With 2018 coming to an end shortly, this is the time of year where people set themselves goals and achievements for the next year. And the most popular resolutions are fitness related; therefore within this blog post we are going to explore one way in which you can achieve a heightened fitness level. The most popular way to do this is through introducing running into your regime as this is one of the easiest workouts which can be integrated into your daily routine. So below we are going to explore ways in which you can get motivated, where to start and long term goals from running.

How to Get Motivated for a Run

One thing people struggle most with when it comes to starting a new routine, is the motivation factor of actively getting out there and doing it. Whether you are running outside or indoors at the gym, we have put together a list of superb ideas which will help give you that boost you need to get started:

  • Make a Playlist Full of Your Favourite Songs
  • Join a Running Club or Get Together With Friends
  • Kit Yourself Out With New Gear

Great for indoor or outdoor runs, one thing you can look into doing is making a music playlist full of your favourite music. This is amazing because while you are running along listening to motivational songs which you love, you will not feel like the run itself is as daunting. And doing this is super easy, you can use apps such as Spotify or ITunes to add songs to a playlist, or you can alternative choose an already existing playlist made especially for motivation with some of the most mood boosting tunes.

Another great motivator is to run with other like-minded people, whether this is you joining a club or getting together with friends. This is a wonderful way of combining social interaction into a workout. Catching up with your friends and even making new ones will most definitely have you feeling like you aren’t working out at all. Therefore this will motivate you into getting outdoors and running more as you can support and encourage each other to keep up with running.

And finally, there is nothing like purchasing a new outfit and trainers to get you itching to get out there and test them out. Running gear comes in a variety of colours and styles which means that you can stock up on all of the essentials for your indoor or outdoor run. And the technology included within the specialised sportswear ensures that you can remain highly visible in the dark conditions outside as well as eliminating sweat accumulation when on the treadmill.

Getting Started with Your New Routine 

Now you have made the conscious decision to take up running in the New Year, but how do you get started? Within this section of the article we will explore some ways in which you can plan out your next run easily:

  • Plan Short and Long Routes
  • Cater Your Run Through Great Locations
  • Sign Up to the Gym for Indoor Running

Giving yourself a variety within your pre-planned routes is a must so that you can mix things up. Making sure you plan shorter and longer routes is a good idea to motivate you to get your running shoes on and go outdoors as you can cater the run to your mood and needs on the day.

Ensuring that you switch up the terrains and locations too is great for keeping you interested in the sport. Planning routes through local heritage areas or forests will most certainly have you eager to get outside and explore. And due to the fact you are enjoying your surroundings, it will reduce the chore like feeling of the workout.

And lastly, you can also start by signing yourself up to a gym near where you live. This is good for when the weather outdoors is less than satisfactory, therefore you can make use of the treadmills indoors.

Running Goals and How to Achieve Them

When taking up running regularly there may be some goals which you want to set yourself in order to self-motivate. Below we can take a look at two example achievements which you can strive towards when jogging:

  • Increase Fitness Levels
  • Run a Marathon

As running has a large number of benefits to your health, you will most certainly feel a change in your fitness levels when running regularly. Just a few ways in which this is beneficial to your health is that it helps regulate your blood pressure, increase your lung capacity and also helps to burn fat in order to reach weight loss goals. Therefore by aiming to increase your fitness levels through running, you will be able to see results in no time.

Another goal you could set yourself is to run a marathon. Helping you achieve this, you can enlist the professional help of a trainer at your local gym whom will assist you with the tools needed to prepare for the task ahead. You can also try smartphone applications such as Couch to 5K which will also help you on your journey which can be completed in your own time.

Are You Thinking of Running More?

Throughout this blog post we have explored ways in which you can get motivated to run regularly and how to get yourself out there. Running is such a popular way to keep fit, and this is why we would want to hear from you if any of our tips above have inspired you. Simply get in touch with us over on our social media today!

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This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury