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Welcome to the Cycling Clothing department shop. You have arrived at a number-one one-stop-shop for must have biking apparel and accessories, browse our range to add to your cycle goods. If you’re a keen cyclist and love nothing more but getting out on your bike then you’re guaranteed to find an essential item of biking attire, making your bike ride more enjoyable. 

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Check out the extensive range of jersey and shorts we are proud to offer. We stock for both men and women here, with an impressive stock of various sizes to ensure we meet the requirements of all riders. Beginner or advanced, looking to get kitted out as you take up cycling as new way to exercise or even updating your gear to enhance your performances? We hope to meet needs here at Sports Fitness.

Need Motivation? Check out our Cycling Jerseys to get Motivated & Enhance your Performance!

Sports Fitness is your go-to store to find the latest apparel and equipment for your desired sport. Our cycling range is one of our many specialties; browse the bike department to find goods that will be a great addition to your attire and accessories! Look great while you’re on your bike and also be at great comfort with our highly manufactured and stylized clothing, which comes in matching designs to create the best look. 
Cycling is much loved by people of all ages around the world. The ever-growing sport of cycling is a great way to socialize, keep fit as well as to have fun. With so many benefits coming from riding your bike why not give cycling a go and start by getting kitted out, and no doubt you’ll soon develop you’re love for riding a bike. 
Better comfort leads to an enhanced performance level, making comfort one of the most important aspects of cycling. Our high quality cycling clothing are sure to provide excellent comfort with our cycling gloves being one of our more popular products. Cycle gloves are padded and are of a fantastic durable material so when gripping handle bars extra cushioning is provided, or if you happen to come off your bike protection is provided for your hands; helping to prevent injury. 
In the United Kingdom cycling is a big sport; our country has produced some world-class cyclists that are seen in major events such as the Olympics and Tour de France. Tour de France is an annual race and is a well-known event, which makes cycling rarely out of the public eye and motivates people to get out there on their bike! 
There are different forms of cycling, with the most common being road cycling and mountain biking. With different forms of cycling comes different attire and accessories to suit the style. When it comes to road cyclist’s, tight fitting apparel is worn and when it comes to long rides in cycling it is important that the kit fits well. Keen, avid cyclist’s will often take time to research and get fitted for their clothing ensuring optimal comfort is reached. Lycra is mostly worn by road cyclists for a more skin-tight fit so it says in place despite the leg and arm movement. A tight-fitting piece of kit can be more efficient in the likes of road cycling; it helps you cut through the wind whereas baggier clothing would act as a parachute. Our appealing range of shorts, bib shorts and jerseys could be your next purchase to benefit your next ride. 
Definitely being the most important factor in cycling is safety. March 2003 was the turning point of helmet use where new rules made wearing cycle helmet mandatory at all times. A helmet is designed to attenuate impacts to the head when a cyclist falls, and therefore helps to minimize possible side effects. To help prevent further injury when fallen are cycle gloves, a great accessory available to purchase here at Sports Fitness. Biking gloves are high durable and provide extra padding for when gripping the handle bars as well as reducing the likeliness of severe grazes and cuts if the cyclist happens to fall. 
The cycling shop here at Sports Fitness is the home of ultra-modern jackets, jerseys and shorts available in bright and dark colors, whatever your preference may be. However, it is important to stay visible when cycling especially during dim lighting, which why the majority of this attire features reflective details to increase road safety. 
If you’re a fan of this cycling gear then be sure to use dropdown menus provided to check stock and sizes. Add desired goods into the shopping cart to proceed to our online-secure-checkout process that we are proud to offer. Get kitted out to motivate yourself to get back out on your bike! 

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