1. Getting the Most out of the Diving Board at the Pool

    We all know the fantastic health benefits which swimming has for you both mentally and physically. But are you aware of the other number of activities you can take part in while at your local swimming pool? Diving is most certainly something you should look into to spruce up your workout routine. There are a number of ways in which you can reap positive health benefits from using the diving board. This is why we have put together this article in order to tell you all you need to know about this easily accessible sport.

    Health Benefits of Diving

    diving board board

    With diving there are a number of reasons why you should get involved with the sport. It has a great deal of benefits to your health and fitness as well as your emotional well-being. And as this activity

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  2. What is a Swimrun?

    Have you ever thought about combining your love for running and swimming into one sport? Then a Swimrun is definitely something you should consider looking into. Seamlessly merging the two activities into a worldwide competition, Swimrun is an exhilarating tournament which needs an optimum level of stamina and strength to complete.

    Within this article we will look into how this sport came to be, along with the requirements and training needed to be successful. Below there are also helpful resources which you can used to find the next tournament near you, if you wish to take part or simply watch.

    How it Works

    A Swimrun is actually a sports competition which is split up into various element stages. Within this you will find a combination of running and swimming occurring across a cross country racing field which contains a minimum of two terrain changes. These changes would be land for running and water based areas for swimming.

    Swimrun is categorized

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  3. Preparing Your Child for Swimming Lessons

    Swimming is a fundamental skill that can be learnt by anyone at any age in their life. However, it is ideal to start young in order to instil this potentially life saving technique into your little one so that they can take it competently into their adult life. And from then on they will be able to know the importance of swimming to then go on to teach their child and grandchildren.

    Whether you prefer to teach your little bundle of joy to swim one on one or have enrolled them into a crash course at your local pool, this post will cover all of the information needed ahead of time. From what you would need to pack for your child to how swimming lessons themselves are generally set up, this is your number one guide.

    Why Swimming Lessons are a MustPreparing

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  4. Snorkelling: The Perfect Summer Activity for the Whole Family

    Picture a vacation on the seashore and think of some of the most common images associated with beach-side holidays. Most people will think of beach blankets, umbrellas, and swimming — and most often, when we picture those swimmers, we picture them with a snorkel mask! There's a good reason for that: many people go snorkellingevery year, andit’s an excellent, accessible activity that provides a unique way to interact with the environment. In tropical destinations and places with calmer waters that are easier to swim in, snorkellingis a major tourist attraction. As an activity open to practically everyone, it's popular for a reason.

    That means it's perfect for children and adults alike. With the right equipment, a little practice, and some pre-existing swimming knowledge, anyone can enjoy snorkellingand experiencethe underwater world in a more personal way than ever. When you can duck your head below the surface and watch the waters beneath you teeming with life, you can come awa

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  5. An Overview of Paralympic Swimming

    When the Summer Olympic Games begin, a lot of attention falls on the track and field athletes, especially the fastest runners — but perhaps the most-watched sport every four years isn't on dry land, but in the water. One only needs to look at the popularity of figures such as Michael Phelps to see that swimmers and the dedication they pour into their athletic ability commands respect and thrills the imagination. The non-disabledathletes competing in toughraces to the finish line against each other and the clock aren't the only ones getting their feet wet during the Games, though. Right after the conclusion of the Olympic Games proper, the Paralympic Games kick off with their ownopening ceremonies.

    Besides the athletics events at the Paralympic Games, swimming is the most popular and most-watched sport, with vastnumbers of competitors across all classifications. The buoyancy of the water not only provides a more comfortable place to exercise for many of the Paralympic competitors, but it

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  6. Using the Summer Holidays to Teach Your Children How to Swim

    Swimming is an essential skill, and it is one that is best taught early in a child's life. Swimming is not only a fun way for them to burn off energy and splash about in warmer weather; the knowledge of how to handle oneself in the water can be life-saving in certain circumstances. For that reason, many parents choose to enrol their children in swim classes as a quick and easy way to equip them with this vital ability. What if you want to play a largerrole in the way your child learns how to swim, though? When the summer holidays arrive, andthe weather heats up while more people take time away to be with their families, recognise that now is the perfect time to start acclimating your kids to the water.

    Thisisn't a process you complete in just one afternoon, though. There are multiple steps and stages to go through, and though some children will take to it faster than others, it does require patience. With that said, a consistent and quality effort should enable you to equip y

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  7. All You Need to Know About Deep Sea Diving

    The mysteries of the ocean are captivating and exploring the underwater world is always top of wanderlust travellers bucket lists. Discovering what lies beneath the sea has hundreds of amateur and professional divers flocking to the beaches across the globe to have a look.

    With this in mind, we have put together this article to cover the must-know information for those who wish to take up this adventurous activity. Whether you are new to diving or are a seasoned professional, you will find this post interesting and informative on the sport you hold so dear.

    Health Benefits of Deep Sea Diving

    Despite it being a widely enjoyed sport, deep sea diving has many benefits to your health that some may not be aware of. From emotional to external, let’s have a look at just a few of these positive effects that diving has on your body:

    • Improved strength and flexibility
    • Enhanced breathing capabilities
    • Lower blood pressure
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  8. Could You Become a Mermaid? Why Mermaid Training is Gaining Popularity

    Are regular swimming activities not cutting it for you anymore? If you find that you're feeling bored every time you get into the pool, it can be almost impossible to stick with any sort ofroutine you might have built up over time. That can, in turn, lead to inconsistencies in your fitness efforts. What if you could spend some time pursuing something in the water that could revitaliseyour interest in maintaining good health for swimming? Add one more question to the list: what if you could do that while taking on the role of a mermaid? It might sound like a fantasy story, but it's a reality you can access today.

    Mermaid training is a growing niche element in the world of fitness based onold-fashioned shows that were once performedfor tourists, especially in places such as Florida in the United States. Wearing a single swim fin designed to look like a mermaid's tail, professionals are renowned for their ability to perform complex moves underwater while holding their breath for

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  9. Developing Fun Pool Games and Activities for Kids to Enjoy as a Reward

    With obesity on the rise and other health issues becoming more common, it’s more important than ever to begin encouraging children to participate in and enjoy physical activity from a young age.All kids have naturally abundantenergy that they best expressthrough play, and in many cases, it’s effortlessto use exercise to achieve multiple goals at once. Swimming is perhaps one of the best methods for achievinga passion for fitness while offering a good outlet for energy because it doesn't seem like exercise to them. Whether you're instructing swim lessons for children or there is a pool accessible to students at your school, getting the kids in the water helps contribute to their future wellness.

    When the end of the school term approaches or when the last lesson with your group of swim students finally appears on the calendar, it's a good idea to consider letting your pupils relax and have some fun. Instead of just allowing for a complete free swim period, though, you can come up

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  10. The Essential Items to Pack in Your Swimming Kit

    Preparing to exercise is, in many ways, just as important as the exercise itself. That means eating the right foods at the right times, hydrating your body properly, and getting enough sleep — and that's just to make a start. Preparations go beyond physically making your body ready, though. What about what you need to accomplish your fitness goals? For the weightlifter or the cardio master, it's all about what goes into the gym bag each day. If you prefer the pool, the same concerns remain: what will you pack in your bag to bring with you?

    If you haven't given it much thought before, chances are you've arrived at the pool more than once to find you'd forgotten something essential. By stopping to think about what you need to bring in advance and developing a routine around packing your bag, you can ensure you're always ready to face whatever challenges await you in and out of the water. With that said, everyone's kit bag for the pool will be different in some ways. Generally s

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