1. The Importance of Cross Training: Why Every Runner Should Add Swimming into Their Schedule

    The only way to get better at running is to run more. That seems like a simple enough rule, right? It makes sense, too ? just like with any other sport or activity, practice is the only thing that really makes a difference. Is that always the case? In fact, it's not always so black and white. Improving at one sport may require you to spend time practising in another pursuit. This concept, called cross-training, is very important. In fact, every runner should consider adding cross-training elements into their regimen. Otherwise, you're not only missing out on an opportunity to improve, but you're losing out on many other benefits as well. Swimming is among the best sports for runners to engage in for cross-training. In fact, it's worth just about every runner's time to take a hard look at swimming and perhaps even spend some time in the pool. When you start splitting your energy between these two pursuits, you will be able to see gains you might not have unlocked otherwise. So why is

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  2. Helpful Hints for Good Skin and Haircare for Swimmers

    27th December 2017.For a swimmer, the pool is like a second home ? especially if you swim competitively. Even if you only dip into the pool a few times a week to do your exercise, though, you'll still spend a lot of time in the water compared to someone who only swims recreationally. While that affords you plenty of time to work on your physique and build up your endurance so you can swim longer and harder, it also takes a toll on your body in other ways. We aren't talking about sore muscles or cramping legs, either. Have you ever stopped to think about the effects the water in the pool itself is having on you? Swimming in freshwater is one thing, and the water of the ocean is clearly much different than at your local pool. Neither type of water features chlorine in the same levels as you'll find in public pools, though. On the one hand, it's a positive and necessary feature. The chlorine attacks and kills bacteria, keeping the water safe

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  3. Understanding Proper Lane Sharing Etiquette in Busy Public Pools

    Consistency is the key that unlocks the door to improvement when it comes to your fitness, especially when you're trying to develop better skills in a certain sport. When that sport is swimming, that means spending a lot of time in the pool. When you don't have access to a pool of your own at home, though, you must rely on publicly available spaces to fit in all your swimming for the week. Most of the time, that probably isn't an issue ? plus, you don't have to worry about the maintenance on the pool! Sometimes, though, the public nature of your swimming spot can cause trouble. What happens if you show up for your daily swim only to find that there is a crowd?

    This scenario isn't too unlikely, especially if you live in a busy area with few options for public swimming. When you arrive and see that swimmers occupy every lane in the pool already, does that mean you should just pack it in for the day and skip the swim? Of course not! Those swimming lanes are wide, after all, and

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  4. The Top 7 Waterparks in Europe

    30th November 2017. Swimming isn't merely an effective way to improve your fitness and develop better health ? it's just plain fun, too! We spend tonnes of time looking for opportunities to go swimming, especially when the weather is right. Whether it's down at the beach for a dip in the ocean or a party in a neighbour's pool, it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy with ease. That's why attractions built around the fun inherent in playing in the water are such an ideal vacation destination for families, too. Waterparks are not only a fun way to enjoy time off and challenge your swimming skills, but they often host a whole range of features you won't find at your local community pool. Across Europe, innovative and exciting waterparks have sprung up and garnered loyal followings. Try to imagine that you want to take a trip to see the best waterparks

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  5. FloatFit: A New, Exciting, and Extremely Challenging Way to Exercise on Water

    16th November 2017. Exercises based on or in the water continue to grow in popularity around the world. It's not just because access to a pool is relatively easy to come by for many, whether at home or in a community setting. It's also because working out in the water is more fun, less stressful, and in many ways easier on the body than dry land exercise. However, "Jazzercise" type classes, old-school water aerobics, and even Zumba-like classes in the water may not yield the challenge you want. What if you're looking for something with a higher intensity, a greater challenge, and more potential for long-term gains in other areas? You'll need an activity that's up to the task. Enter FloatFit, yet another small-scale craze that could explode into widespread popularity solely because it offers its participants a brand-new take on water-based exercises. Rather than spending your time in the water, working your muscles against its resistive

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  6. Tips and Tricks for Surviving Your Iron Man Race Day

    31st October 2017.There's no question about it: The Iron Man triathlon is one of the toughest sporting events in the whole world. It takes the mindset of the marathon runner to an extreme, and it is all about pushing your body to its absolute limits across all three events. To prepare, it takes months of structured training and a laser-like focus on the end goal: just making it across the finish line at the end of the day. Now, the time is almost here ? you can practically hear the starting gun when you look at the calendar and see that your race day is on the horizon. Perhaps you've even already started your training taper, winding down to be in peak condition. All that training helps to prepare your body for many of the challenges it will face during the race, but how should you approach the actual event? You don't want just to show up and start going at 100% effort with no game plan. That's a recipe for disaster, and it could spoil

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  7. What is Hydro-Fit Circuit Training? A Brief Introduction

    23rd October 2017.Water-based workouts are nothing new, but innovations in this arena happen all the time. We've come a long way from "Jazzercise" and the first aquatic aerobics classes. Besides swimming laps and practising your strokes, enrolling in some of these classes can be a good way to add variety to your workout while also enjoying a social atmosphere for exercise. Do you often feel the classes you've experienced in the past weren't strenuous or engaging enough? It's not an uncommon feeling, especially since many classes tend to fall into the same patterns after a few weeks of attendance. For those curious about other aquatic workouts out there, consider the rising popularity of Hydro-Fit circuit training. If you've experienced circuit training on dry land, where you rotate between a variety of stations for weight or cardio-based activities, then you already have a head start in understanding this type of exercise. For those who

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  8. Swimming World Swimmer of the Year 2016 Profiles

    9th October 2017. Who is the best swimmer in the world? Before you can answer that question, you'll need to be more specific: male or female? Men and women compete on different levels, and their accomplishments can be quite different from one another. After that, you'll need to be even more specific: what do you mean by "the best"? Even the most elite swimmers can have an off day and end up blown out in a race that they would usually win. Taking the time to figure out who qualifies as the best based solely on statistics may not work well, either ? so how can you answer the question? Luckily, we don't have to do it on our own: many official bodies help us judge a swimmer based on the totality of what they've accomplished in their career or during a given year. Such is the case with the US-based publication Swimming World, which for more than 50 years has named its "World Swimmer of the Year" for both men and women. A distinguished title,

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  9. Are You Tough as Iron? The Facts Behind the Ironman Triathlon

    28th September 2017.Which type of athlete, at the top of their sport, is the most fit? Is it the swimmer who slices through the water quickly and effortlessly? What about the marathon runner who puts in extreme distances at respectable times? Perhaps it is the cyclist, pumping the pedals through stage after stage of a gruelling race. A disagreement over the answer to this question would lead to the formation of the very first Ironman Triathlon: an excruciating test of willpower and physical prowess across all three sports in just one day. Today, it is one of the most popular and most difficult sports competitions in the world. What else contributed to its origins, and what does this triathlon entail? It is an event with a unique history and an even more unique challenge to provide to athletes. For those who decide to make completing an Ironman race a personal goal, what do you need to do to ensure you train properly for finishing the race?

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  10. What Does It Take to Be a Professional Swimmer?

    25th September 2017.Few sports offer so many challenges to the professional athlete as swimming. From the rapid pace of 100-metre races to the gruelling distances commonly found in relays, the competition is fierce, and the bar is set high. You must endure seriously intense training regimens coupled with regular competition. It's not for the faint of heart, but for those who love swimming, the idea of turning professional is an appealing one. Could you do it if you desired? What does it take to become a professional swimmer these days? Unfortunately, there is a cruel reality involved: age is a major factor in swimming success. For most people, the opportunity to become a "pro" swimmer is long past like many other sports, the field favours the young, and by your mid-to-late twenties, you're already well past your prime swimming age. There is a reason that nearly all the World Record holders and Olympic athletes are quite young. At just

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