13th April 2017.When going to the gym to work out, have you ever experienced a struggle surrounding the motivation to even show up in the first place? When you arrive, do you feel you don't understand what you should do to improve your fitness? These are things everyone experiences, but it could potentially drive you to fall out of a fitness routine altogether. That's not good ? so it's understandable if you're considering hiring a personal trainer at your local gym. They may advertise quite heavily, making claims about how improving your focus and just how much a trainer can help you hone your body. If you took the adverts at their word, it would be just like working with an expensive, experienced independent personal trainer. Is that really true? If you intend to pay for someone's services, you should know whether it will help. While it might seem like a good idea on the surface, it might not be ? but it could also be just what you need. As with everything, there are some pros and cons to both sides. To help you determine what the best path forward for you is, we've laid them out for you to consider. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but what should you know first?

Pro: Gain access to well-developed knowledge of fitness & exercises

Ideally, the personal trainer you hire at the gym will have a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. They should know a plethora of different exercises, and they should also have a good sense of how to create personalised fitness plans. When working with you, a trainer should have the ability to assess your fitness needs while also listening to your goals and desires. They can then help you work towards those goals. When you aren't sure how to best work on your body, the trainer is there to provide you with advice backed up by their experience and education. For beginners and even intermediate gym members, this service can be invaluable. If you ever wished you had someone you could ask all your fitness-related questions, you'll hopefully enjoy having a trainer.

Con: No guarantees about a trainer's real level of knowledge

Unfortunately, there's no way to know exactly how knowledgeable your trainer is before you begin your first session. While there are licensing standards that one must meet to use the moniker "personal trainer," what that relates to regarding athletic ability is less certain. As a result, there is always a chance you could end up paired with a trainer that lacks the experience you need to grow. In that case, you may find that working with a trainer is more frustrating than just trying to sort things out on your own. While it can help to ask questions and research their credentials, there will always be the "luck of the draw." You will mainly depend on the quality of the hires at your local gym.

Pro: Motivate yourself to push harder and develop more

"Burning out" on exercise is a real and very frustrating thing to experience. Losing your motivation can happen for all kinds of reasons, too, from a stressful life event to a schedule that's just too busy. With a personal trainer, though, you have access to an outside source of motivation whenever you visit the gym. As a key benefit of using a trainer, this is especially worth your consideration. A trainer's job is not just to guide you through exercises, but to encourage you to work through them as hard as you can. Even when you're not feeling into it, your trainer can help "pump you up" to grind through those last few reps. An energetic trainer passionate about what they do is the best motivator.

Con: You might not enjoy the experience of a trainer workout

With all that said, some individuals find the experience of working with a personal trainer to be too intense. After all, when you work out on your own, you can stop and start according to how your body feels. A trainer will want you to complete the day's itinerary whether you enjoy yourself through the whole session or not. Though that can be very effective for improving fitness, some may find it abrasive and unpleasant. If you don't suffer from motivational problems, those feelings may intensify. While you won't receive a "drill instructor" type of treatment, you should be prepared to deal with a more intense routine than normal. That kind of experience isn't for everybody.

Pro: Follow a tailored plan designed for your fitness

If you've ever tried to create a workout plan, you know it isn't easy. Even creating one week's worth of exercises can be a tall order. How can you be sure that you're targeting all the right muscle groups and achieving a balanced workout? Working with a trainer as the answer to these questions reveals another significant advantage. We mentioned that a trainer could create a personalised fitness plan for you. This plan will consider your strengths and weaknesses, aiming to improve both over time. Week to week, your trainer will maintain a clear vision for what you should achieve in the gym. They can help you to stay on track while guiding you through the next steps.

Con: There is a cost associated with the service

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer CostSure, you might get that custom fitness plan and lots of motivation, but that doesn't change the fact that you must still pay for their services in the first place. Whether the associated fees are affordable for you depends on your gym and the level of skill the trainer possesses. Are you willing to pay to have someone help you exercise? Once again, for some, it is a good value, especially when trying to make fitness a high priority. Others likely think they could better spend that money elsewhere while just making changes to their routine instead. That is true, and it's why the cost associated with personal training services in gyms is a major drawback to some.

Pro: Engage in more effective, efficient workout routines

Have you had a day in the gym where you felt like you did nothing but waste time on exercises that didn't help? It's a symptom of not knowing how to mix up your routine properly. A trainer, who understands the systems of the body and how they work together, offers a solution here as well. With that personalised plan in hand, your workouts will enable you to see more gains in a smaller amount of time than if you were just working out on your own. You will likely have a limited amount of time with the trainer each session. As a result, there is a good reason for both you and the trainer to make the best effort at improving your skills.

Con: There may not be much flexibility in your schedule

Despite the personalised timetable, extra motivation, and intense focus on results, there's still one thing that could get in the way: time. Hiring a personal trainer doesn't magically clear more room in your schedule for gym visits and fitness training. If you are already struggling to find time to go to the gym, why add the expense of a trainer to the equation too? It's true, you may feel that paying for the service will compel you to visit more often. That might be, but it could also become the type of situation where you only attend sessions very sporadically. At that point, are you really getting anything out of the equation? If you don?t have much time, choose an option that works better for your schedule.

Decide based on your goals and needs

Clearly, there are many elements to consider when trying to decide on personal trainers. It's important to note that the experience isn't for everyone; for some, it may be better to work on improving your motivation rather than relying on others. However, there are many valuable perks to personal trainers at your gym as well. To decide, weigh these pros and cons carefully. Think about your fitness goals and the best way to achieve them. Will you be able to find the right trainer to help you reach those goals? Take some time to consider these reasons, then move forward with a renewed focus on your physical fitness!