1. Want to get fit but struggle with exercise?

    Have you tried to get fit in the past? Tried many different types of exercise and never found anything you’ve enjoyed enough to continue for the long term? Then this article is for you. It’s no secret that to get fit you need to exercise. However, many people head off to the gym with good intentions, but after a few weeks or months the enthusiasm wanes, and they eventually stop going. Often this is because they are forcing themselves to go, slogging through unenjoyable runs on the treadmill, hating every minute!  The secret to maintaining an exercise habit is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. Read on for some ideas on how to find a form of exercise that you enjoy.

    Couch to 5k

    Running isn’t for everyone, in fact, for many people running isn’t ideal at all. However, running is one of the most popular forms of exercise around the globe; it is easy to do and accessible to most people as the only requirements is a pair of trainers. The biggest mistake most people make when taking up running is heading out without any guidance or support, they push themselves too hard and at best end up tired, sore, and unmotivated to do it again, at worst injured.

    There are many different Couch to 5K training apps available, and local running clubs often offer beginner programs that use the same principles (find your local club here). By following a guided program, you will avoid the pitfalls of going out too hard and overdoing it. You will build up your running ability at a gradual pace that is optimum for progression. By progressing at a steady pace and taking in the information imparted by the app or a coach you may find that over the 8-9 weeks of the program you develop a love for running that was previously unimaginable.

    After completing the program, you may be happy to run 5k a few times a week to continue improvi

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  2. Maintaining Your Mental and Physical Health During a Pandemic

    All over the world there have been a number of restrictions put in place due to COVID-19 which have impacted our regular day to day lives massively. As a result of this, our mental health has been greatly impacted by these rules and regulations. But to help us keep ourselves balanced we have seen a large uptake in people exercising and getting creative, so within this blog post we are going to look at the various ways in which you can improve your physical and mental health during a lockdown.


    Find Activities Which Engage Your Brain

    While in a lockdown you might find yourselves spending a lot more time at home by yourself. And more often than not we find that alone time can be precious but can also be hindering to your mental health if you have too much of it and feel isolated. During these times you may find that you find yourself binge watching TV series and movies or endlessly scrolling through social media. But these provide only a limited amount of satisfaction and engagement before becoming mundane.

    Therefore, you could start to find activities to fill your day with which will keep your mind engaged and almost distracted from the current situation to create a feeling of peace. You could work your way through puzzle books such as wordsearches, crosswords, sudoku to keep your mind active. There is also the option to join in with online and TV show quizzes as well as the possibility to start a family, friends or work quiz which could also give you the social interaction you may have been craving.

    As well as looking into puzzles and quizzes you could also join a number of online courses and start studying a subject which has caught your eye, but you have never found the time to sit down and go through properly. Finding a course that interests you will keep you motivated and could also help with future

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  3. Diet V’s Exercise for Weight Loss

    In the UK, and most western countries, there is a high incidence of obesity. A report published in 2019 highlighted that 28.7% of adults in the UK were obese and a further 35.6% were in the overweight category; this means that less than 36% of the adult population in the United Kingdom is of an acceptable weight for their height. This statistic makes it clear why the diet and exercise industry is big business. However, if people were successful at weight loss these statistics wouldn’t be so shocking.

    When embarking on a weight loss regime many people opt to do one or both of the following:

    1. Improve their diet and decrease calorie intake
    2. Begin/increase exercise

    Many people lose varying amounts of weight; however, the vast majority of people quickly put it back on, and often more, quite quickly after stopping their new regime. So, what could we do differently to make weight loss sustainable? Are diet and exercise equal? What are the benefits of each? Keep reading to find out all the answers to these questions and more.

    Is Diet or Exercise Better for Weight Loss?


    Food is emotive; most people love to eat it is social, the tastes and textures can evoke memories and feelings of happiness, and chemicals in some foods can release feel good hormones in the body. However, most of us lean toward unhealthier foods to satisfy these feelings. Many people struggle to change their eating habits so go along the exercise route to promote weight loss. The problem with this is that the mentality of ‘I run to eat’ often means limited or no weight loss. It is hard to lose weight through exercise alone.

    Some studies suggest that the impact of exercise on weight loss is minimal, with the statistics estimating that diet is responsible for around 80% and exercise 20%. This however doesn’t mean that you should hang up your running shoes; it means that exercise alone is unlikely to make

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  4. What Part Does Exercise Play in Achieving a Work-Life Balance?

    Modern life is often high-pressured; and more so than for previous generations. Today with an idea of ‘perfect’ being incessantly portrayed on social media young adults and working families come under a lot of pressure to conform. Pressure to achieve goals and progress your career, while being a devoted partner and gushing parent with high-achieving kids is taking its toll on modern families. Add to that the pressure to look good, exercise regularly and eat healthily many men and women feel as though they are failing at so called ‘adulting’! However, could exercise and healthy eating actually make it easier to succeed in other areas or your life, and improve your work-life balance?

    Life of a Working Parent in 2020

    Harrassed working woman with baby

    Many parents spend each week juggling work, childcare, housework, and other commitments such as family, friends and extra-curricular activities. Most parents get through each week and complete everything required of them; but how many feel that they are doing a good job?

