You have arrived at the Football shop here at the Sports Fitness online store. If you’re looking for apparel or footy equipment then look no further, here you  will find a vast range of kits, accessories and more appliances for possibly the worlds most loved sport; football. No matter what your ability, beginner or advanced we are confident that our soccer products will be a great addition to your clothing and gear. 

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Getting the correct kit and football equipment for this sport is essential. Browse through our football category where you will find a vast range of shirts, shorts, socks and much more supplied from a wide variety of brands in various colors; ensuring your style and budget requirements are met. 
Whether you’re playing as an amateur or semi-professional, the same amount of kit supplies is required to play. However, there are much more additional adornments ideal for training sessions available and of course the necessities if you’re a coach and running your own team. 

New or Experienced to Football our Range of Kits and Accessories are Ideal for You!

So, if you’re new to the sport lets go through some of the things you may need to purchase. Let start off with the kit, for football matches players wear shirt, shorts and socks. Of course to play as a team you need to look like a team, each player on the same team bar the goalkeeper will wear the same strip, this is so it is easily recognizable which team is which. The goalkeeper has to wear different colors so they are noticeable to the referee and players as they are the only player on the pitch that is allowed to use their hands, that is when within their box of course. 
Knee-high socks are worn by all players to keep shin-pads covered and in place. If players turn up without shin-guards, then by law they are not allowed to participate in the game. Shirt and shorts are the remaining items of football kit, with thermal base layers allowed to be worn under your strip so you can keep warm. 
Necessary gear for matches includes boots and shin-pads, various styles and brands are produced to meet your style and to ensure optimal comfort is reached throughout your match and training sessions. If you’re also looking for general accessories and apparel to wear during a kick about with your friends we are also confident you’ll find what you are looking for here at Sports Fitness. 
You are at the right online shop if you are looking for Sports Fitness equipment and apparel. Our one-stop-online-shop proudly guarantees authenticity and high quality for our worldwide customers. Looking for extras for your favorite sport? Look no further and browse online at Sports Fitness! 
If you’re looking for a particular piece of apparel or appliance for soccer then be sure to use the category menu above and navigate to your desired sub-category. Child or adult, we pride ourselves on offering apparel in all sizes, with a dropdown menu provided to view the extensive range of sizes we proudly stock.
Football is possibly the most loved sport across the world, watched and played by kids, men and women. The women’s game is ever gaining in popularity, with more grass-root clubs developing for young girls it gives them the opportunity to succeed in what they love doing, just like the men’s game. The majority of our clothing range here at Sports Fitness is of a unisex design, making it a great buy for both male and female! 
Football is often taken up at a young age and once started a keen love for football will soon develop. Kids will soon get hooked on their love of soccer, and turning into wanting the latest strips, soccer cleats and further extras to look like their favorite player! Keep a recent check up on our site to ensure you’re getting the latest footy goods. 

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