1. Diet V’s Exercise for Weight Loss

    In the UK, and most western countries, there is a high incidence of obesity. A report published in 2019 highlighted that 28.7% of adults in the UK were obese and a further 35.6% were in the overweight category; this means that less than 36% of the adult population in the United Kingdom is of an acceptable weight for their height. This statistic makes it clear why the diet and exercise industry is big business. However, if people were successful at weight loss these statistics wouldn’t be so shocking.

    When embarking on a weight loss regime many people opt to do one or both of the following:

    1. Improve their diet and decrease calorie intake
    2. Begin/increase exercise

    Many people lose varying amounts of weight; however, the vast majority of people quickly put it back on, and often more, quite quickly after stopping their new regime. So, what could we do differently to make weight loss sustainable? Are diet and exercise equal? What are the benefits o

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  2. Top 10 Benefits of Swimming for Both Physical and Mental Health

    We all know that swimming is a great form of exercise, but why? It has long been reported, by governments and health experts around the globe, that we should exercise more. In the United Kingdom, adults are advised to aim for 150 minutes of a moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise per week. Swimming takes more forms and can be a sedate gentle exercise or high intensity depending on the stroke and how hard you work. However, the benefit of swimming goes beyond fulfilling the exercise guidelines; regular sessions in the pool will have a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

    Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

    Whether you feel physical weak, unfit, exhausted or run-down or mentally unable to gather the motivation to go out and exercise; taking that first difficult step to get out there really is worth it. Exercise, of any form, is known to help alleviate many physical and mental health complaints

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  3. What Part Does Exercise Play in Achieving a Work-Life Balance?

    Modern life is often high-pressured; and more so than for previous generations. Today with an idea of ‘perfect’ being incessantly portrayed on social media young adults and working families come under a lot of pressure to conform. Pressure to achieve goals and progress your career, while being a devoted partner and gushing parent with high-achieving kids is taking its toll on modern families. Add to that the pressure to look good, exercise regularly and eat healthily many men and women feel as though they are failing at so called ‘adulting’! However, could exercise and healthy eating actually make it easier to succeed in other areas or your life, and improve your work-life balance?

    Life of a Working Parent in 2020

    Harrassed working woman w

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  4. Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers

    christmas gift swimmersWith only two weeks until Christmas, our gift guide posts conclude with this article about present ideas for Swimmers. Although the equipment and clothing needed for swimming may appear to be minimal, there are a number of accessories, gadgets and novelty items which are guaranteed to make your loved one smile this festive season. So, if you are struggling for last minute gift ideas for the avid swimmer in your life, then here is our handy gift guide to help inspire you!

    In this guide you will find a range of gift ideas such as:

    • Novelty items
    • Swimming gear and accessories
    • Swimming gadgets
    • Experience gifts for swimmers
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  5. Competitive Swimming – A Guide for Parents

    competitive swimmingSwimming is a fantastic way to keep fit and is a great activity for children to enjoy. Swimming has a number of physical and mental benefits so is fantastic for your child’s development. But while learning to swim is a vital skill, the sport also has a variety of avenues that your child can pursue if they wish.

    Within this article we are going to explore one of the most popular routes for swimmers which is Competitive Swimming. This blog post is your handy guide to everything about this sport and how you can help your child through the competitions. Covering topics such as:

    • The basics of the competition
    • Training schedules
    • Financial and supportive aspects of the sport

    So, if you want to find out more about what Competitive Swimming entails, then keep on reading.

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  6. Synchronised Swimming – What is it and How to Get Involved

    synchronised swimmingWith the next summer Olympics scheduled to take place less than a year away, we thought that we would explore one of their lesser known sports. Now known as Artistic Swimming in the Olympic world, Synchronised Swimming has been part of the Summer Olympic games since 1984. And as one of the most visually pleasing, technical and coordinated areas of Swimming competitions, we are going to explore Synchro Swimming further within this article. Therefore, if you want to find out more about this artistic sport and how to get involved, then keep on reading this article which covers:

    • What is synchronised swimming
    • Health benefits of synchronised swimming
    • How to get involved with artistic swimming
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  7. Underwater Strength Training – What is it?

    underwater strength training Do you love being in the water and improving your strength? Want to take your weightlifting regime to the next level for impressive results? Have you ever heard of underwater strength training? Adding the resistance of the pool water to your strength training regime, you can achieve fantastic results. However, you would need to be careful when submerged under the water as this activity poses risks as well as benefits. Discover all you need to know about this extreme fitness activity by reading the rest of this article where we cover:

    • Resistance training in the pool
    • Benefits of resistance weight-lifting
    • Risks of under water strength training
    • How to get involved and stay safe
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  8. Why You Should Try Pool HIIT Exercises

    hiit pool trainingAt the gym and during fitness classes, HIIT is a prefferred method of working out as it involves high intesity bursts of reps with a break or a cool down type of movement inbetween before moving onto a different activity in the routine. And as this is a popular form of training, there is no doubt that this type of exercise pattern has been adapted a variety of ways. Within this article we are going to look into how the HIIT training programme has been developed for use in the pool. The water works as a great resitance to each HIIT movement performed which means that you are guaranteed to have a more effective workout while having fun. If you want to find out more about this type of fitness training then keep on reading as within this post we cover:

    • The benefits of HIIT training
    • The positive effects of resitance training
    • How HIIT and resistance training work together
    • Getting the most out of your workout
    • Finding ways to get involved
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  9. 10 Fitness New Years Resolutions

    With the start of 2019 just around the corner, one of the most popular things to do is brainstorm goals for the next year. So, within this article we are going to focus on the top 10 fitness resolutions you can make this New Year. Therefore if you are looking for inspiration on some fitness and sports related goals, these will most definitely help you with your creativity. Below are the ten ideas which are explored further within the article:

    1. Run a Marathon or Fun Run
    2. 10K Steps a Day Challenge
    3. Sign up to a New Gym Class
    4. Discover New Cycle Routes
    5. Complete 30 Day Challenges
    6. Start a Jogging Group with Friends
    7. Enlist a PT to Help with Your Fitness Goals
    8. Attend Your Local Swimming Pool Regularly
    9. Increase Your Flexibility
    10. Plan Regular Family Walks

    un a Marathon or Fun Run

    A fantastic goal which you can set yourself for 2019 would be to aim towards taking

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  10. 10 Swimming Gift Ideas

    With Christmas just around the corner, you are probably wondering what on earth to get your loved ones. And if they are an avid swimmer whether they train competitively or enjoy the recreational side of the sport, then this article is for you! Here are 10 ideas of great gifts for swimmers, keep reading for specific examples and an explanation as to why they are fantastic choices.

    1. Dry robe or personalised towel
    2. Goggles and protective case
    3. Swimming fin and flotation accessories
    4. Multi-fitness tracker
    5. Dive sticks
    6. Underwater camera
    7. Athletics books
    8. Tickets to swim meets
    9. Specially designed toiletries
    10. Swimming bags


    Dry Robe or Personalised Towel

    Dry robes are specially adapted towels with hoods and sleeves to cover your entire body. And as they come in a range of sizes for all ages, this would make a superb gift for any swimmer. The fact that this robe

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