1. Caring for Your Swimsuits: How Do You Wash, Dry, or Clean Your Swimwear?

    20th July 2017.When you need new swimwear, you could end up spending a considerable amount of time searching stores and trying on different articles. Once you finally do find the swimsuits that you love, though, how much thought do you pay to them after purchase? You put them on, dive into the pool, and do your laps for the day, and when you're done, you might just throw it over a chair outdoors at home to let it dry. Is that really the best way to approach swimsuit care? Unfortunately, the low maintenance approach isn't the best one to take. Over the long term, poor care can lead to a degraded quality and even deterioration of your swimwear. That could leave you in a situation where you should toss them in the bin and start shopping again! So how can you avoid that? Start by thinking of your swimwear as regular clothing. It needs washing and proper care just like the shirts and trousers you wear every day. Meanwhile, a thoughtful approach

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  2. A Guide to Choosing Swimwear for Men

    29th June 2017.When most men think of swimwear, the standard pair of swim trunks we all see at the beach is what comes first to mind. However, is that really the extent of what men can choose from for swimwear? Far from it; in fact, there are a variety of types suitable for a similar range of situations. The material that these swimsuits are made of differs too, and that matters more than you might think. Whether you plan to swim solo for fitness, compete in a race, or you're just going on holiday, you should know your options. What should you look for when shopping? The answer will depend largely on what you intend to do in the water, and where you are planning to swim. The pool is a much different environment than a lake or the ocean, and competitive swimming demands much more than a dip in a hotel pool. It might even be wise to purchase more than one swimsuit to allow you to maintain a sporty wardrobe for any occasion. With that said,

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  3. 8 Excellent Summer Holiday Activities for the Kids

    26th June 2017.When school lets out for the holidays, no one is more excited than your children. It's an opportunity to spend time away from educational responsibilities, to relax, and to have fun. Every parent wants to ensure their kids don't spend the holidays cooped up indoors the whole time, however. With the allure of video games and electronic devices stronger than ever, it's important to encourage physical activity. The summer should be a time for fun, but that doesn't have to mean sitting indoors and avoiding the hot weather. That's where you come back into the picture: your goal should be to create plenty of opportunities for active fun and exercise. The key is in the way you present the activity. Taking your kids for a run is a hard sell; organising a game with some of their friends is something to excite any child. With that in mind, what are some of the best activities you can engage in with your kids over their holiday? There's

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  4. How to Choose Swimwear for Kids

    8th June 2017. Swimming is a fun activity beloved by children all over the world. Whether splashing in the ocean or a small pool behind the home, it's an excellent way to beat the heat while burning plenty of energy. For kids, that type of engaging physical activity is critical for their development both now and into the future. It's often not hard to interest a child in swimming, but parents have considerations beyond their child's level of interest. There is the matter of their skill in the water, of course. Beyond that, though, is something a little more basic: their swimwear. For adults, swimwear is often an aesthetic or highly functional choice. Kids don't need a highly-engineered bodysuit designed for fast performance in the water. They need comfortable, safe, and functional swimwear that works in a variety of situations. Many children will have the opportunity to swim at school, for example; choosing swimwear for such an occasion

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  5. How to Choose Swimwear for Women

    22nd May 2017. Diving into the water for a swim is both an easy option for developing physical fitness and an excellent way to have fun. A significant advantage to swimming over some other forms of exercise is the low entry cost: you don't need any special equipment to start immediately. Some accessories, like goggles, do become essential as you go deeper into your efforts. However, at its most basic level, all you need to begin is a good swimsuit. For women, though, a trip to shop for swimwear can turn into an afternoon of frustration too often. With so many choices out there, how can you tell which is the right one for you? There are a few important steps to consider taking when you look for new swimwear. Whether you're seeking a modestly cut swimsuit for use at your local public pool or something stylish for a vacation, there's plenty of information to think about before you make a purchase. Let's look at some of the specifics and
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  6. 10 Easy Ideas for Fighting Boredom While Swimming Lengths

