workplace fitnessWe all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy to maintain a positive mind set, but have we ever contemplated how exercising could increase our productivity? It is believed that regular fitness not only boosts your mood and improves your health, but it can also help with your attention to detail and focus in the workplace too.

As a result of this, we are starting to see an increase in businesses and large companies advertise and organise fitness related activities for their staff. Within this article we are going to explore what fitness plans are currently available for staff members.

On-Site Facilities

We are currently seeing an increase in larger business such as factories and hospitals introducing the concept of on-site gym facilities which their staff members can use during the business’ opening hours but outside of their contracted working hours as to not conflict with their work.

These types of facilities are handy for shift workers who will find it difficult to fit in a trip to their local gym in between their working hours. This is the main reason why we are seeing an increase in these facilities being implemented in the workplace.

Some business may offer access to their gym facilities for free as a job perk, but some may involve a small cost for access regularly. Therefore, it may be worth checking with the management at your workplace how the access to their gym facilities work for you.

Gym Memberships, Discounts and Classes

For smaller companies who do not have the space to build gym facilities for their staff, there are also ways in which they can promote fitness too without hosting them on-site. You may be able to gain access to a gym near you through your employer if they offer a scheme where they provide you with a discounted membership or a funded one. As a result of this you are able to work out whenever it is convenient to you.

Another way in which employers are helping introduce fitness for their employees is by organising or attending local exercises classes together. Working out with your fellow co-workers will help with boosting morale and building relationships in order to improve teamwork. Some types of exercises which could be available is yoga, sports and much more. You can also join your workplace’s running group which would be free to all to get involved with and will not only improve socialisation but would also help you keep fit too.

Cycle to Work Schemes

A great way to keep fit with assistance from your employer and the government is by joining a fitness scheme. One of the main schemes we are seeing companies begin to introduce across the country is the Cycle to Work plan. This scheme provides employees with the access to bicycles for a small monthly cost. Their access to these bikes is for travelling to and from work but could also be used for weekend excursions as well.

Bikes are not only a great way to keep fit and get you energised ready for your day of work, but they also have a fantastic impact on the environment. By swapping your car for a bike, you are helping to reduce the emissions which are produced by the mass everyday by vehicle commuters. As a result of this factor, we see a number of people opting to travel to work through schemes like Cycle to Work or by walking. If you choose to walk to work, you could also look into joining a co-worker who lives by you and walk in together to increase your fitness level and receive a boost from the social interaction benefits.

Explore the Workplace Exercise Activities Available to You Now!

Within this blog post we have had a look into a variety of fitness-based activities which are promoted by workplaces in order to boost the productivity of the staff and improve their health. Does your workplace offer any type of exercises? Let us know over on our social media pages where we can expand our knowledge and awareness of businesses who are helping to promote a healthier lifestyle for its workforce.

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This blog was exclusively written for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury