1. A Basic Guide to Choosing Running Tops

    11th September 2017. Novice runners often begin their efforts without giving much thought to the more technical aspects of running ? and that includes the gear you need to use. It's easy to think that the only important thing to do is to drink plenty of water before and after your run. That's true, but there's much more to it than that. Anyone who has ever gone on a long run in a cotton T-shirt can tell you it is a miserable experience. Not only does cotton soak up your sweat and stick to your skin, but it also prevents your perspiration from evaporating to cool off your body. Long distance runners know that the wrong type of fabric can chafe against your skin heavily as well. How can you avoid these rookie mistakes and enjoy your running in greater comfort? Knowing how to choose the right running top is the best place to start. Besides using the right shoes and the ideal type of running shorts, your top is one of the last major things
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  2. Beginner Running Tips for Women

    21st August 2017.Finding the sport or hobby that aligns with your interests and available time isn't easy for many women today. With busy lives full of obligations ranging from the hectic work schedules to full social calendars, how can you find the time to take care of your body? Eating right is important, but it takes exercise to make a difference. If you've heard friends chatting about their "morning run" or their "daily jog," it might start to sound appealing. You could carve out some time early or late in your day, right? Most people can find enough time for at least a quick run. What if you haven't gone for a serious run since your school days, though? That might make it more of a challenge. Don't worry: with the right tips in mind, you can conquer the physical challenges to begin running. It is all a matter of forcing your body to adjust to the change in your routine ? and after a while, it begins to respond to your efforts in surprising

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  3. A Quick and Simple Guide to Choosing Running Tights

    7th August 2017. When you prepare for a run, do you go through a basic check-list? You probably grab your shoes, put on a comfortable shirt for running, and grab a water bottle too. What about your legs? Are you wearing running tights or just a regular pair of sporty shorts? If it's the latter, you may find it doesn't take very long before your run becomes uncomfortable. Chafing is a real and painful problem almost every runner has dealt with at one time or another. Do you need to make an investment in even more clothing just to work out and exercise? The reality is that a good pair of running tights doesn't have to set you back far in financial terms, and the benefits far outweigh any of the initial costs. No, wearing them won't give you super speed ? but it can help you improve your times by reducing the discomfort you feel while running now. So where should you begin? A quick look through what is available online and in stores will

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  4. The Pros and Cons of Fell Running Versus Road Running

    17th July 2017. In many ways, it is easy to discount running as a sport that only takes place primarily on flat ground. You see runners on footpaths, on designated tracks, and on the treadmill ? always relatively flat terrain. Sure, you might occasionally run up and down a road that goes over a hill, but that's all, right? For some, this is what makes it the perfect activity: you can zone out and focus in on just improving your fitness. For others, though, it could be a path to boredom and dissatisfaction. The good news is that there is another type of running you might not have heard about before. Called fell running, it owes some of its origins to the unique terrain found in the countryside of the UK. Fell running focuses less on a dedicated trail and more on tackling runs that also include a substantial altitude change. In other words, the farther you run, the higher up your feet will carry you. Fell running adds a unique challenge
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  5. Ultrarunning: When a Marathon Just Isn't Long Enough

    6th July 2017.Since time immemorial, humans have been challenging themselves in one of the most basic ways we know how: by measuring how fast and how far we can carry ourselves. We've even immortalised an ancient runner's mad dash to relay important news in our "marathon," a race that covers the 26.2-mile distance said to have been run millennia ago. The marathon is widely held to be one of the pinnacles of racing and running endurance; you might train for months to be able to complete a marathon successfully. Many people devote their entire running activity schedule to marathons and training. For some, though, running for hours in a marathon just isn't enough. They want to go farther, push their bodies harder, and cover incredible distances on foot. That was the birth of ultrarunning, also sometimes called half-marathon. It?s a sport where the runners stretch to the edge of human endurance in courses that span multiple marathon distances.

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  6. How to Adapt Your Running Schedule for the Summer Months

    15th June 2017. As far as seasons go, spring is one of the best ones for running. Unfortunately, it doesn't last forever. When the spring starts to turn into the summer, runners need to take note. With hotter temperatures, the changing conditions demand a change in your habits, too. Summer is also the time when we most often go on holiday ? so how will you stick to your usual running habits when you go away from home? It's not all about challenges, though; the summer brings some good news for runners, too. Tired of going on your daily run in the dark, or not having enough daylight at the end of the day? The lengthening days of summer will help with that. How should you prepare your body to face the challenges of summer running? From acclimatising to planning around potential disruptions to your schedule, there are many things you can try. You'll also want to take the time to learn about the heat index and how to work around the weather.

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  7. The 5 Best Running Apps and Why You Should Use Them

    1st June 2017. Technology is an incredible asset when it comes to improving one's athletic abilities. Advancements have led to safer exercise methods, more effective gym equipment, and even digital ways to track your exercise. With the ubiquity of smartphones, almost everyone has millions of "apps" at their fingertips every day. Have you ever stopped to think about the potential value hiding inside of all the fitness apps out there? From apps filled with yoga poses to guided workout efforts, you can transform your phone into your very own personal trainer. For runners especially, these apps can provide tremendous benefits, whether you're just starting out or you're already a veteran. Wait a minute, though. How will you have time to pull out your phone during a run and constantly check it to use an app? The good news is that you won't need to do that: instead, these apps often rely on interaction before and after your daily runs. Others
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  8. Should Your Training Target Running Longer Distances, Better Pace, or Both?

    13th May 2017.For those who want to improve their running ability, the solution often needs to be more complicated than simply "run more often." Instead, it helps to have a defined strategy and some particular goals in mind. If you've done some research on the subject, you've probably noticed that many of these strategies focus around one of two things: running a set distance in a faster time, or running a longer distance overall. It's a question of "miles" over "minutes" when we think about whether to train for distance or pace. When you're training, where should you put your focus for the best results? Could it be both? It's possible. Both approaches have their merits, and each will pose some slightly different challenges to your body. However, as you might expect, the training methodology involved is rather different for both. Can you (or should you) try to balance your approach, or is it better to just stick to one or the other? To

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  9. Running for Fitness: Starting with the Basics

    27th April 2017. When you think of the word exercise, what activities come to mind immediately? For many people, the answer will likely be jogging. Running is the stereotypical activity we can easily imagine anyone doing. With the growing popularity of fun runs and marathon races, running continues to grow in public visibility. Have you ever considered running for fitness? Many people think of running as something they "hate" ? but it doesn't have to be that way. Though it can be tough to acclimatise at the beginning of a running regimen, many come to love the challenges it offers and the benefits they gain. With that said, where should you begin if you want to tackle this sport for yourself? How many times a week should you go out running? How far should you go during each session? These are the types of questions everyone has when they first start. There are other decisions to make, too. To be successful in your efforts, you'll need

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  10. The 5 Must-Have Items for Every Runner's Kit

    6th April 2017.One of the best aspects of running as a sport is the very low barrier to entry: all you need to begin is a good pair of running shoes, after all. From there, it's just a matter of you, the road ahead, and how long you can push through stride after stride. However, while shoes are the only item necessary for running, there's plenty of other gear that can make your efforts easier, safer, and more comfortable. In fact, every runner should think carefully about their "kit" and what items they choose to include. While everyone's choices will be a little different, there are ultimately at least five essential items that every runner should consider including in their kit. From clothing specifically suited for running to even perhaps a gadget or two, you can enhance and improve your running experience with relative ease. However, it is also important to balance gear with your actual focus on running. Sometimes, with technology,

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