At the gym you will find a copious amount of treadmills for you to use as these are always a great staple way to exercise as they help to boost your heart rate. But over the years we have seen the use of this piece of training equipment evolve into a variety of ways to make training fun and engaging as well as being a great workout. Within this article we are going to explore the variety of treadmill exercise classes and routines you can get involved with to help keep fit and healthy. So, if you want to find out how the traditional treadmill equipment has evolved over the years, then keep on reading.

Treadmills for Convenient Exercise

The treadmills at the gym can be a great convenience for those who enjoy running outdoors, but the weather conditions are poor. Therefore, we see a lot of regular runners take to the gym treadmills during autumn and winter seasons as they are an easily accessible way to fit a running session in without falling ill due to the ever-changing temperatures and conditions outside.

Along with this we also see the treadmills in the gym being used for marathon preparation as they can be incorporated into a training workout easily. Treadmills are often the most popular choice for a warmup by gym go-errs as they are a fantastic way to warm your muscle up and boost your heart rate ready for the upcoming training. So, whether you are perfecting your own workout regime or being assisted by a trainer, you will most certainly be making use of this equipment in your local gym.

At Home Training

Although the treadmill has traditionally been used in the gym, you can also use this piece of equipment at home as well. This makes for even more convenient access to your favourite piece of equipment during and out of the gym opening hours. You can purchase a regular treadmill on the web which you can use in the comfort of your own home for stress free training. Why not pop your favourite soap or box set on the TV and walk along to it?

With this in mind, companies have started manufacturing treadmills with the purpose of being used at home. One of these brands for example is Pelaton who is known for their online cycling classes but have recently branched out into treadmills for running as well. When using the Pelaton tech you can join online classes where you will receive one on one motivation from a virtual trainer to give you the feeling of being at a local gym class, but in the comfort of familiar home surroundings.

Precision Running Classes

Along with the casual training at your gym, you can also sign up to classes which use the treadmill for an improved experience. One of these types of classes is called Precision Running and is held in a variety of gyms, you would need to enquire at your local establishment about how to get involved. These classes are great for motivation as you are embarking on a running fitness journey with a number of individuals.

Guided by a qualified trainer, these classes operate using a variety of lighting, music and much more to create the ultimate running ambiance. As well as this the routine combines a number of elements to make a cohesive and fun workout. They work on the balance of speed, incline, duration and recovery which in turn will improve you overall running ability and performance. The treadmills have also been specially designed to mimic the natural running experience while also including recovery buttons and smart keys on the apparatus which make for seamless interval transitions.

How Do You Use the Treadmill to Work out?

Within this blog post we have explored the various ways in which the traditional gym treadmill has been customised to make cohesive and effective training apparatus. Have you ever tried any of the exercises mentioned above or know of another unique way in which this tech has been adapted? Let us know over on our social media pages now! You can also kit yourself out with high quality running gear and exercise clothing over on our online store Sports Fitness to refresh your gym wardrobe.

This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury