Kickboxing is an excellent way to relieve stress and build muscles as you use your own bodyweight to control the strength and accuracy of each move. Originating in Japan, kickboxing is an umbrella term for many different types of combat techniques, but within this blog post we are going to focus on kickboxing as a whole. Throughout this blog post we are going to see how implementing kickboxing moves into your fitness regime can positively impact your health. So, if you want to find out more about this one on one sport, then keep on reading.

How is Kickboxing Effective?

Kickboxing is a form of HIIT exercise which means that it is a high intensity workout with small interval bursts. With kickboxing you strike the opponent using the lower part of the body which means that you require a heightened level of balance which will develop over time when practicing kickboxing. Along with improving your balance, here are another few ways in which practicing kickboxing elements could improve your overall health:

  • Great stress relief
  • Improved coordination
  • Weight loss
  • Builds and tones muscles
  • Enhanced strength and stamina
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves posture

Due to the number of cognitive benefits of kickboxing, their techniques and elements are often recommended for the older people to improve their strength and stamina. Despite this, kickboxing isn’t just for a certain demographic. Everyone can practice the basic moves and elements in specialised fitness classes by following trained professionals.

As you are working with your own body weight which kicking and punching you will find that the more strength you put behind your move the more effective the workout will be. This type of training is great for those that prefer to workout alone as you could do it by yourself or with a sparring partner who is wearing the special padded equipment to prevent injury.

While practicing kickboxing you will start to find your self-confidence start to grow and develop as you notice your strength and accuracy of each move improving. As well as this, kickboxing focuses a lot on your posture and how you hold yourself so the more you practice a strong stance, it will psychologically help improve your inner confidence. Another mental and emotional effect that kickboxing has on you would be to help with stress relief. As you throw each strike you will begin to focus more on your technique and strength behind each move which in turn works as a great way to vent any pent up frustration, but in a safe and controlled manner as you are doing it with a trained professional to prevent injury or over straining.

Boxing in general is a great full-body workout which helps teach you self-awareness on a mindfulness level. As a result of this, we often find people of all ages enjoying engaging with boxing practices and in particular kick boxing as it brings a sense of achievement when you master a particular move which requires a lot of balance and coordination.

Where to Start Kickboxing

So far in this article we have looked into the basics of kickboxing and how it can benefit you. But now we bet you are wondering how you get involved. There are a number of ways in which you can practice kickboxing elements as part of your fitness regime. Here are just a few ways in which you can do this:

  • Joining a competitive kickboxing class
  • Finding a kickboxing fitness class
  • Following an at-home dvd
  • Online guides or classes

Depending on which way you want to pursue kickboxing the options are vast. To start off with if you wanted to learn more about the elements of kickboxing from a training perspective rather than fitness, you could look into joining your local gym which teaches you how to kickbox competitively.

Alternatively, if you want to pursue it for fitness you could look at joining a fitness class at your local gym where you can practice kickboxing in a way which will help you keep fit, lose weight and tone muscles in a friendly environment.

But if you prefer to workout at home rather than going out to the gym, you can search kickboxing routines online and follow trainer guided workouts which you can do at home. You can find a wide range of handy resources online to help with putting your own workout together yourself.

Have You Tried Kickboxing?

Throughout this blog post we have looked into the techniques of kickboxing and how they could benefit you by being introduced to your fitness regime. Whether you are an avid kickboxer or are inspired to give it a go after reading this post, we want to know your thoughts on this sport. You can find us over on our social media pages and you can also shop our wide range of boxing and fitness gear atour online store – Sports Fitness too!