7th December 2017.For many people, the Christmas season is among the most cherished times of the year. Not only is it the perfect time to gather together with your loved ones to celebrate the holiday, but of course, the gift giving is a fun part of the traditions, too! Rather than focus on what you might receive from friends and family, though, it's time to start thinking ahead as to what you'll wrap up and place underneath the tree for the special individuals in your life. For some, the shopping will be easy. Your young nephew gets the latest and greatest video games, and you might gift your mother a new set of kitchen knives ? but what about the sports lovers in your life? If you have a football fanatic in the family, it's hard to miss. Not only will they probably have sports clothing that announces their club allegiance, but they might make it down to the pitch multiple times a week for games with friends. Perhaps they even play in a sanctioned league. Instead of opting for a generic gift, think about choosing something that meshes with their favourite hobby. What types of things make good gifts for the football players you know? Here are a few helpful hints that can steer you in the right direction.

Gift them a fun glow in the dark football

Is the football fan in your life the type of person who would play the game all day, every day if he or she had the time? If so, there's no doubt that there has been a time when the sun setting has put an end to the game. Without lights, it can be difficult to continue playing. Why not change that by gifting your loved one a light-up football? There are versions that glow in the dark and balls that come equipped with bright LED lights. Not only do these provide an "illuminating" experience when playing football after dark, but they can create interesting patterns and even change colours when kicked. Of course, a regular football is just as good a gift, too. If you plan to gift a ball to your friend or family member, think about throwing in a football pump as a complimentary gift as well. This way, they can always be ready for a game, no matter the time or place.

Give them some new but essential accessories and gear

Every football player needs the right gear to be able to play safely and in comfort. Replacing or upgrading some of these essential items will be a welcome gesture, but where should you start? Well, consider christmas-gift-for-the-avid-football-player-accessorieshelping them with their hydration! Football players engage in highly aerobic exercise throughout a game, and that means plenty of perspiration. They'll need an easy way to replenish lost fluids, so what could be a better gift than a sports water bottle? There is considerable variety and innovation in the realm of safe plastic water bottles, and it's an essential item for any player's kit bag. Speaking of bags, a new athletic bag for carrying balls, clothes, and other items can make an excellent gift as well. Choose one that matches the recipient's level of need, since you don't want to hand over a bag too big for a small kit. Other soccer accessories, like athletic watches, sweatbands, and even new shin guards all offer plenty of utility.

Purchase tickets for a chance to see their favourite team

Does your favourite fan always try to watch their team play when a match is on the TV? Do they never miss a game, even if it means tracking live updates from their smartphone? Football fans rarely confine their passion to playing on the pitch ? they take a keen interest in the professional side of things, too. While it might be a big purchase, looking at obtaining tickets to one of the team's games is a solid gift idea. Don't worry too much if you can't nab seats that are right down by the bench. Chances are, even if you're high up in the arena, your loved one will still be just as excited for the opportunity to experience it in person. Seeing a live game is an even better idea for young fans who pour a lot of time and energy into their own practice. Seeing the pros competing on a bigger stage can be an inspirational moment that spurs them on to greater things.

Don't underestimate the importance of good boots

You don't need a whole lot of equipment to be able to play football and do so well ? but proper footwear is essential for both preventing injury and enabling better play. You don't want to deliver a solid kick to the ball only to feel one of your toes begin to hurt! Grip is an essential factor with boots as well, especially when many games play out on grass that is wet with dew or rain. If your giftee's boots look like they've seen better days, it could be time to figure out what size they wear and purchase a replacement. There's a variety available, too, in both colour and style. Try to match the type of boots you purchase to the type they currently wear, though. This way, they can enjoy the same grip and fit without the problems that come from wearing worn out shoes. Next time they take the field, they'll be ready to rush in and make plays.

A collapsible practice goal will see plenty of use

Football players know that individual training and practice efforts are just as important as working together with the whole team. christmas-gift-for-the-avid-football-player-mini-goalAs a result, they might spend a fair amount of their free time and exercise taking part in drills to help improve their soccer skills. You can help them along in this pursuit by gifting them some vital equipment. For example, have you ever seen a player warming up on the sidelines by kicking a ball into a small version of the net? These practice goals make excellent gifts. Don't worry if space is at a premium; they're often collapsible, meant to fold up after practice and store with ease. Other practice items, such as cones for running drills and more, could serve as an accompaniment to your main gift. For players who don't have much space to practice at home, items such as these can be a big help. It can help to create the conditions for taking their game to the next level.

Go for some quirky but fun soccer-themed items

Functional gifts are all well and good, and football players will love getting gear that can help them improve at the game. However, football is more than just a game ? it can be a way of life, too. As a result, there's a whole range of potential gifts that christmas-gift-for-the-avid-football-player-frameyou can tap into, from posters of your loved one's favourite football player to memorabilia tied to their team. Blankets, drink coasters, refrigerator magnets ? you name it, there is probably something football-related you can find! It can be fun to pair practical gifts with more thoughtful or sentimental items. For example, you could obtain a picture of the person in question in their football kit or after a hard-fought victory on the field. You could then have it placed inside a beautiful football-themed frame for display in the home. Items like this are a kind gesture that combines an awesome memory with the compassion that makes giving gifts during Christmas so special. So, feel free to grab a new pair of boots or some practice gear, but don't forget to put your personal stamp on things too.

Choose the perfect gift and enjoy your loved one's excitement

The good news is there is a massive amount of merchandise out there aimed at football fans and players. The bad news? You might have trouble picking out just one item to give as a Christmas gift! Whether you choose a brand-new ball or a new and comfortable kit for wearing to their weekly games, your loved one will surely appreciate the time and effort you placed into selecting the gift. Remember, you don't have to focus solely on what you can find in the shops, either. The Internet has a vast number of sites dedicated exclusively to football fans. What could be a better place to hunt for a gift than that?