1. Exploring Running Recovery Trends

    Running is such an easy and convenient way of keeping yourself fit. And people worldwide are grabbing their trainers and hitting the road in order to stay on top of their health. What makes running such a popular form of exercise is that it can be carried out solo or part of a group, and it can even be performed in the gym or outdoors depending on your preferences.

    As jogging is currently sweeping the nation at the moment, we thought we would put together this article discussing the most popular trends at present for recovering after this exercise. Whether you are preparing for a marathon or just taking a leisurely jog, you must cool down your muscles aptly to avoid any injury. It is known that allowing your body to recover after a run is as important as stretching before you go.

    How Allowing Your Body to Recover Affects You 

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  2. Precision Running Classes: The Latest Way to Tackle Treadmill Running

    Runners are nothing if notdedicated. All it takes is one look at the crowds that turn out to run a marathon to see that on display. Speak to one of those runners about the type of shoes they wear or the clothes they buy for racing, and chances are you'll get quite the long-winded answer. Exercise science has had a profound effect on running culture. While many, perhaps even you included, still run simply for fitness and only think about the science in relation tothe gear they buy, others have continued looking for ways to enhance training methods and produce more engaging workouts.

    In other areas of fitness, that has led to the creation of all kinds of different training classes and programs. Today, there is a new type of fitness class on the rise in several select locations that aims to bring science and structure to the running workout. Called precision running, it’s primarily foundin the high-end fitness clubs run by a company called Equinox, one of which can be foundin the he

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  3. How Does Bone Health Impact Running?

    A timeless sport to take part in is jogging, and this is because it is so easy to do. You can opt to do it in your local gym or you can choose to go on a regular run around where you live. You are also able to join clubs in your local area where jogging is carried out as a group social activity. Running outside has so many benefits on your body and mental health which is why so many people love it.

    And as the weather is so nice outdoors this summer, we find more and more people experimenting with this form of exercise and falling in love with it. However, sometimes we don’t think about the effect this has on our bodies. Yes, it has a number of positive aspects, although there are quite a few things that can produce a negative effect. For example, if you have an ongoing medical condition it may not be ideal for you to take up this sport for your health.

    This is why we have put this article together to inform you of how regular jogging can affect your bones and their d

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  4. What You Need to Know About Paralympic Running

    Every four years, the Summer Olympic Games treat us to the thrills and the stories that define the highest level of amateur athletic competition in the world. From the swimming pool to the field and the racetrack and beyond, many thousands of athletes come together in one place to put themselves to the test and to "go for gold" under the flag of their nation. After the closing ceremonies and the prime-time TV coverage ends, though, that universalspirit of competition doesn't immediately fall dormant for another four years. Instead, it transitions into its second phase: the Paralympic Games. At the Olympics, we only have the opportunity to see able-bodiedindividuals competing — what about all the many skilled athletes around the world who approach the challenge with a different set of abilities?

    Just as it is in the Olympics, track and field events are a significantdraw for the Paralympic Games, with running being chief among those attracting competitors of all stripes. In the

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  5. The Relationship Between Running and Heart Health

    Most people believe that to maintain a healthy heart you need to jog or run regularly. However, there are some aspects of life that mean you are unable to do so, so does that mean you aren’t able to achieve a healthy heart? We will discuss the benefits of running on your heart as well as constraints that mean you are unable to partake in the sport.

    How Running Benefits the Body

    Running has multiple benefits to your body both physically and mentally. Just a few things that this activity can change your lifestyle are listed below:

    • Improves your health
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Weight loss
    • Boosts mood
    • Relieves stress
    • Heightened self-esteem
    • Reduces symptoms 
    • Social aspects

    When running your body requires more nutrients and oxygen so your heart needs to work harder to replenish these nutrients. By making your heart work harder it makes it stronger, which in turn means th

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  6. The Runner's Bucket List: 7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days

    For some runners, running just onemarathon is a bucket list item that they spend weeks, months, or even years training to accomplish. For others, running one or more marathons a year is a normaloccurrence for them, perhaps with the occasional sojourn out of their local area to attend a bigger, more notable marathon. Hardcore runners may have a laundry list of accomplishments they hope to achieve in their amateur career, from reaching certain time milestones to participating in particular races. Some of those runners place on their bucket list what you might consider one of the ultimate achievements in sports: running seven different marathons, with each one taking place on a different continent. 