    8th May 2017.As good as exercise is for our bodies, there's one inescapable fact: it's sometimes just plain boring! No matter how much of a fitness nut you are (or want to be), there will always be times when you want to do anything but your exercises. Let's face it: even with a varied routine, you'll be doing many of the same things repeatedly. For swimmers, this is particularly the case; swimming back and forth between the two ends of a pool is the definition of monotony. For those who love to run, at least, the scenery and the weather can change. When you're grinding out lengths in the pool, though, you only have the wall ahead and your thoughts to stay occupied. If boredom becomes too much of an issue, it can have an adverse impact on your performance and your desire to continue exercise. Why not try to fight back against those feelings of ennui instead? Developing your fitness should be fun or interesting as often as possible. Luckily,

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  7. What to Understand About Swimming for Fitness

    1st May 2017. Almost everyone learns how to swim as a child. It's both fun and an essential skill for staying safe, should one ever end up in the water unexpectedly. However, it's also a sport unto itself. Many of us experience captivating excitement at the Summer Olympics every four years when the world's best swimmers gather to compete on the same global stage. While you don't have to compete on their level, you can still rely on swimming as an excellent way to develop your own fitness. Whether you love the backstroke or you'd like to hone your butterfly, getting in the pool is a fun way to exercise. However, the most successful approach to fitness is always the one that follows a defined plan. Deciding to swim for fitness is good, but you must follow up that decision with action. Swimming just once or twice a week on an irregular schedule won't

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  8. Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Front Crawl Edition

    10th April 2017.In swimming, a properly executed front crawl ? also known as the freestyle stroke ? is smooth, elegant, and one of the fastest strokes in the pool. Unlike the breaststroke, which requires comparatively slow movements, the front crawl is a slick sequence of arm and leg movements that propels the user across the pool. As easy as it is to learn, though, it takes some serious practice to build up speed ? and to fight off the exhaustion that sets in from such a rapid pace. How can you swim the front crawl more effectively to improve your speed in the water? As simple as it looks, there are many elements to a successful freestyle stroke. To improve your ability, you'll want to focus on each element individually before harmonising those efforts together. We'll look at what you need to practice to start seeing gains and improvements in this article. From how to kick your legs to exercises that can help strengthen the muscles used

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  9. Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Breaststroke Edition

    27th March 2017.When you were first learning how to swim, which stroke formed the foundation for your education? If your experience was similar to the one most people have, you learned the breaststroke first. With it's easy to understand movements and ample opportunity for breathing, it's an excellent introduction to the world of swimming. However, the breaststroke also epitomises the phrase "easy to learn, difficult to master." Watching Olympic swimmers compete in the breaststroke highlights what a technical stroke the manoeuvre is in reality. Without the right form, it can be tough to gain or maintain speed. Are you satisfied with the current state of your breaststroke? Even if you are, there's always room for improvement. For those who feel like this is one of their weaker strokes, there are plenty of ways to focus on improving. Today we'll take an in-depth look at the breaststroke, its component elements, and how to effectively adapt

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  10. Developing and Improving Your Swimming Strokes: Backstroke Edition

    9th March 2017. Every swimmer knows that while grasping the basics of the pool is easy, mastering the more technical ways to move through the water is difficult. There's a reason Olympic swimmers spend many hours a week in the pool, after all; there's a lot to practice to compete on a global level. For swimmers who hop in the water for their health or as part of a smaller competitive scene, though, the same need to develop exists ? albeit on a smaller scale. Improving your swimming strokes will not only enable you to exercise more efficiently, but it will also make the entire activity more enjoyable as well. Today let's focus in on one of the more technically challenging moves: the backstroke. The freestyle and the breaststroke take practice to get the movements right, but at least you can see where you're going! With the backstroke, the entire process can take some adjustment before you feel comfortable. Many swimmers struggle to execute
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