You have now landed on the Football category here at Sports Fitness. Within this portion of our online store you will be able to purchase official sportswear and accessories acquired directly from the respective manufacturer. Supplied by the likes of Puma, Joma, Optimum, Samson, Nike and Precision, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality apparel and equipment when shopping with us today. Whether you are new to the soccer scene or are a regular player or coach, you are guaranteed to find what you are after right here. So fill your basket with all of your football gear and head on over to the checkout now to secure yourself a wonderful bargain.

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  1. Puma Football Training Graphic Shirt (Red/Black)
    Puma Football Training Graphic Shirt (Red/Black)
    Special Price £6.50 Was £12.99
  2. Hummel Black Jacket
    Hummel Black Nathan Jacket
    Special Price £15.00 Was £29.99
  3. Navy Hummel Nathan Training Jacket
    Navy Hummel Nathan Training Jacket
    Special Price £15.00 Was £29.99
  4. Puma Football Training Shirt
    Puma Football Training Shirt
    Special Price £6.00 Was £11.99
  5. Puma Esito Football Training ¼ Zip Top (Red)
    Puma Esito Soccer Training 1/4 Zip Top (Red)
    Special Price £12.50 Was £24.99
  6. Puma IT Evo Training Junior Graphic Tee (Yellow)
    Puma IT Evo Training Junior Graphic Tee (Yellow)
    Special Price £6.50 Was £12.99
  7. Puma Kid's Football Long Sleeve Bodywear (Blue)
    Puma Kids Football Long Sleeve Bodywear (Blue)
    Special Price £7.50 Was £14.99
  8. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Blue)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Blue)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  9. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Blue)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Blue)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  10. Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Navy)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Navy)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  11. Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Red)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (Red)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  12. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Red)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Red)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  13. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Black)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (Black)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
  14. Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (White)
    Joma Tokio Kids Football Shorts (White)
    Special Price £3.00 Was £5.99
  15. Joma Tokio Football Shorts (White)
    Joma Tokio Football Shorts (White)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £7.99
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Official Soccer Training Gear at Fantastic Prices!

Make us your one stop shop for all your soccer needs, from players to young aspiring referees; this is the place for you. Take a look through our football clothing and accessories pages and discover our ranges of high quality kit to improve your soccer experience!

Sports Attire Required for Football

Ensuring you are getting the perfect fitting clothing when shopping for soccer gear is essential. And to assist you with this we have stocked an array of sizes and styles for all ages. However, if you require further advice we are able to discuss your requirements with you over the phone to find the best sportswear for you. Below are just a few essentials you would need to consider picking up for your football kit:

  • Soccer jersey
  • Football shorts
  • Sports socks
  • Studded boots
  • Training shirt
  • Under layer
  • Tracksuit

Soccer jerseys and shorts are usually fitted with an innovative moisture controlling technology to help keep your focus on the game. Working excessively hard to ensure that you maintain a fresh and cool state whether you are training or out on the pitch, the technology used transports perspiration away from the body. Therefore this allows it to evaporate much faster and leaves you sweat-free.

Produced to a knee length size, football socks have been specially designed to cover your shin guards perfectly to keep a streamline effect. They also have allocated cushioned padding in the key areas of your feet in order to reduce the impact on your vital bones during contact.

Boots have been fitted with specialised studs on the bottom to allow players extra grip on the field when running. However, when you are playing in a contact situation with the opposition, you may find that these cause an injury, which is why shin guards are vital to keep you safe.

In terms of training wear, there are various bottoms and shirts you can purchase which are ideal for this type of activity. You can also look at ordering a tracksuit to keep you warm during your outdoor sessions too. And going hand in hand with this, there are base layers available in kids sizes stocked to keep your little one warm and cosy at all times.

Football Gear You Need

When it comes to stocking up on the essentials, be sure to get the right equipment for you to keep you protected and fully prepared for the match or training session ahead. Below are just a few items of accessories you can purchase here at Sports Fitness to upgrade your training kit with:

  • Goalkeeper gloves
  • Referee whistle
  • Shin guards
  • Mouth guard
  • Ball pump
  • Stud key
  • Posts and rubber base
  • Vanishing foam

When in goal, specially manufactured gloves are essential to keep your hands protected from the force as well as ensuring that you keep your grip on the ball at all times. And when you are out on the pitch it is essential that you also buy shin guards and mouth guards to keep yourself protected from contact with the opposition.

However, if you want to become a referee or set up your own little training sessions for locals there are a number of pieces of equipment needed. For a start, you would need goals and posts to indicate where the sides of the field are. You would also need to invest in a ball pump and stud key to ensure that your equipment are kept in tip top condition. And finally, for the referee there are whistles to gather players’ attention and special vanishing foam for drawing the line on the pitch for a free kick.

Joining Your Local Soccer Team

Football is a widely played and supported sport worldwide which means that there are plenty of clubs and training courses for all ages that you can attend. Simply speak to your local coach or squad representative and discuss what elements you would need to master in order to get to the optimum performance level of the position you want to pursue. As there are a number of players in a soccer team, here is a quick guide on football positions to help you decide.

  • Goalkeeper – The main purpose of the goalie is to save the ball when an opposition is trying to score in the net. They can also kick the ball down the pitch to initiate play down the other end away from the goal.
  • Defender – The defender’s duty is to ensure that the midfielders and strikers from the opposition stay away from the goal. This is where agility and tackling aspects of soccer are a must.
  • Midfielder –These players can have both offence and defence aspects and can assist either position into transferring the ball to where it needs to be. And on the off chance some midfielders may even get the opportunity to score.
  • Striker – For this position you need to be the fastest and technically capable player on the team. This is because it is your job to run the ball towards the goal and score for your club. Therefore the pressure is on!

If playing on the field isn’t really your thing, there are plenty courses put on by soccer clubs to introduce you to training and coaching field of the sport. Therefore you get the joy of the game but you can also instruct and guide the players to where they need to be to get the best result. And this is why adults and children will take great pleasure in learning to coach football.

Ordering Your New Football Jersey at Sports Fitness

All of our stock is available to purchase today and can be shipped out to you ASAP. To receive your parcel imminently after dispatch, you would need to select UK next day or international air express methods at the checkout. You can also arrange to collect your order from our warehouse by opting for your click and collect service.

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