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Are you a seasoned biker, regular commuting cycler or a recreational peddler? Then you are in the right place. Here on our Cycling Gear page, you are able to shop our wide range of cycling tops, shorts, jackets and gloves in ladies and men’s fits to suit your needs. If you’re a keen cyclist and love nothing more than getting out on your bike, then you’re guaranteed to find your new cycling essentials and biking attire to make your ride more enjoyable here.

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Shop the Latest Cycle Gear at Sports Fitness!

Cycling is much loved by all ages worldwide as it is a versatile activity that can be for sport, pleasure or for travelling. It is a great way to keep fit as it provides you with opportunities to socialize, workout and have fun. Whether you are new to biking or want a wardrobe refresh, get yourself kitted out with a variety of styles and fits on our online store.

Why Do I Need Specialized Cycling Clothes?

Whether you are a casual biker or an avid cycler, it is important to ensure that you are kitted out in the correct attire before setting out. If you use your road bike to commute, the temptation to don your workwear or go-to casual wear is super tempting, but it could also cause you a greater hindrance rather than providing you with the comfort and convenience you seek. And if you use your mountain bike on rough and muddy terrain, you need a special fabric and full coverage helmet to ensure you are well protected.

Despite cycling being such a broad sport, the attire and accessories are practically the same across the board, the only exception being the styles of helmets. What sets specialized biking attire aside from your average workout wear is their additional features and the fabric. Lycra is the most popular material used for biking apparel as this provides your body with a more skin-tight fit. A tight-fitting piece of kit can be more efficient in the likes of road cycling; it helps you cut through the wind whereas baggier clothing would act as a parachute. All clothing also comes complete with reflective panelling as making sure you are seen, no matter the weather or time of day is a crucial part of cycling safety.

In addition to clothing, you can also purchase biking gloves which are a highly durable vital piece of equipment. They are different to your regular ones as they contain areas of cushioning to protect against injury if a cyclist falls. There are also pads on the palms to improve the grip on the handlebars. They also have ventilation panels to keep your hands at just the right temperature while you are on your bicycle. As a result of this, you can wear them throughout all seasons.

Shopping for Your New Bike Attire

Sports Fitness is your go-to store to find the latest apparel and equipment for your desired sport. Our biking range is one of our many specialties; browse the department to find goods that will be a great addition to your kit and accessories! Just a few of the best pieces you can pick up today are:

  • Mens cycling jerseys
  • Women's cycle shorts
  • Men’s bike jackets
  • Adults cycling gloves
  • Ladies cycling jackets
  • Mens bike shorts
  • Womens cycling tops
  • Adults cycle bibs
  • Leg and arm warmers
  • High-Vis clothing
  • Waterproof cycling jackets

Ordering Your Cycle Clothing from Sports Fitness

Improve your performance today by investing in specialised cycling products which offers you ample support and enhanced comfort when riding your bike. Shop our variety of cycling shorts, jerseys, jackets, and accessories today and feel confident in the quality of your purchase as all stock has been sourced direct from leading cycle brands.

We offer a wide range of speedy global delivery methods to ensure that your new cycling clothing and accessories are at your door ASAP after dispatch. So, head over to our secure online checkout now and place your order while supplies last!  

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