With Christmas just around the corner, you are probably wondering what on earth to get your loved ones. And if they are an avid swimmer whether they train competitively or enjoy the recreational side of the sport, then this article is for you! Here are 10 ideas of great gifts for swimmers, keep reading for specific examples and an explanation as to why they are fantastic choices.

  1. Dry robe or personalised towel
  2. Goggles and protective case
  3. Swimming fin and flotation accessories
  4. Multi-fitness tracker
  5. Dive sticks
  6. Underwater camera
  7. Athletics books
  8. Tickets to swim meets
  9. Specially designed toiletries
  10. Swimming bags


Dry Robe or Personalised Towel

Dry robes are specially adapted towels with hoods and sleeves to cover your entire body. And as they come in a range of sizes for all ages, this would make a superb gift for any swimmer. The fact that this robe is full coverage can come in handy when changing your swimsuit outdoors when there are no facilities available. How this robe works is that the material used to make the garment is like that of a towel, so therefore it allows moisture to be lifted away and absorbed easily. And with the addition of the hood, you are able to dry your hair and body in one go!

There is also the option to personalise a towel for your loved one with an image or their name. This way you can make such an essential part of their swim gear feel extra special and unique to them. Also, if they were to attend a group outdoor swim or event, you can be sure that they will not misplace their towel or have it mixed up with anyone else’s.

Goggles and Protective Case

Goggles are always a must for swimmers, and this is what makes them such classic gifts. You can look at brands such as Speedo and Zoggs for high quality goggles for all ages. We also stock a fantastic variety over on our online store – Sports Fitness.

Along with goggles, another great idea for a gift would be a protective case to store them in. Made from a hard shell, you can be sure that the fear of cracked lenses or tangled straps is a thing of the past. Along with a hard shell, you can also get ones with a waterproof coating and absorbent inner layering to ensure that all excess moisture is removed when storing them.

Swimming Fin and Flotation Accessories

If the recipient of your gift is currently venturing on their journey of learning to swim, a swim fin or flotation accessories would be a fantastic present. A swim fin is worn on the back almost like a backpack with a plastic shark fin shape on it. This type of equipment is ideal for those who have already mastered the basics of swimming, as it helps to keep them afloat in the water. It is a fun accessory which you child is going to love wearing.

You can also find various flotation devices which you can inflate yourself using oxygen. This then makes then easier to transport to and from the pool compared to the fin. These could be armbands, a ring or even a jacket or seat. As they are designed to keep your child safe in the water, they may be a more cost-effective choice compared to the fin.

Multi-fitness Tracker

If the person you are buying the gifts for is an avid swimmer and loves to train regularly for competitions, a fitness tracker would be the best gift for them to keep track of their progress. Most brands make watches and trackers which can be used in the pool and can monitor your heart rate during your swim. They can also operate out of the water to track your walking pace and general workouts too.

Dive Sticks

For young children who are confident in the water, dive sticks could be a fun gift to buy them this Christmas. Dive sticks are designed in bright colours with characters on the top which makes them visible in the water and children simply love their appearance. The sticks are weighted which ensures that they sink to the bottom when placed in the pool. This allows your child to locate them under the water and dive to pick them up which not only is a fun game, but it also improves their stamina with dives.


Underwater Camera

For the more adventurous swimmers who regularly dive or enjoy swimming in the sea, an underwater camera is an amazing way to capture some unique images. There are several brands available that produce an underwater camera for a range of budgets. One great example for a hands free camera is the PowMax Underwater Diving Mask Camera which is a pair of goggles which have a camera on the top for under £100.

Athletics Books

A great stocking filler idea for swimmers who love to read would be an inspiring book by an experienced athlete. These make excellent gifts as they could read it over and over and will help drive them to succeed in the sport by having an insight into how others have become successful through the years. Just a few of the most recommended books to purchase are:

  • Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton
  • The Joy of Swimming by Lisa Congton
  • Michael Phelps: Swimming for Olympic Gold by David P. Torsiello
  • Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian by A Ervin and C Markides
  • Swimming toward The Gold Lining: How Jessica Hardy turned her wounds into wisdom by Jessica Hardy
  • This is Me: The Autobiography by Ian Thorpe
  • Beneath the Surface: My Store by Michael Phelps
  • 21 Miles by Jessica Hepburn

Tickets to Swim Meets

Another great gift idea for your loved one would be to purchase them the experience of attending a swimming event. There are a number of competitions in the UK which you can get tickets for and this will most certainly be a fantastic present for any avid swimmer. Some events you may want to look into are:

  • British Summer Championships 2019
  • Swimtrek
  • Red Bull Swimming Challenged
  • FINA events
  • Coniston and Ullswater Lakes Swimmers

Specially Designed Toiletries

Swimming pool water at your local baths is treated with Chlorine. And all swimmers know how much of a negative effect this chemical has on your hair when exposed to it for a long period of time. This is why specialised brands have produced chlorine removal shampoos designed specifically for swimmers. Therefore, by purchasing some of these essentials for the swim fanatic in your life will make a superb and handy gift. Some brands which you could look into for high quality goods are:

  • UltraSwim
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three
  • Malibu C Swimmer’s Shampoo
  • Solpri Swimmer’s Shampoo
  • TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Shampoo

Swimming Bags

Carrying your gear from the car or house to the pool can be a chore, especially when bringing training equipment too. Therefore by investing in a spectacular quality bag which will fit all of the essentials in would be a great Christmas present idea. From smaller gym sacks to larger backpacks the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the right one for their requirements.

Feeling Inspired?

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This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury