30th November 2017. Swimming isn't merely an effective way to improve your fitness and develop better health ? it's just plain fun, too! We spend tonnes of time looking for opportunities to go swimming, especially when the weather is right. Whether it's down at the beach for a dip in the ocean or a party in a neighbour's pool, it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy with ease. That's why attractions built around the fun inherent in playing in the water are such an ideal vacation destination for families, too. Waterparks are not only a fun way to enjoy time off and challenge your swimming skills, but they often host a whole range of features you won't find at your local community pool. Across Europe, innovative and exciting waterparks have sprung up and garnered loyal followings. Try to imagine that you want to take a trip to see the best waterparks that Europe has to offer, no matter where they might reside. You want to see the cream of the crop ? you're setting your sights on the most fun you can have in an aquatic setting. Where would you go? Let's dive into the answers for those questions while we look at the top 7 most amazing waterparks in Europe!

  1. Tropical Islands ? Brandenburg (Germany)

Would you believe that you could experience the lush climate of a tropical island without ever needing to leave the comfortable surroundings of Berlin? Located just 35 kilometres away from the city, the Tropical Islands waterpark is the most spectacular one in Germany, and it's quite a sight even from the outside! Built on top of an old military airbase and occupying a hangar once intended for massive airships, the Tropical Islands park is now a destination for families from around Europe. What will you find once you step inside the massive dome? With an artificial beach, a ton of different swimming pools, and of course a gigantic water slide ? Germany's biggest, in fact. Combined with a sauna and spa area available for those who like to sweat their stress away and a large number of options for food and drink, it's an incredible getaway.

  1. The Sandcastle Waterpark ? Blackpool (UK)

One of the most exciting entertainment destinations in the UK, it's hard to deny just how much there is to do at The Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool. With a balmy, humid temperature of 28C inside and tons of attractions throughout the park, there's no shortage of fun to be had by the entire family. The Sandcastle hosts some interesting "firsts," including the world's first vertical indoor water slide and even a water-based roller coaster. A lazy river allows for a chance at rest after playing hard, while those who love floating on inner tubes have whole attractions devoted to the experience. A massive wave pool measuring some 20,000 square feet allows for an ocean-like swimming experience and some tall waves, too. Dedicated children's areas make it ideal for families, especially for older children who want the chance to explore and have fun on their own.

  1. Siam Park ? Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

Sure, you might need to leave the mainland of continental Europe to reach this Spanish destination, but the Siam Park experience is one that you won't forget. You'll feel as if you've been transported far away to the exotic landscapes of Thailand while you visit this park. Perhaps the most incredible opportunity to be found here is the "Tower of Power" ? easily the most visible attraction in the entire park. This 28-metre-tall waterslide accelerates its riders to an incredible speed of nearly 80 kilometres per hour ? and passes inside an aquarium filled with sharks at the end! Many other attractions and pools make this outdoor location an enticing destination, and there's plenty of space for little ones who are just beginning to experience the water. With good weather for most of the year, you can often enjoy Siam Park under clear blue skies and with a shining sun.

  1. Aquariaz ? Avoriaz (France)

The French don't just know about good food and fine wine ? they know a little something about how to build a fun waterpark, too. Tucked away in the snowy holiday town of Avoriaz in the French Alps, Aquariaz is an indoor water park that brings the tropical heat of the rainforest high up into the mountains. A colourful, activity-filled playhouse for younger children provides an inviting space to stay warm and enjoy the water, while the main central pool allows all ages to enjoy swimming. Aquariaz isn't without its own unique attractions too, though: the "Slidewinder" is a giant half-pipe slick with water and ready for riding. Guests strap onto an inflatable rubber tube, hold on tight, and take a long, fast slide down to the end of the pipe! You'll never know that you're actually in the Alps.

  1. Waterworld ? Ayia Napa (Cyprus)

While many waterparks take their cues from tropical and Polynesian themes, this park on the island of Cyprus embraces its proximity to ancient cultures and goes with a distinctly Greco-Roman theme. Waterworld claims to be the biggest themed water park in Europe, and with a vast abundance of very tall and fast slides, that's definitely true. More than half a dozen different pools provide diverse areas for swimming and relaxing, while non-swimmers can enjoy lounging in the sun or trying some less adrenaline-pumping slides. A wealth of restaurants inside the park means that when you've used up all your energy on the slides, you have an easily accessible place to refuel with some tasty food. Cyprus is also well known for its excellent weather so that you can count on an enjoyable stay during your trip to Waterworld.

  1. Sommarland ? Skara (Sweden)

You'll have to block out some time on your calendar during the summertime if you want to make it to this fun attraction in Sweden, which only stays open for the season. Thrill seekers take note: Sommarland is home to the "Big Drop," a 67-metre vertical slide that gives you the sudden sense of having the ground drop out from beneath your feet. Besides that amazing opportunity, Sommarland has attractions largely geared towards children, with fun, simple slides, and the ever-popular wave pool. Perhaps one of the most enticing parts of visiting Sommarland is the fact that the park heats all the water throughout the complex. It is Sweden, after all! Though pricier than many other attractions, its seasonal nature and unique setting make it a "must see" destination in Europe.

  1. The LC ? Swansea (UK)

The second UK entry on our list is much more than a waterpark, with a host of other attractions inside, but The LC in Swansea brings in thousands of visitors every year who are excited to splash about on the slides. Wales brings some unique options to the table with its largest waterpark: you'll find the innovative "Boardrider" pool here, which allows you to go surfing just as if you were in the ocean. Slide fanatics will have plenty to keep them occupied here as well. Are you looking for something a little more fitness-focused? Initially a leisure centre, that vision persists with a nearby gym and many fitness classes that you could choose to take. Whether you're there to work on your fitness or play in the water with your kids, The LC is a safe and welcoming option. There are countless wonderful waterparks out there Whether you intend to take a trip to Germany or France or want to keep it closer to home and visit an incredible waterpark in the UK, it's easy to see that you have a wealth of options available. What's your favourite activity? Floating on a lazy river, racing down steep slides, or just splashing about in a wave pool with your friends or family? No matter what type of waterpark activity you enjoy best, there is something for everyone to enjoy across the continent. While these seven parks represent some of the most exciting opportunities for aquatic fun, it's just a scratch on the surface. There are tonnes of other great parks out there waiting for you to discover them, too! How many of them can you check off your list?