1. Understanding the Evolution of the Running Shoe

    Did you know that running shoes as we know themaren't much more than 200 years old? While it makes sense that the modern trainer or "sneaker" as we know it wasn't always around, many people are surprised to learn that competitive running wasn't widely popular until the mid-1800s. People certainlystill ran and perhaps even raced each other in the more distant past, but there was little organisationand certainlyno concerted effort to develop footwear that was especiallysuited to running. That all changed in 19th century England as running emerged as a sport in its own right, paving the way to today's world full of marathons and runners in every country.

    Those first running shoes are a far cry from the high-tech productions we wear on our feet today. In fact, if you were to look at photos of some of the earliest examples we have, they seempractically nothing like the shoes of today! The goal has always been the same, though: to protect the foot during running, to provide enough

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  2. The Top 10 Marathons in the World

    For more than a few runners, the marathon is their highest goal — the most challenging task they want to be able to achieve at least once in their running "career." For others, it's a type of hobby: they structure their entire year around marathon training, hoping to make it into a few races here and there. Whatever your reason for deciding to run the fabled 26.2 miles, there is a wealth of opportunity worldwide to take part in some truly incredible running experiences. Marathon organiserslong ago learned that it wasn't enough to simply stake out a course of the appropriate length and send runners off at the starting line. To keep people engaged and motivated, you need something special along the way.

    Today, thousands of marathons occur all around the world every year, and many of them boast of scenic landscapes, unique events before and after the race, and a very friendly atmosphere. Are you thinking about taking a journey to participate in a marathon? Picking out a special ev

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  3. The Top 10 Half-Marathons Found Around the World

    The marathon is the gold standard of endurance tests for runners. Individuals who can set out at the starting line and make it to the finish line 42 kilometres later, no matter how long it takes, have achieved something great. It's tough to train straight up to the marathon level, though, and the gruelling test it poses isn't for everyone. The half-marathon, instead, is the better choice: it offers a more manageable distance while still posing a substantial challenge.

    All around the world, thousands of half-marathons take place every year. Which ones stand out from the crowd as something truly spectacular or unique? Let's spin the globe and take a closer look at ten of the biggest, best half-marathons you'll find worldwide.

    1. Chase away winter blues with the Bermuda Half-Marathon

    One of the very first major events of the year, the Bermuda Half-Marathon allows runners to escape the winter weather and head to a place where tropical warmth dominates all

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  4. Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Made by New Runners

    For those who don't want a gym membership, need a way to lose some weight, or just don't want to purchase too much fancy equipment, running is the sport that many people turn to for meeting their exercise needs. From the new year's resolution planner to the diligent marathon runner, this fundamental yet challenging activity is an excellent way to work out for individuals across many age groups. While not everyone has the genetic luck and focused ability of a runner like Usain Bolt, it’s rewarding, all the same, to set personal records, go the distance in a race, and meet all kinds of other goals.

    Everyone must begin somewhere, though, and when you first start out as a runner, it’s easy to make mistakes. At first, you might simply think it's just about putting one foot in front of the other; before too long, you'll realise there is far more to it than that. To stay on the right track, it's helpful to know how to avoid some of the problems that beginners frequently encounter. No

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  5. 7 Quick and Handy Tips for Teenaged Runners

    Running is an incredibly accessible activity for individuals of all ages, from the young to the old. That being said, there is a point in time at which your body has everything it needs to propel you to some serious heights regarding running ability. As a teenager, your body is more resilient, better adapted to the changes brought on by exercise, and still in the process of growing. These facts combine to mean that it is far easier to develop good running habits and physical fitness without some of the risks of injury — and the lack of time — that come from running when you're older.

    You know it's not just as simple as picking up a pair of running shoes and automatically being good at things, though. It takes arduous work and a lot of practice. So, what should you keep in mind while you try to improve your abilities as a teenager? From knowing your limits to taking advantage of your body's plasticity, there's plenty you can do to set the stage for success. Let's look at seven tip

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  6. Fashion versus Function When Choosing Running Clothes

    15th March 2018.Take a quick look at the crowd that shows up on race day for a fun run or a marathon, and you'll be sure to notice lots of diversity. It's not only that the group of people who show up to race is diverse, but what they're wearing will showcase many differences, too. Perhaps even your own running wardrobe has begun to look more like a fashion showcase than a drawer full of plain workout clothing. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good while you run in fact, it can be important to your success but has all this effort to be fashionable begun to intrude on your ability to run well? Balancing function against fashion, alongside determining just how much you need to do that, can be tricky to figure out. The manufacturers of the most visually attractive workout clothes want you to believe that they're the best way to go; the technical brands all want to convince you of the same thing, only in their favour. Which is really

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  7. A Quick Look at Building Your Running Playlist for 2018

    running playlist for 2018 headphones

    For runners, motivation is the linchpin for success. When you're heading into the fourth or fifth mile of the week's most strenuous run, the mental fatigue can far outweigh any physical exhaustion you might feel. It?s at this time when many runners throw in the towel, and it can be tough to push through this plateau to keep climbing towards better performance. How do you stay motivated when you reach that point? It can be hard, but adding music to your routine can make an amazing difference.

    There's a reason you see so many other runners on the trail with headphones or earbuds. Running in time to the music can make you more efficient while keeping you "in the zone." What should you listen to as we head into the new

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  8. How Age Affects Your Running Ability — And How to Adjust

    Show up at a marathon or a major running event and look at the people gathering at the starting line. What's the defining characteristic of the group in front of you? "Diversity" is probably the best answer. Runners young and old alike show up to events like these. However, the fastest runners and the winners of these events are rarely older individuals. Why is that? Is it just because they aren't putting in as much time in training as the younger participants? That's not likely so ? it takes a lot of work to be able to run a marathon no matter your age.

    Instead, it's more of a fact of life: as we get older, our ability to run faster begins to degrade. Running abilities develop and change considerably over our lifetimes, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. What it does mean, though, is that we need to be mindful of these changes and adjust our routines and fitness efforts as necessary. An individual who goes running regularly in their 50s will have different considerations

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  9. Parkrun: What Is It and Why Is It Worth Your Attention?

    If there is one thing that is true about runners, it's that they're intelligent about their exercise. For those who don't run, it's easy for the activity to seem gruelling, demanding, and the opposite of fun. Runners know it is a very difficult and challenging sport, and that there will always be times when their daily run tests their desire to push forward. As a result, runners are always on the lookout for new and fun ways to make their exercise engaging. When participating is a pleasure, it's much easier to stay active and involved. If you've been looking for something new to change up the way you approach your running, why not think about something like the parkrun phenomenon?

    From marathons to holiday races and even endurance challenges, there's no shortage of organised ways to take part in running. What if instead of a corporation staging marathons or formal local clubs putting on events, you could participate in something done entirely by volunteers? What if it was just

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  10. The Importance of Cross Training: Why Every Runner Should Add Swimming into Their Schedule

    The only way to get better at running is to run more. That seems like a simple enough rule, right? It makes sense, too ? just like with any other sport or activity, practice is the only thing that really makes a difference. Is that always the case? In fact, it's not always so black and white. Improving at one sport may require you to spend time practising in another pursuit. This concept, called cross-training, is very important. In fact, every runner should consider adding cross-training elements into their regimen. Otherwise, you're not only missing out on an opportunity to improve, but you're losing out on many other benefits as well. Swimming is among the best sports for runners to engage in for cross-training. In fact, it's worth just about every runner's time to take a hard look at swimming and perhaps even spend some time in the pool. When you start splitting your energy between these two pursuits, you will be able to see gains you might not have unlocked otherwise. So why is

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