    Not only is this perhaps one of the most uniqueways to see the world,it is also one of the most physically challenging. Running a marathon at sea level in good weather is challenging enough. Now throw into the mix world travel, jet lag, and some very different conditions from wha

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  7. Understanding the Evolution of the Running Shoe

    Did you know that running shoes as we know themaren't much more than 200 years old? While it makes sense that the modern trainer or "sneaker" as we know it wasn't always around, many people are surprised to learn that competitive running wasn't widely popular until the mid-1800s. People certainlystill ran and perhaps even raced each other in the more distant past, but there was little organisationand certainlyno concerted effort to develop footwear that was especiallysuited to running. That all changed in 19th century England as running emerged as a sport in its own right, paving the way to today's world full of marathons and runners in every country.

    Those first running shoes are a far cry from the high-tech productions we wear on our feet today. In fact, if you were to look at photos of some of the earliest examples we have, they seempractically nothing like the shoes of today! The goal has always been the same, though: to protect the foot during running, to provide enough

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  8. The Top 10 Marathons in the World

    For more than a few runners, the marathon is their highest goal — the most challenging task they want to be able to achieve at least once in their running "career." For others, it's a type of hobby: they structure their entire year around marathon training, hoping to make it into a few races here and there. Whatever your reason for deciding to run the fabled 26.2 miles, there is a wealth of opportunity worldwide to take part in some truly incredible running experiences. Marathon organiserslong ago learned that it wasn't enough to simply stake out a course of the appropriate length and send runners off at the starting line. To keep people engaged and motivated, you need something special along the way.

    Today, thousands of marathons occur all around the world every year, and many of them boast of scenic landscapes, unique events before and after the race, and a very friendly atmosphere. Are you thinking about taking a journey to participate in a marathon? Picking out a special ev

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  9. The Top 10 Half-Marathons Found Around the World

    The marathon is the gold standard of endurance tests for runners. Individuals who can set out at the starting line and make it to the finish line 42 kilometres later, no matter how long it takes, have achieved something great. It's tough to train straight up to the marathon level, though, and the gruelling test it poses isn't for everyone. The half-marathon, instead, is the better choice: it offers a more manageable distance while still posing a substantial challenge.

    All around the world, thousands of half-marathons take place every year. Which ones stand out from the crowd as something truly spectacular or unique? Let's spin the globe and take a closer look at ten of the biggest, best half-marathons you'll find worldwide.

    1. Chase away winter blues with the Bermuda Half-Marathon

    One of the very first major events of the year, the Bermuda Half-Marathon allows runners to escape the winter weather and head to a place where tropical warmth dominates all

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  10. Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Made by New Runners

    For those who don't want a gym membership, need a way to lose some weight, or just don't want to purchase too much fancy equipment, running is the sport that many people turn to for meeting their exercise needs. From the new year's resolution planner to the diligent marathon runner, this fundamental yet challenging activity is an excellent way to work out for individuals across many age groups. While not everyone has the genetic luck and focused ability of a runner like Usain Bolt, it’s rewarding, all the same, to set personal records, go the distance in a race, and meet all kinds of other goals.

    Everyone must begin somewhere, though, and when you first start out as a runner, it’s easy to make mistakes. At first, you might simply think it's just about putting one foot in front of the other; before too long, you'll realise there is far more to it than that. To stay on the right track, it's helpful to know how to avoid some of the problems that beginners frequently encounter. No

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