If you want to try out a new way to train but don’t want to hold back on your love for swimming, than pool based resistance training could be right up your street. Within this article we are going to explore a new fitness trend called underwater weight lifting. Below we are going to explore what the training is, the benefits and risks of the activity along with how you can get involved. So if you want to find out more about under water weight lifting and what it can do for you, keep on reading!

What is it?


Underwater weight lifting is the ultimate resistance training routine. Combining the resistance experienced in the water, with the additional strain on your muscles from lifting weights, this workout will truly push you to your limits. You can start small with light weights partially submerged in the water, and the most experienced sportsmen can also lift much heavier weights deep under the water.

This training regime took off recently when Speedo and Lifetime Fitness collaborated to create the Speedo Fit: Water Fitness Class program. Also known as WTRX Water Xtreme, this routine expertly mixes the strict regime of a boot camp with the technique of aqua aerobic classes. And what makes this a popular training regime is that it effortlessly includes high intensity weight control with low impact moves under the water.

Benefits of Underwater Weight Lifting

As we learn more about what underwater weight lifting is, we need to have a look at the positive effects it has on your body and mental health. The combination of resistance training and weight lifting is exceptional when it comes to reaping numerous amounts of benefits. Below are just a few of these effects which you could experience when performing this routine regularly.

    • Increased Core Strength
    • Improves Breathing Techniques
    • Enhanced Cardiovascular System
    • Great for Injury Recovery
    • Mental Boost and Stress Relief
    • Improved Muscle Strength

Along with this, as you are under the water in some cases depending on how experienced you are, you will find that your breathing and cardiovascular system will receive a boost. This is because you are forcing your body to retain oxygen while you are under the water; therefore you are going to increase the capacity of your lungs in the meantime.When submerged in the water you will find that the resistance against the water will have a great impact on your core and muscle strength. And with the fact that you are adding weight lifting into the equation, you can be sure to experience a heightened strength throughout your body in no time when you practice this sport regularly.

As the movements are small but the impact of resistance to your body is great, you will find that this could be a fantastic way to recover from an injury. This is because the resistance of the water means that your muscles need to work harder to move less distance, which is excellent for those subtle stretches for recovering. However, you would need to consider using a light weight and consult a doctor to see if this form of training could benefit you in any way before jumping in at the deep end.

And finally, you will find that this type of fitness training is a super way of increasing your mood and relieve stress. This is because when you are working out, you are alone under the water which means you have time to relax. And the feeling of being in the water has some soothing purposes to ensure that you can fully escape in peace while improving your fitness.

Risks of Pool Based Resistance Training

Although the positive effects seem very appealing about the sport, we still need to take into consideration how dangerous this activity can actually be. After all you are submerged under the water with heavy weights, so you should most definitely take caution when practising this training regime. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take advice from a professional and attend a class with trainers with the knowledge which will keep you safe.

But you still need to know your limits when doing underwater weight lifting as it does involve impeccable control of your breathing. And because of this you would need to seek a doctor’s advice if you have any issues related to your heart and/or lungs as this could affect your performance and potentially cause you some issues.

How to Get Involved

When it comes to practising this activity, there is the possibility to try it out by yourself with light weights in part of the pool where you are able to touch the bottom of the pool. This is heavily advised that if you want to participate on your own accord, that you follow this suggestion as the heavier the weight and deeper the water could lead you to great difficulties.

The most common way to join in with the sport is to find a class or trainer who covers the Speedo WTRX Water Xtreme or anything like that. To discover a place near you that provides such activity, you would need to contact your local leisure centre for advice. When attending the program most venues provide dumbbells and kettle bells which are traditionally used in most weight lifting classes outside of the water. However as they created the sport, Speedo has actually invented specially designed equipment suited for the sport which some pools may have or you could purchase ahead of time after checking with the vicinity. The equipment you can order made by Speedo is called Push Plates and Clutch Paddles.

Have You Ever Tried Water Based Resistance Training?

As we have now covered all you need to know about under water weight lifting, we want to know your thoughts on it. Do you think it is an effective workout? Have your ever tried it? Would you consider giving it a go? Let us know over on our social media pages and we can talk all things fitness and training!

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This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury