior Graphic Tee (Yellow)
    Puma IT Evo Training Junior Graphic Tee (Yellow)
    Special Price £6.50 Was £12.99
  2. Puma Football Training Shirt
    Puma Football Training Shirt
    Special Price £6.00 Was £11.99
  3. Puma Football Training Graphic Shirt (Red/Black)
    Puma Football Training Graphic Shirt (Red/Black)
    Special Price £6.50 Was £12.99
  4. Puma Kid's Football Long Sleeve Bodywear (Blue)
    Puma Kids Football Long Sleeve Bodywear (Blue)
    Special Price £7.50 Was £14.99
  5. Puma Esito Football Training ¼ Zip Top (Red)
    Puma Esito Soccer Training 1/4 Zip Top (Red)
    Special Price £12.50 Was £24.99
  6. Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Red)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Red)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  7. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Red)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Red)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  8. Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Navy)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  9. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Blue)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Blue)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  10. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Blue)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Blue)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  11. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Black)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  12. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (White)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (White)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  13. Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (White)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (White)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  14. Hummel Black Jacket
    Hummel Black Nathan Jacket
    Special Price £15.00 Was £29.99
  15. Navy Hummel Nathan Training Jacket
    Navy Hummel Nathan Training Jacket
    Special Price £15.00 Was £29.99
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Supreme Quality Sportswear at Fabulously Low Prices!

As well as making sure you have great fitting soccer clothing, you also need to take into consideration what other gear you would need to invest in for the sport. Therefore, you can shop our football equipment page where you will uncover a range of high quality accessories which will elevate your performance in your training regime and fixtures greatly.

Essential Clothing for Matches and Prep

Whether you are an avid footballer or are beginning to give the sport a go, we have all of your sportswear needs right here. Ideal for building your soccer kit, we have all of the three key components fully stocked in adult’s and junior sizes. These key pieces are:

  • Soccer Jersey
  • Elasticated waist shorts
  • Football socks

Football jerseys are most commonly produced with a level of moisture control in built. This technology allows the player to be able to focus on the game ahead and not feel held back by discomfort. And to make sure that this is possible, sweat is allowed to pass through the fibres of the garment and accumulates on the outer layering so that it can be evaporated more efficiently.

Paired with this top, you can also purchase a pair of adjustable waist shorts. The elasticated waistband gives you freedom to discover the perfect fit of the bottoms especially for you. And thanks to the integrated cords, the fit can be secured into place during your game to give you peace of mind. This fit is also perfect for young children who are always growing as they are sure to get a long wear out of the style.

And finally, the last component of a football strip is the socks. Not any old pair of socks will do for this sport as the official soccer pairs are fitted with an array of technology to assist you while on the pitch. There are areas of cushioned padding to reduce impact on your feet as well as expanding to the top of your shins snugly so that you can wear shin guards underneath comfortably.

What you need in your Training Kit

As well as a main kit for matches, you will most certainly need to invest in other sportswear to keep you warm and comfortable during lengthy training sessions. And below is a list of the type of gear you can pick up from our store today:

  • Under layers
  • Tracksuit
  • Practice t-shirt
  • Outdoor quarter zip top

For ensuring that you are warm and comfortable during your outdoor training sessions in the colder temperatures, there are a number of clothing options for you to shop. One of these key pieces is an under layer which sits close to your skin to trap the heat inside. These can be worn comfortably with a practice jersey over the top or a long sleeve jacket for extra warmth.

 As well as this, another item of warm outer wear is a quarter length zip top. This specific item of sportswear can be worn alone or with an under layer beneath for that enhanced snugness. By having a shorter zip, this top can be secured right the way to the top and provide an extra layer of coverage around the neck to prevent a chill. Or it can be left undone to allow air to flow freely.

You can also invest in a tracksuit for travelling between matches with your squad or for the warm-up portion of your practice session. Complete with a matching jacket and bottoms, you can be sure that you will most certainly be fresh and comfortable when donning this outfit. With the expandable waistband and full length zip top, you are also able to fit your kit underneath for quick changes.

And finally, there are also practice t-shirts available which use the same technology as the main tops. This sweat wicking material is a superb choice and will have you feeling confident and focused during your vital practices.

Learning How to Play Soccer

Football is a fantastic sport for all ages to master. Therefore by attending your local club’s facilities you will be able to enquire about courses for your child or yourself. You may also find that most leisure facilities with access to a recreational pitch setup will be able to assist you too on your journey to greatness. Catering for all generations there are boot camps and courses specifically designed to prepare little ones for the sport and even ones for perfecting techniques for higher level adults. There are also courses for the older aspiring players which are called walking football where the object of the game is still the same, but the pace is much slower thus to avoid injury.

Get all of your Football Clothing from Sports Fitness!

All of our stock is solely supplied to us by the respective manufacturer, and if that is not enough to make you set on ordering from us today, our vast range of shipping methods certainly will. Catering for customers in the UK and overseas, our delivery options operate at rapid rates via Royal Mail postal services and specialised couriers. As a result of this, soccer enthusiasts all over the world can own this excellent quality gear and be wearing it in no time. There is also a click and collect service for those local to us in Staffordshire plus we often share discounts and sales via our newsletter so be sure to sign up today and you won’t miss out on a bargain again!

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