Waking up to the smell of fresh air, bright sunshine warming your bones and the sound of birds chirping outside in a morning are just a few ways in which we find summertime motivates us to want to become more active. Therefore, if you are thinking about starting to take up morning or evening jogging or are a long-term runner, then here are 10 tips which will help you improve you summer running regime and will also help you get the most out of it.


List of 10 Running Tips for the Summer

  1. Take a reusable bottle with you to stay hydrated
  2. Look for cooler points in the day to run
  3. Make sure you are visible if running late at night or early morning
  4. Wear shorts or cropped leggings which are breathable
  5. Looser shirts or gear with sweat wicking fabric is a must
  6. Sunglasses and suncream for high UV days
  7. Allergy tablets for sufferers during high pollen days
  8. Wear a cap or hat to shield your face
  9. Look for well covered routes
  10. Limit alcohol intake prior to a run

When you are out on your run you will always find that you become thirsty and require water to keep you going. And this is especially important during the summer as it is very easy to become dehydrated in the blaring sunshine as you are perspiring a lot more than normal so you would need to replenish yourself more often. This is where a reusable bottle comes in handy. You can fill it up at home and take it with you on the go, but you can also fill it up while you are out if you come across a drinking fountain or other similar facilities. You can purchase a variety of water bottles online such as ones with handles and clips for a hands-free transport.


You would also need to take the weather into consideration before heading out as the midday sunshine can be very harsh so choosing a cooler period in the day would be preferable. You can also cater your route via more shaded areas compared to ones out in the open. However, if you do choose to train when the sun is strong you would need to make sure that you are fully protected by wearing suncream and a hat. Another accessory you could invest in could be running sunglasses which have a strap to the rear to keep your eyes protected from UV rays while on the run without having them fall off.

Suitable clothing such as shorts or cropped pants with loose and breathable shirts are crucial as you want to feel comfortable and fresh on your run. A great fabric is one containing sweat wicking technology to keep your body moisture free while on your jog. Although you are running in the summertime and the days are generally lighter, the nights and early mornings can still reduce your visibility to road users. Therefore, you should still consciously think about wearing high vis clothing in these circumstances such as a belt or a vibrant coloured visibility jersey.

If you find yourself suffering from hay fever or pollen related allergies during the summertime, it would be ideal to make sure that you take a tablet or spray prior to your run. This way those tempting flowers or freshly cut lawns will have less of an effect on you so that you can enjoy your jog without having to reach for a tissue constantly.

Summertime means that you will generally be outdoors more socialising at gatherings and BBQ’s which would often mean that you are in-taking alcohol. However, you should be careful when indulging the night before a run as alcohol is known to dehydrate your body and starting a run on no hydration is not ideal. Plus, who wants to go out for a jog with a hangover? Therefore, you would need to schedule your runs into your daily routine more so over the summer as to avoid any clashes or injury caused by dehydration caused from the night before.

Plan and Adapt Your Run this Summer!

Within this article we have explored the few changes you would need to account for when going for a run in the summer. If any of these tips have helped you or you have more to add, let us know on our social media pages. You can also shop our wide range of summer appropriate running clothing and accessories over on our online store – Sports Fitness.

This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury