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You are in the right place if you are looking for high quality workout fashion to enhance your exercise regime for a fantastic price! Providing an outstanding range of men’s and women’s performance exercise clothing, your choices are endless. This means that you are able to build a number of outfits from our online store’s stock by your favourite brand. Here we stock sports and fitness clothing by Nike, Precision, Joma, Puma and Adidas which have been delivered to us straight from their respective distribution centres. Therefore we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied in your premium quality garment orders placed with us today!

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  1. New Balance Men’s Blue Impact Run T-Shirt
    New Balance Men’s Blue Impact Run T-Shirt
    Special Price £7.50 Was £30.00
  2. Women's New Balance Running Tee. Official Running Gear.
    New Balance Women’s Navy Impact Run Hybrid T-Shirt
    Special Price £6.25 Was £25.00
  3. Front View. Womens Exercise Tank Top. Official Ladies New Balance Running Gear.
    New Balance Women’s Blue Printed Impact Run Hybrid Tank
    Special Price £7.00 Was £28.00
  4. Womens Run Tights. New Balance Ladies Running Clothes. Front View.
    New Balance Women’s Accelerate Colorblock Tights
    Special Price £8.75 Was £35.00
  5. Joma Women's Running Vest (Green)
    Joma Women's Vest (Green)
    Special Price £2.50 Was £9.99
  6. Joma Record II Running Vest (Green)
    Joma Record II Vest (Green)
    Special Price £3.75 Was £14.99
  7. Joma Record Women's Running Vest (Green)
    Joma Record Women's Vest (Green)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  8. Joma Record Women's Running Vest (Yellow)
    Joma Record Women's Vest (Yellow)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  9. Joma Women's Record II Running Vest (Yellow)
    Joma Women's Record II Vest (Yellow)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  10. Joma Women's Running Vest (Turquoise)
    Joma Women's Vest (Turquoise)
    Special Price £2.50 Was £9.99
  11. Joma Women's Elite II Vest (Green)
    Joma Women's Elite II Vest (Green)
    Special Price £3.75 Was £14.99
  12. Joma Record Women's Running Vest (Orange)
    Joma Record Women's Vest (Orange)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  13. Joma Record Running Vest (Green)
    Joma Record Vest (Green)
    Special Price £3.75 Was £14.99
  14. Joma Women's Record II Running Vest (Red/Yellow)
    Joma Women's Record II Vest (Red/Yellow)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  15. Joma Women's Record II Running Vest (Pink)
    Joma Women's Record II Vest (Pink)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  16. Joma Women's Record II Running Vest (Red/White)
    Joma Women's II Vest (Red/White)
    Special Price £4.00 Was £15.99
  17. New Balance Women’s Printed Ice 2 Tank Top
    New Balance Women’s Printed Ice 2 Tank Top
    Special Price £5.50 Was £21.99
  18. Precision Ladies Running Vest (Black/Pink)
    Precision Ladies Vest (Black/Pink)
    Special Price £5.00 Was £19.99
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Must-have Official Fitness Training Apparel for Men and Women!

Allowing you to express your fashion and style through your sports attire, we have items available in a range of aesthetics, from vibrant colouring and designs to your simple basics. Therefore you are certain to find the ideal clothing to meet your needs and appearance requirements here. Also, along with having suitable and high quality gear, you should also contemplate investing in exercise equipment such as a jump rope or weight lifting gloves to assist you during your gym and at home workouts.

What to Wear to the Gym

When it comes to choosing what to wear for your gym session, there is a wide range of combinations available for the outfits. These change depending on the requirements and conditions you are performing your exercise regime within. And to accommodate for this, we offer a selection of outdoor and indoor suitable gym attire for females and males. For example the athletic outfits you would want to wear at your local fitness centre will be different to that of the clothing you choose for outside activities and below are a variety of these items you can shop for at Sports Fitness:

  • Ladies running tights
  • Quarter length women’s leggings
  • Men’s shorts
  • Wind resistant jacket
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Sports bras
  • Sleeveless jerseys
  • Training t-shirts

High quality activewear is most commonly manufactured using a form of sweat wicking material to help keep you on top of your game. For example you will find that Nike clothing contains Dri-Fit technology and Puma uses dryCELL etc. All of these attributes essentially work with your body to keep it cool and comfortable during your workout. This is possible as the technologies eliminate any discomfort caused by excess moisture accumulating while you train. Your perspiration is then evaporated and absorbed by the innovative fabric to give you peace of mind that your garment can keep up with your demanding routines.

However, due to the use of these technologies within the garment’s fibres, you will find that the care instructions of your athletic clothing will be different to those of your normal day to day attire. As using fabric softener on a hot wash could depreciate the quality of the apparel so it is more than likely suitable to hand wash the clothing without a softener and leave it to drip dry. But, you should also still refer to the label located on the inside of your sportswear to find out what the most effective way to wash it is. We have also put together a handy article over on our blog discussing how to take care of your exercise kit which may be useful to have a look through too.

How Regular Exercise Impacts your Health Positively

There are a number of ways in which you can get active, such as attending your local gym for regular training or by following plans or DVDs in the comfort of your own home. As exercise can be performed whichever way you prefer, it is so easy to integrate into your daily routine. And as it doesn’t have that much of an impact on your schedule, you find that introducing this key essential into your lifestyle is easy. As well as this, there are also more reasons why you should get involved listed below:

  • Improves mood
  • Beneficial for those suffering from depression, anxiety and stress
  • Excellent form of weight loss
  • Builds up bone density to prevent osteoporosis
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease
  • Greatly improves skin health
  • Increased cognitive functions

If you are thinking about starting a new workout regime, you most certainly need to research the activities you will be taking part in or check out a training plan you want to follow. This way you can avoid any of the common beginner mistakes in the gym. You can also chat to a member of staff at your gym who will happily advise you on the correct elements you need to perform in order to get to where you want to be in your fitness journey. Most centres have a complementary assessment service available when you first sign up to the gym, or alternatively you can look at investing in a personal trainer to keep you on track if you find it difficult to self-motivate.

However, if you find it more comfortable to workout at home you could look into the various ways in which you can train conveniently. To start off with you may want to purchase a fitness DVD to follow as there are a variety of these available on the market from celebrities to qualified trainers. There is also the possibility that you will find inspiration for your regime from checking plans on the internet or reputable social media accounts. And finally, you could also look into downloading an application onto your smartphone or tablet which contain structured workouts and provide you with a way to track your progress such as MyFitnessPal or a 30 day challenge.

Buy Your New Exercise Clothing at Sports Fitness!

After you have filled your cart with your new workout gear, be sure to head over to the checkout quickly as our limited supply of men’s and women’s sizes won’t hang around for long! And by choosing from our vast selection of international rapid delivery methods, you can be wearing your new sports clothing in only a matter of days. You even have the option to visit our store and pick up your order when opting for your collection service!

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