    A 2019 study, based on UK participants, highlighted that working mothers with two children are on average 40% more stressed than their same age counterparts without children. A similar study also noted that 44% of parents check their work emails or do work in an evening. These statistics indicate that there is a lack of work-life balance for parents and families in 2020.

    In addition, even before adding the stress of parenthood to the mix, it appears that young people age 16-24 are also suffering under the burden of pressure. A 2018 survey in the UK estimates that a concerning 60% of young adults, in the age range 16-24, struggle to cope with the pressures of everyday life. This generat

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  5. Exercise Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Here in the UK and around the globe we are all facing huge changes to our daily lives due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Since March many countries have been in lockdown with residents allowed outside for only certain activities. In the UK outdoor exercise has been on the allowed list throughout. Initially everyone was permitted to go out for exercise once per day for an hour, while following strict social distancing guidelines. Since May 2020 the guidance has been altered to allow unlimited exercise, but social distancing rules remain.

    Exercise is more important now than ever. With many peoples usually active lifestyle at a standstill and gym facilities, both indoor and outdoor, closed it is easy to become more sedentary. Add to this boredom eating, and the negative mental health effects of such a drastic lifestyle change, exercise could be a helpful focus for many people.  So, we thought we would take a look at the different types of exercise available, the social distancing guidance for each and how you can get started if your usual exercise type is currently unavailable.

    Social Distance Running


    In the UK running has been one of the go-to activities throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, and it is easy to see why. Most people can have a go at running even if they have never done it before, there are loads of free/cheap apps to help get you started such as Couch to 5K Runner. The only equipment that is essential is a pair of running trainers, and you can do it by yourself or with other family members.

    If you already go out running or are inspired to give it a go after almost two months of lockdown, there are just a few things to bear in mind to ensure that you comply with social distancing rules.

    1. Maintain a 2-metre distance wherever possible – as a runner you are likely to overtake people walking on the pavement, be sure to do so at a safe distance, consider crossing the r
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  6. Track and Field Events – Hurdles


    In previous weeks we have looked into the track and field events of the Olympics covering the short and long-distance aspects. However now we are going to see how hurdling events compare to these previously discussed sports and how it can benefit you. So, if you want to find out more about this form of track and field event, then keep on reading. Within this blog post we are covering the following topics:

    • Types of hurdling races
    • Heights of hurdles
    • How it differs from track running
    • Health benefits
    • Getting involved
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  7. Track and Field Events – Long Distance

    long distance track mensLast week we looked into the type of track and field events which are part of the short distance categories. Staying on the same topic, this week we are going to explore the opposite end of the scale and see what the longer distance events entail. So, if you want to find out more about long distance track and field events and how you can get involved to reap the multiple health benefits of the sport then keep on reading. In this post we cover the following areas of this sport:

    • Type of events
    • Training aspects
    • Health and fitness benefits
    • How to get involved
    • Why to get involved
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  8. Track and Field Events – Short Distance

    The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are just around the corner, due to take place this summer. And as a result of this summer competition on the horizon, there is no doubt that people are starting to look into different event types and sports in which they can get involved with in preparation for the big games. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on the athletics category of the Olympics and to start with we are going to investigate the short distance track and field events. So, if you want to find out more about these events, then keep on reading.

    short distance track and field events blocksOverview on the Events

    Short distance track events are often known as sprinting as this is a type of running which requires a large burst of speed and energy to get you to the finish line rather than over a prolonged period of time. There are a number of different sprinting events in the Olympics athletics category and they are split up into three different distances. Each distance has a men’s and a women’s race in which the genders compete separately but still run the same length. Below are the three main distances you will come across in sprinting races for athletics:

    • 100M
    • 200M
    • 400M

    Helping you to get enough force to start the sprint, athletes will start the race in a crouched position with their feet on blocks. These blocks give the runner the ability to begin the run in a stable stance which providing them a piece of solid apparatus to push off from. Having the blocks means that you can have a stronger start with a higher forced push off compared to standing still as speed and strength is key in this type of race.

    Training Requirements

    The ability to run at a high speed for a short period of time might come naturally to some, but you can also tra

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  9. A Christmas Gift Guide for Runners

    christmas gift guide runnersWith Christmas only a few weeks away, this is the time of year where you would start frantically thinking of gift ideas for family and friends. You may think that a loved one who is an avid runner has everything they need, but there are actually a wide range of gifts you could purchase for them. So instead of purchasing a pair of socks and hoping for the best, here is our handy gift guide for runners.

    Our handy gift guide for runners covers a variety of present ideas such as:

    • Novelty gifts
    • Running essentials
    • Running gadgets
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  10. Top Tips for Cold Weather Running

    cold weather runningRunning is a great way to keep fit without having to invest in a gym membership and can be carried out whenever is convenient for you, which is why it is such a popular exercise. Although going for a run seems super inviting in the spring and summer months, it may seem less appealing in the autumn and winter as the temperature drops and the terrain changes and becomes unpredictable. If you wish to keep at your running routine all year round, then this article is for you. Within this post we are going to discuss a few handy tips and tricks to help you get through the winter and keep up with your running routine safely. These tips cover topics such as:

    • Running clothing technology and layering
    • Visbility of your outdoor clothing
    • Adapting your running routes to a safer terrain
    • Keeping warm while outdoors
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