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  1. Up and Coming Yoga Trends for 2020

    Yoga is a very popular form of exercise as it focuses not only on your physical strength and flexibility, but it is also great for your mental health too which is why it is a much-loved practice worldwide. Therefore, within this blog post we are going to explore a handful of latest trends which we expect to be popular in 2020. So, if you want to find out more about up and coming Yoga Trends for the New Year, then keep on reading.

    The types of Yoga we are exploring within this article are:

    • Yoga HIIT
    • Gin Yoga
    • 8 Limb Method
    • Karaoke Yoga
    • Broga
    • Chroma Yoga
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  2. Health and Fitness Goals for 2020

    health and fitness goals 2020The New Year is the most popular time of year for setting new goals for yourself to achieve for the following year as it is a great and easy way to track your progress. The most common types of New Year Resolutions are health and fitness related, which is why we have put this article together to help inspire you to find your goal for 2020.

    This article covers goals such as:

    • Start a new fitness class or group
    • Switch up your diet
    • Make sure your drink plenty of water
    • Set fitness dealines for events or races
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  3. Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body at Christmas

    healthy mind and body christmas

    Christmas time is possibly one of the biggest events in the calendar which is celebrated by people across the globe. The season itself is supposed to be centred around warmth and kindness, but we can often find ourselves in situations which could affect our physical and mental health. Therefore, within this article we are going to cover a few tips and tricks on how to keep yourself level-headed and active this festive season.

    Within this guide we are covering the following to help relieve stress and promote a healthier mind and body this Christmas:

    • Don't give in to the temptation to overindulge
    • Get outdoors as often as you can
    • Put your mental health first
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  4. Get the Family Active Outdoors This Winter

    family outdoor activities winterChristmas is creeping closer and closer, which means that families begin to gather for the festive season and children are breaking up from school to spend time at home. As the entire family will be together, it is the perfect time of year to experiment with fun activities which would not only make the most of their free time but will also get the entire family moving and enjoying the fresh brisk air outdoors. By remaining active over the winter, you will be able to remain focused and alert without giving in to the festive season slump.

    Therefore, within this article we have put together a list of exercises and activities which are suitable for families that are a must for winter weather. These activities cover a range of budgets and weather conditions to make sure that you get the most out of the Christmas break.

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  5. Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers

    christmas gift swimmersWith only two weeks until Christmas, our gift guide posts conclude with this article about present ideas for Swimmers. Although the equipment and clothing needed for swimming may appear to be minimal, there are a number of accessories, gadgets and novelty items which are guaranteed to make your loved one smile this festive season. So, if you are struggling for last minute gift ideas for the avid swimmer in your life, then here is our handy gift guide to help inspire you!

    In this guide you will find a range of gift ideas such as:

    • Novelty items
    • Swimming gear and accessories
    • Swimming gadgets
    • Experience gifts for swimmers
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  6. Christmas Gift Guide for Cyclists

    christmas gift cyclingIs your loved one an avid cyclist? Whether they use their bike to commute to work, compete in races or enjoy taking it off-road on hair raising tracks, then this article will help you decide on the perfect gift for them for Christmas. It may appear that they have everything they need for their cycling adventures, therefore we have created this gift guide to provide you with inspiration to find the ideal gift for them. Covering a range of budgets and categories, read below to find our list of amazing cycling gift ideas.

    Some of the types of gift ideas you will find in this article are:

    • Novelty ideas
    • Cycling clothing
    • Cycling gadgets and accessories
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  7. A Christmas Gift Guide for Rugby Players

    christmas gift ideas rugbyThe Christmas countdown is on, so to help you with the stressful festive shopping period, we have put together this handy set of gift guides to help inspire you. This week’s gift guide is catered for rugby players and supporters. Within this article we are going to look at a range of present ideas in a number of price budgets to ensure that you can find the perfect gift for your loved one with ease.

    The types of Rugby gift ideas you can discover in this article are:

    • Novelty presents
    • Rugby clothing and equipment
    • Rugby experience gifts
    • Rugby training gadgets
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  8. A Christmas Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics

    christmas gift guide christmasWith five weeks to go until Christmas, shopping for loved ones can prove to be a hassle when it comes to finding inspiration. As we know gift buying over the festive season can be stressful, we have put this article together as a brainstorm to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone. Do you have a fitness fanatic in your life which seems to have everything? Then this blog post will help you find inspiration to find that special gift for your family and friends.

    By reading our guide you will discover a range of gift ideas from the following categories:

    • Novelty presents
    • Fitness gadgets
    • Experience gift ideas
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  9. A Christmas Gift Guide for Runners

    christmas gift guide runnersWith Christmas only a few weeks away, this is the time of year where you would start frantically thinking of gift ideas for family and friends. You may think that a loved one who is an avid runner has everything they need, but there are actually a wide range of gifts you could purchase for them. So instead of purchasing a pair of socks and hoping for the best, here is our handy gift guide for runners.

    Our handy gift guide for runners covers a variety of present ideas such as:

    • Novelty gifts
    • Running essentials
    • Running gadgets
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  10. Top Tips for Cold Weather Running

    cold weather runningRunning is a great way to keep fit without having to invest in a gym membership and can be carried out whenever is convenient for you, which is why it is such a popular exercise. Although going for a run seems super inviting in the spring and summer months, it may seem less appealing in the autumn and winter as the temperature drops and the terrain changes and becomes unpredictable. If you wish to keep at your running routine all year round, then this article is for you. Within this post we are going to discuss a few handy tips and tricks to help you get through the winter and keep up with your running routine safely. These tips cover topics such as:

    • Running clothing technology and layering
    • Visbility of your outdoor clothing
    • Adapting your running routes to a safer terrain
    • Keeping warm while outdoors
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