1. Watch Out for These Swimming Pitfalls for Beginners to Avoid

    The many people who learned how to swim as a child probably don't think of themselves as "beginners," but when you decide to get in the pool for some serious fitness, it's a fact everyone must accept. Swimming is more than just staying afloat or getting from one end of the pool to the other. Pursuing it seriously, either to improve your health or because you want to compete on some level, means acknowledging the more technical aspects of the sport. Michael Phelps didn't win the most gold medals in history by just "winging it," after all. It took years of hard work and training!

    Just like with any other sport, be it running, cycling, or some other type of fitness activity, it's easy to make mistakes when you're just beginning. Sometimes, these mistakes can become the unfortunate foundation for bad habits that plague your exercise efforts for some time to come. Other times, they could push you towards quitting the sport or even risking an injury. To help you skirt around these

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  2. What Do Swimmers Do for a Challenge?

    Sports provide a way for us to do far more than merely train our bodies to be healthier and more physically fit. They also offer a way for us to challenge ourselves mentally, and to strive to achieve incredible things with our bodies. In some pursuits, these challenges are easy to see and quite well-known. For runners, there are all kinds of races, with the marathon (and the super marathon) holding one of the top titles for prestige. If you can run a marathon, people know that you've mastered your running ability. For cyclists, riding in a stage race or travelling 100 kilometres without stopping offer the same kind of challenge.

    What about for the swimmers of the world? What types of challenges are out there to test the most determined hardcore swimmers? While there isn't anything as easy to point to as a marathon, there are still plenty of competitive ventures that take place in the water. From indoor pool races such as those held at the Olympics to gruelling open water swims

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  3. Technology in the Pool - What Can the Apple Watch Do for Swimmers?

    Technology touches almost every part of our lives today in some way or another; even the cars we drive are often controlled internally by onboard computers. It should come as no surprise, then, that technology follows us into the world of exercise, too. Many are already familiar with fitness trackers, pedometers, FitBits. However, the one domain where these devices rarely went was the pool. Swimmers were often left to their own devices, focusing strictly on the lane ahead and making it to the wall. Now, with the advent of a wearable with as much of a health focus as the Apple Watch, that's all changing. In fact, the Apple Watch contains functionality designed specifically with swimmers in mind. From tracking the total amount of calories you burn in a workout session to counting your laps and split times automatically, it can do quite a lot. What are the potential advantages to this technology, then? How could you use one to improve your swimming performance, if at all? While buying any

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  4. The 7 Best Water Parks in the United States

    1st March 2018.The US is a big place ? and that means there's plenty of room for a wide variety of fun and exciting attractions. With much of the country experiencing warm to scorching summers, and mild temperatures for much of the rest of the year, the presence of water parks is a common sight in many of the states. Though some are only open seasonally, others invite visitors to enjoy the rides and cool off in the water all year round. Whether you're planning a trip or you're just interested in finding out more about the biggest recreational attractions, how can you find out where the best destinations are? Rather than meticulously scouring the Internet and going state by state to try and figure out where you might want to visit someday, we've done all the hard work for you. With so many potential destinations, we've narrowed it down to the cream of the crop: the parks that pull out all the stops for a fun experience. Don't forget, though

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  5. Throwing a Safe and Fun Pool Party for Your Child's Birthday

    15th February 2018.A child's birthday is a special occasion worth a little extra effort, not just because it's an occasion for the parents to celebrate, but also because every birthday is an opportunity to create happy memories that will last for a lifetime. When you have a birthday coming up on the calendar, and it's time to start putting your mind to party planning, what ideas spring up first? If you have access to a pool, whether at home or in a local community space, throwing an aquatic party could be an excellent idea. For active kids, there are few things as fun as donning their swimsuits and spending an afternoon splashing about before enjoying fun treats and goodies. Pool parties require a bit more planning than your average get-together, though ? so it's a smart idea to think ahead well before your child's birthday arrives. From food and activities to special safety considerations, there's a lot to tackle, but it's easy when you

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  6. Choosing a Wetsuit – What to Look For

