holiday fitnessAlthough term time has begun, September is still prime time for travelling for most adults. September still poses decent weather across the globe and the reduction in families and children make it more appealing to adults seeking some peaceful sunshine before the summer truly ends and autumn comes creeping in.

However, as travelling is still in it’s prime during this month, you would still need to ensure that you don’t get taken in by the indulging amount of foods on offer and the lazing around the pool atmosphere. And to help combat this there are a variety of ways in which businesses, hotels and airports have adapted their travel plans to make staying healthy on holiday easy. So, continue reading if you want to find out more.

Airport Facilities

When you are at the Airport waiting for your flight, you tend to need to get there a few hours before boarding to check in. But what do you do with your time once you have made it through security? It is tempting to spend your time indulging on a large meal and starting on a copious amount of alcohol to start your holiday early. Or you could look at turning your time in the Airport into valuable time to fit a workout in.

Some Airports across the UK might have the facilities available such as a gym or pay as you go types of equipment around the area. However, if you are not as lucky to find machinery or a dedicate space to workout in, there are alternative ways in which you can exercise. Terminals are vast to accommodate for the number of gates, shops and restaurants in the building. Therefore, this would make a perfect example of getting your exercise in, you can choose to lap around the terminal walking at a slow or a brisk pace to squeeze some extra steps in before your flight.

Or if a large walk before your flight doesn’t sound appealing, you can even try fitting in a stretching routine in an open space where you can loosen and relax your muscles ready for the flight.

Hotel Gyms

Once you reach your hotel, they may have gym facilities on campus which you can use to get your daily workout in. Or you could choose to start adapting your daily exercise regime to include a morning yoga stretch, walk or a swim. Most hotels have a daily fitness programme which the employees run which you could also join in with which would be a great way to get motivated to work out on holiday while also getting a chance to mix with other people staying in the hotel.


If your hotel has a pool, swimming is also a great way to make sure that you keep up your exercise regime while on holiday. Being in the pool doesn’t make working out feel like a chore as it can be fun and combined with games or exercise classes run by the hotel. But if you prefer a quiet swim to get a few lengths done, it might be better to look at going in the morning to avoid the rush of sunbathers and other swimmers.

Healthy Food Choices

Although you are on holiday and it is not frowned upon to indulge a bit, it is recommended that you try to stick to a diet as to not overindulge. You won’t have to restrict yourself to an extent that you feel like you aren’t enjoying your relaxing holiday where you wanted to let your hair down, but you would need to make educated decisions when it comes to portion sizes and options. This could prove to be difficult when faced with an all-inclusive buffet all day every day, but the more you get used to gradually making better choices with your meals, the easier it will be.

Keep on Top of your Health and Fitness on Holiday!

When you are on holiday, it is vital that you enjoy yourself but it also best that you make sure that you take care of your health and fitness while you are away. And because of this, Airports and hotels have created ways in which you can work out and eat healthily without it distracting from the holiday experience. If this article has helped inspire you with ways in which you can train while on holiday, then let us know over on our social media pages. And don’t forget that you can stock up on all of your swimwear and exercise gear over on our online store – Sports Fitness.

This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury