1. What to Understand About Swimming for Fitness

    1st May 2017. Almost everyone learns how to swim as a child. It's both fun and an essential skill for staying safe, should one ever end up in the water unexpectedly. However, it's also a sport unto itself. Many of us experience captivating excitement at the Summer Olympics every four years when the world's best swimmers gather to compete on the same global stage. While you don't have to compete on their level, you can still rely on swimming as an excellent way to develop your own fitness. Whether you love the backstroke or you'd like to hone your butterfly, getting in the pool is a fun way to exercise. However, the most successful approach to fitness is always the one that follows a defined plan. Deciding to swim for fitness is good, but you must follow up that decision with action. Swimming just once or twice a week on an irregular schedule won't

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  2. Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Front Crawl Edition

    10th April 2017.In swimming, a properly executed front crawl ? also known as the freestyle stroke ? is smooth, elegant, and one of the fastest strokes in the pool. Unlike the breaststroke, which requires comparatively slow movements, the front crawl is a slick sequence of arm and leg movements that propels the user across the pool. As easy as it is to learn, though, it takes some serious practice to build up speed ? and to fight off the exhaustion that sets in from such a rapid pace. How can you swim the front crawl more effectively to improve your speed in the water? As simple as it looks, there are many elements to a successful freestyle stroke. To improve your ability, you'll want to focus on each element individually before harmonising those efforts together. We'll look at what you need to practice to start seeing gains and improvements in this article. From how to kick your legs to exercises that can help strengthen the muscles used

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  3. Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Breaststroke Edition

    27th March 2017.When you were first learning how to swim, which stroke formed the foundation for your education? If your experience was similar to the one most people have, you learned the breaststroke first. With it's easy to understand movements and ample opportunity for breathing, it's an excellent introduction to the world of swimming. However, the breaststroke also epitomises the phrase "easy to learn, difficult to master." Watching Olympic swimmers compete in the breaststroke highlights what a technical stroke the manoeuvre is in reality. Without the right form, it can be tough to gain or maintain speed. Are you satisfied with the current state of your breaststroke? Even if you are, there's always room for improvement. For those who feel like this is one of their weaker strokes, there are plenty of ways to focus on improving. Today we'll take an in-depth look at the breaststroke, its component elements, and how to effectively adapt

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  4. Developing and Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Backstroke Edition

    9th March 2017. Every swimmer knows that while grasping the basics of the pool is easy, mastering the more technical ways to move through the water is difficult. There's a reason Olympic swimmers spend many hours a week in the pool, after all; there's a lot to practice to compete on a global level. For swimmers who hop in the water for their health or as part of a smaller competitive scene, though, the same need to develop exists ? albeit on a smaller scale. Improving your swimming strokes will not only enable you to exercise more efficiently, but it will also make the entire activity more enjoyable as well. Today let's focus in on one of the more technically challenging moves: the backstroke. The freestyle and the breaststroke take practice to get the movements right, but at least you can see where you're going! With the backstroke, the entire process can take some adjustment before you feel comfortable. Many swimmers struggle to execute
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  5. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pair of Swim Goggles

    20th February 2017. In every fitness activity and athletic pursuit, there's a need for the right equipment. Even an exercise as straightforward and basic as running requires footwear that supports your body as you run. After all, there aren't many surfaces left that allow for running barefoot ? nor is it the best way to improve your fitness. Choosing the right equipment, balancing comfort and function, and putting that equipment to good use is an integral part of exercise success. For swimmers, the equivalent to a good pair of running shoes is an item that rests on an entirely different part of your body. We're talking about goggles, of course. Though humans have a natural ability to see underwater, it's all but impossible to see where you're going when you're slicing through the pool at high speed. To see through the waves and walls of bubbles, you need a good pair of

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  6. How Swimming Lessons for Adults Improve Performance & Technique

    30th January 2017.When you dive into the pool, do you feel as agile as a dolphin, or something similar to a heavy stone? While swimming is an excellent exercise for many and you don't need to be skilled to derive benefits from it, the right form does make a difference. Improving your technique is a good idea whether you want to step up your skill level to be a little more competitive (with friends or on a team) or you just want to maximise what swimming does for you. As you think on that, you may wonder, "What is the best way to improve my form and technique in the pool?" One answer might initially seem "too good to be true" ? swimming lessons! It's true: getting in the pool with an instructor isn't just for young children or adults who don't yet know how to swim. As a matter of fact, there are classes for adults across many age and skill brackets available. Whether you want to hone your butterfly stroke or learn a more efficient technique

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  7. The Rewards (and Risks) of Swimming Outdoors in the Winter

    21st January 2017.For most athletes, the winter is the time of year when they head indoors and change up their routine. When it gets cold outside, most people don't quite enjoy spending extra time in it just to exercise! For these individuals, the gym and its equipment offer a more enticing place to spend the winter. For those who love to swim, the same is true. Of course, if you have access to an indoor pool, you usually don't have to vary your routine too much. Why should you have to stop swimming outside just because it's a little chilly out, though? Believe it or not, winter swimming is an activity many people enjoy. At first, the idea of swimming in potentially frigid water may seem less than ideal. However, it can provide you with several benefits ? not to mention a much more interesting winter fitness experience! In this article, we'll put a microscope on what makes outdoor winter swimming worth considering. We'll also cover some

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  8. Tweaking Your Breathing Techniques for a Better Front Crawl

    5th January 2017. Perhaps one of the most fun and invigorating parts of swimming for fitness or sport is the sheer variety of ways in which you can approach the exercise. There are many kinds of styles you can use for swimming, and every type of stroke brings with it different challenges. Many swimming strokes are the very definition of "easy to learn, but hard to master"! The difficulty arises not just from keeping your body aligned in the correct form, but also from the need to breathe. Anyone who's been swimming for some time can tell you that managing your breath is a major part of being a successful swimmer. If you're a freestyle fanatic and the front crawl is your preferred stroke, breath control becomes even more important. Whether you're trying to improve your skills enough to compete in races or you just enjoy putting yourself to the test, it's worth considering how to breathe more efficiently. Today, we're going to cover several
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  9. New Year, New You: How to Create a Workout Schedule You'll Follow

    2nd January 2017.  The beginning of a brand new year is here, and you know what that means ? everyone is starting to think about their resolutions into action. How often are they just some things you say half-heartedly while enjoying the New Year's Eve festivities, though? We've all either heard the stories or directly experienced what it's like to make fitness-based resolutions only to lose interest in them after just a few months, weeks or even days. How can you break out of this pattern rather than succumbing to it for yet another year? It takes thoughtful planning and real dedication, but it's doable. Making a choice to improve your fitness is seldom an overnight "Eureka!" moment. So if you know you want to make some exercise resolutions this year, now is the best time to start figuring out your game plan. Simply "winging it" and trying to play your physical progress by ear will result in the same failed resolutions with which you're

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  10. The Pros and Cons of Joining a Swimming Club

    15th December 2016. For those who love swimming, there's nothing quite like the solitude you can achieve in the pool. Diving beneath the surface is like entering a whole different world. There are always those lucky mornings when you get to the pool before it's too busy as well ? those perfect, quiet workouts where you can focus on improving your abilities. Whether you've been swimming for fitness, pleasure, or both, though, you might wonder if there isn't something more you could be doing. Have you ever seen a local swim club meeting to practice or compete with another club? Perhaps you've wondered about what it would be like to join them. An organised swim club can be quite a different experience from swimming on your own. Whether you're a young swimmer already interested in athletics or just someone who likes the pool, there are reasons to join. It's certainly worth considering if you want to get serious about improving your fitness
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