    22nd January 2018. Swimming outdoors is a unique activity because it provides so many more challenges for the athlete. Indoor pools are highly controlled environments, with the conditions created to be just right for competitive swimming. Outside, the weather doesn't always cooperate, the water can be smooth or choppy, and the water temperature fluctuates considerably as well. If you have plans to start practising your swimming in a lake or the ocean ? especially if you intend to train for a triathlon ? it's critical that you properly prepare before taking a plunge. In water that's below between 25 to 27 degrees Celsius, donning a wetsuit can keep you warm while also providing you with important benefits. When you swim in cold water, it can feel difficult to go through the motions to move forward. The cold can make your muscles feel like they've already contracted as much as they can. With a wetsuit, a thin layer of water remains trapped

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  7. The Importance of Cross Training: Why Every Runner Should Add Swimming into Their Schedule

    The only way to get better at running is to run more. That seems like a simple enough rule, right? It makes sense, too ? just like with any other sport or activity, practice is the only thing that really makes a difference. Is that always the case? In fact, it's not always so black and white. Improving at one sport may require you to spend time practising in another pursuit. This concept, called cross-training, is very important. In fact, every runner should consider adding cross-training elements into their regimen. Otherwise, you're not only missing out on an opportunity to improve, but you're losing out on many other benefits as well. Swimming is among the best sports for runners to engage in for cross-training. In fact, it's worth just about every runner's time to take a hard look at swimming and perhaps even spend some time in the pool. When you start splitting your energy between these two pursuits, you will be able to see gains you might not have unlocked otherwise. So why is

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  8. Helpful Hints for Good Skin and Haircare for Swimmers

    27th December 2017.For a swimmer, the pool is like a second home ? especially if you swim competitively. Even if you only dip into the pool a few times a week to do your exercise, though, you'll still spend a lot of time in the water compared to someone who only swims recreationally. While that affords you plenty of time to work on your physique and build up your endurance so you can swim longer and harder, it also takes a toll on your body in other ways. We aren't talking about sore muscles or cramping legs, either. Have you ever stopped to think about the effects the water in the pool itself is having on you? Swimming in freshwater is one thing, and the water of the ocean is clearly much different than at your local pool. Neither type of water features chlorine in the same levels as you'll find in public pools, though. On the one hand, it's a positive and necessary feature. The chlorine attacks and kills bacteria, keeping the water safe

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  9. Understanding Proper Lane Sharing Etiquette in Busy Public Pools

    lane-sharing-etiquette-public-poolConsistency is the key that unlocks the door to improvement when it comes to your fitness, especially when you're trying to develop better skills in a certain sport. When that sport is swimming, that means spending a lot of time in the pool. When you don't have access to a pool of your own at home, though, you must rely on publicly available spaces to fit in all your swimming for the week. Most of the time, that probably isn't an issue ? plus, you don't have to worry about the maintenance on the pool! Sometimes, though, the public nature of your swimming spot can cause trouble. What happens if you show up for your daily swim only to find that there is a crowd?

    This scenario isn't too unlikely, especially if you live in a busy area with few options for public swimming. When you arrive and see that swimmers occupy every lane in the pool already, does that mean you should just pack it in for the day and skip the swim? Of course not! Those swimming lanes are wide, after all, and they can fit more than one swimmer comfortably. However, beware of jumping straight in and trying to proceed with your workout as usual. You won't make friends that way because there is important etiquette surrounding lane splitting. When you must share, it's important to know how to do so safely, courteously, and without frustration. Look at this quick and easy guide to observing proper etiquette in a busy pool.

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  10. The Top 7 Waterparks in Europe

    30th November 2017. Swimming isn't merely an effective way to improve your fitness and develop better health ? it's just plain fun, too! We spend tonnes of time looking for opportunities to go swimming, especially when the weather is right. Whether it's down at the beach for a dip in the ocean or a party in a neighbour's pool, it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy with ease. That's why attractions built around the fun inherent in playing in the water are such an ideal vacation destination for families, too. Waterparks are not only a fun way to enjoy time off and challenge your swimming skills, but they often host a whole range of features you won't find at your local community pool. Across Europe, innovative and exciting waterparks have sprung up and garnered loyal followings. Try to imagine that you want to take a trip to see the best waterparks

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