Mountain biking has forever been a popular way of exercising amongst all ages. And we are here today to give you a brief overview of the latest releases this year. Splitting the launches up into variating price ranges allows you to see the quality and specification you are aiming for, for your budget when it comes to purchasing the latest equipment.

Under £1,000

Giant Talon 1 £849

New Mountain Bike Releases for 2018 Giant TalonThis mountain bike can be ordered straight from the manufacturer’s website for £849. From there you can choose your required size from their impressive range of shapes catering on a ratio of height to inside leg of the rider. It is very important to check these measurements before purchasing your bike to make sure you are getting the best one for you.

On this bicycle, Giant has used a hardtail frame that has been fitted with a 100mm suspension fork. This feature enhances your control over the bike on a variety of terrains, making it the perfect choice for this budget friendly item.

Teamed with this, the lightweight ALUXX aluminium frameset is manufactured for off-road use. This is reiterated in the 27.5 wheels that are able to maintain a spectacular combination of control and speed. Therefore, you are able to reach a higher level of speed while still remaining in control of the bike at all times.

Cannondale Cujo 3 £699

By viewing the web page for the Cannondale Cujo 3 you are able to locate a trusted specialist near you who stocks these bikes, saves having to order online. This mountain bike comes in the colour neon spring which is in fact a plain black body with neon yellow accents and writing on the sides.

Fitted with the Cannondale SAVE micro-suspension, these provide a high level of vibration and shock reduction. This type of innovative suspensions used engineered flex in the framework of the bike which in turn provides a smooth and pleasurable ride through the reduction of vibrations and greatly improving contact the tyres have on uneven surfaces.

Produced using Cannondale’s aluminum frame, this bike has been manufactured to provide a strong yet light bike by using their most impressive handling body. Paired with this, the Premium 6069 and 6061 alloy tube sets are enhanced to improve the performance.

Overall, with this bike you are getting a high quality mountain bike for an excellent wallet friendly price.

£1,000 to £3,500

Trek Powerfly 7 £3,400

This bike is like the one mentioned further below, however it is a more budget friendly approach to an electric assisted bike. Setting you back £3,400, this Trek Powerfly 7 is available in two colour variations which are orange and slate, which caters for both the types of riders who want to stand out, or keep it low key when it comes to the appearance of their gear.

The fact that the battery can be removed is an excellent attribute of the bike, which means that when it comes to it, it can be replaced rather than purchasing a whole new bicycle. The 50 Wh battery enables the power assisted pedalling to adapt to the terrain with ease. And teamed with RockShoex air suspension, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience taking this for a spin.

Designed for long haul trails, this intelligent mountain bike is the perfect mid-range price for those of you who are looking for a bike to cover wider distances. Although it is electric assisted, this bike can still handle its own when out on the tracks.

Giant XTC Advanced +2 £2,299

New Mountain Bike Releases for 2018 Giant XTC AdvancedYou can purchase this new launch from the XTC Advanced range by Giant direct from their website or from your local trusted supplier of bicycles. Produced in a variety of sizes to cater for a number of riders from young to old, novice to experienced, this bike is the perfect midrange selection. And also the unique colouring of the lime green and black mix brings a modern flare to a classic styled bike.

Manufactured for greatness, this mountain bike by Giant has been handcrafted using their light composite which is of an advanced grade. Paired with this, the 27.5+ wheel styling is designed to react to different terrains to the best of it’s ability.

Produced using their classic 120mm suspension fork, this bicycle hosts an enhanced sturdyness and tyre clearance that is improved by the Boost hub spacing. And to greatly benefit the steering performance of the bike, Giant has used their oversized fork steerer tubing.

Made from Giant’s high performance grade raw carbon material, the XTC Advanced +2 mountain bike has an impressive rigidity to weight ratio. To enhance this further, the framesets have been combined together in a way that the front triangle has been moulded to the other pieces, therefore making it a solid base. This specific type of the design of the bike is called Modified Monocoque Construction and is seen in a wide range of high performance bicycles.


Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29ER1 £4,249

You can pick up this top of the range Giant mountain bike from the manufacturer for £4,249. Like the other bikes on the market, you are able to purchase the bicycle online to your specific measurements to ensure that you get a comfortable ride.

Superbly combining speed and control, this bicycle has been produced using Maestro rear suspension and a reengineered 29er frame. Within this type of suspension, there is 90mm at the rear and 100mm in the front which work in harmony together. Plus, the added handcrafted touch of the composite mainframe means that you are getting a high quality product. 

Enhancing the pedalling and braking of the bike, the lower leverage ratio provided by the trunnion mount shock is an excellent addition to the gear. This also means that the bike is able to climb at a more impressive and controlled rate due to the shorter chainstays.

The rocker arm has been improved upon from the last model as it is now made from a forged composite for a lighter yet stronger effect, compared to the aluminium used prior to this. Paired with the outstanding level of performance from the tyres, this bike is a must-have for all avid bikers wanting to up their game this year.

Trek Powerfly LT 9,9 Plus £7,250

New Mountain Bike Releases for 2018 Trek Powerfly LT99One of the pricier mountain bikes on the market at the moment, this Powerfly bicycle can be purchased from the Trek website or via a trusted specialist. And it only comes in one standard colouring of matte onyx/gloss black which is a sleek and simplistic palette.

What makes this stand out is the fact that the bicycle has 150mm rear suspension travel which makes for an enhanced experience when taking it out on variating terrains. And it also contains Bosh pedal power assist to improve the power of the bike when on the move.

Integrated into the design of the bike is Bosch’s Performance CX motor which is made for being used off road and increase the level of torque to help it navigating steep and rugged trails more efficiently. And along with this the touch screen panel is located conveniently on the handlebars where you can access the eMTB mode which is able to spectacularly adjust the pedal assist to  the type of ground you are on – impressive right?

Made for more advanced bikers who want to feel the full potential of a bicycle which has been engineered for greatness using a range of technology, this bike is definitely one to consider.

What are Your Opinions on Mountain Biking?

When separating the latest mountain bike launches for 2018 into various price ranges such as below £1,000, £1,00 to £3,500 and £3,500+ we were able to explore a large amount of bikes from a number of brands. Now we have looked at what some of the leading manufacturers have produced this year, we want to know your opinions on the ones mentioned above and mountain biking in general.

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This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury

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