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You are now viewing the Football Equipment page here at Sports Fitness. Within this category you will uncover a range of high quality essentials to enhance your soccer experience whether you are a trainer, referee, coach or even a player. From sports brands such as Optimum, Precision and Nike, we offer a fantastic array of equipment for all ages which can be ordered today. And all of our stock has been purchased directly from the respective manufacturer, therefore you can shop with confidence knowing you are getting a high quality item which is certain to live up to your demands.

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  1. Acme Thunderer Whistle (Small)
    Acme Thunderer Whistle (Small)
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £5.99
    Out of stock
  2. Precision Metal Whistle and Lanyard
    Precision Metal Whistle and Lanyard
    Special Price £1.50 Was £2.99
  3. Precision Plastic Whistle and Lanyard
    Precision Plastic Whistle and Lanyard
    Special Price £1.50 Was £2.99
  4. Precision Plastic Whistle
    Precision Plastic Whistle
    Special Price £1.00 Was £1.99
  5. Nike Multi-Sport Mouthguard
    Nike Multi-Sport Mouthguard
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £3.99
  6. Nike Dual Action Pump
    Nike Dual Action Pump
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £7.99
    Out of stock
  7. Precision Heavy Duty Stirrup Pump
    Precision Heavy Duty Stirrup Pump
    Special Price £7.50 Regular Price £14.99
    Out of stock
  8. Precision Stud Key
    Precision Stud Key
    Special Price £0.75 Regular Price £1.50
  9. Precision Hand Pumps Green / Pink
    Precision 6 Inch Hand Pump
    Special Price £2.50 Was £4.99
  10. Precision Thin Needle Adaptor
    Precision Thin Needle Adaptor
    Special Price £0.75 Regular Price £1.50
  11. Precision Collapsible Corner Posts
    Precision Collapsible Corner Posts
    Special Price £10.00 Regular Price £19.99
    Out of stock
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Superb Quality Soccer Accessories with Fast Global Delivery!

Be sure to get your hands on our fabulous array of equipment today before it is too late as our stock levels are relatively limited! You are also able to purchase high quality football clothing as well from within the specified category on our site. So take a look around and fill your cart with all the must-have gear now.

Referee Essentials

Whether you are setting up your own league or are thinking of becoming a referee, there are a number of football accessories you would need to pick up to assist with this role. Below is a list of equipment which would be required for a referee to reach their full potential out on the field.

  • Whistles
  • Vanishing foam
  • Coloured cards

Whistles are an excellent choice as they can be purchased with or without lanyards here at Sports Fitness. This key item of referee equipment attracts the attention of the players and also indicates a brief pause in the play while dealing with a dispute between teams.

Vanishing foam is a great idea for when a referee needs to mark out a free kick. This is because when first sprayed there is a bright white foam produced which can be used as a guide for players. And after a short amount of time this foam evaporates, takin the colouring with it. As a result of this you can be confident that by spraying this on an astro turf or real grass field it will not stain or harm the terrain in any way.

For dishing out discipline, you would also need specialised red and yellow cards to show the players when an incident occurs. You can often make this yourself from pieces of card and can even get them laminated to improve their longevity. However, if you do not have the spare time to do this, you can often find them online to buy.

Football Maintenance Equipment

Making sure your players’ supplies such as balls and boots are kept in top condition, you would need to invest in various accessories for regular maintenance. And here are just a few of these essentials which you can pick up from us today:

  • Ball pumps and gauges
  • Rubber post base
  • Stud key and spanner
  • Corner posts

Above you can find various ball pumps and gauges to suit your requirements. These accessories therefore help to establish when a football needs inflating further and carrying out that maintenance. You can also check the balls regularly with the gauges to catch any inflation issues such as the loss of air quickly.

We also stock specialised corner posts as a pack or collapsible for easy transportation. And to go with these there are rubber base made to ensure that the poles remain up during the game. This is because the fabric of the base is textured to grip against the surface and contains a weight to avoid the posts falling over in slightly windy conditions.

And finally, to ensure that your boots and your team’s boots are in perfect condition, it is vital to keep up regular maintenance on the studs. To assist you with this, there are spanners and keys in stock which can be used to tighten up loose studs or provide you with an anchor for when replacing stubborn old ones.

Player Protective Gear

Another thing you should consider before playing football is ensuring that you are kept fully secure and covered throughout the game. These will therefore then prevent any injury to your body from a collision or a dodgy tackle from the opposition.

  • Mouth guard
  • Shin pads
  • Studded boots
  • Gloves

Mouth guards are the preferred protection of choice for mainly goalkeepers as they will undoubtedly be in contact with fast moving balls. Therefore to avoid any injury to your teeth, specialised rubber mouth guards offer protection to your teeth from impact.

Studded boots improve the players’ grip when running on the pitch. However, the hard studs on the bottom can be really painful if they come into contact with bare skin. Therefore it is also an essential that you buy shin guards to ensure that you do not come to harm when playing soccer. This is because the specialised hardened material on the front of the pads disperses the force of impact in order to reduce the effect on your body. And also, most football socks will expand to accommodate for wearing these underneath, so they are most definitely something you need to have in your kit.

Also when playing outdoors in the colder temperatures you will find that your hands and other exposed body parts will become cold. So along with wearing longer tops and base layers, you can also pick up lined gloves from our store to help keep your focus on the game and not the chilly feeling of your hands.

Ordering Your Soccer Gear from Sports Fitness

Ensuring that football fanatics worldwide can stock up on the latest essentials, we offer a vast range of shipping services to meet your needs. From next day delivery in the UK via postal or courier to international express methods through a specialised overseas courier, you are guaranteed to get your order sent directly to your address as fast as possible.


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