27th November 2017.At some point, everyone who visits the gym to lift weights or do cardio experiences the inevitable "burn out." You can't stand to think of doing one more rep, let alone another few miles on the spin machine. The thought of trying to stick to your weekly routine just doesn't seem as rewarding as it did before. The reality is that exercise is not always fun. Sometimes, you need a measured dose of willpower and determination to push through the doldrums and keep going. Maintaining motivation is hard, though, and not everyone does it the same way. At other times, you might burn out because you don't understand the best way to work on your body. When you don't see gains, it doesn't take much to feel discouraged. What about hiring a personal trainer? Maybe you've seen signs at your gym advertising their availability. These individuals are often available to hire on an hourly basis, and they bring skills to the table that you might not have. However, like with all special offers, there are pros and cons to each side of the equation. Balancing your needs with the potential benefits offered by a personal trainer can be tricky, but it can help to break it down. First, consider the reasons why one of these hourly trainers could be a perfect match.

What are the reasons you should consider a trainer?

When you feel you've lost sight of the plan that kept you on track at the gym before, you can end up exercising in very inefficient ways. You won't balance cardio with strength to the appropriate degree, for example. In another case, you might be focusing too much on one type of exercise, missing out on benefits that you could gain otherwise. Sometimes, what you need is a perspective outside your own. Hiring a personal trainer at your gym can be very helpful in this respect. All you need to do is explain the problems you're facing, and the two of you can begin working on developing a new regimen. Since trainers often hire their services out by the hour, this allows you to work with them just long enough to get back on track. You only need to pay for as much advice as you need. If motivation is your issue, that's what they're there for, too! They understand just as well as you that keeping your desire to exercise alive is a tough task at times. You can hire one to help get you through a few sessions a week, forcing you to focus your mind on successful exercise. So, if you're looking for guidance or a boost to help you move up to your next level of fitness goals, it can be a good fit.

Figuring out what you can achieve by training

Working with a trainer is not a magic bullet. They won't be able to suddenly spur you on to the next weight level, or make you gain muscle mass faster than your body can create new fibres. Hiring one to help you train will not suddenly make the pounds disappear as if by magic. That's an essential truth to understand when you're considering your options with personal trainers. You need to be just as willing to show up and put the work in, rather than just putting your money down and expecting your trainer to lead you by the hand. Set realistic goals if you are going to work with a trainer. In fact, ask to have a conversation about goals with them! They'll have a good understanding of what's possible and what you can achieve in a given time frame. Sometimes, you may need to hear that what you're striving for is a little too lofty. Readjusting to goals that are within reach and waiting until later to set bigger milestones will provide you with a more rewarding sense of progression. If you can maintain a realistic vision of what you and a trainer can do together, it might be a good choice.

Trainers can have unexpected benefits

Sometimes, the best part of hiring a trainer is the fact that it allows you to put a bigger focus on just doing your workout. You don't have to count reps anymore ? the trainer will do that for you. You don't need to worry about which station to visit next ? your trainer will tell you. You don't even have to stop to analyse your form during squats, nor do you need to ask a stranger to spot you on the bench press. The extra eyes and hands of your trainer will simplify many tasks, which means a more efficient, streamlined workout. However, that level of direction doesn't sit well with everyone. Remember that you will need to continue to maintain your habits even when you aren't paying for the trainer, too. It's important to avoid allowing your trainer to become a crutch. Otherwise, you can quickly slip back into your old habits when you must work out alone again.

Consider the potential drawbacks of this option

There are clearly some benefits to working with an hourly trainer, even if you only choose to do so on a limited basis. However, not everyone is going to have the same type of experience. In fact, there are some real drawbacks to hiring one of these trainers that should cause you to stop and think seriously about the choice. The number one issue, of course, is the price. You already pay for a gym membership. Chances are, the hourly fees for the trainer aren't included in the cost. In a world where YouTube fitness channels exist in huge numbers, and you can always find tutorials to help you learn more, do you really need to spend extra money on someone to tell you that you're doing a good job? The trainers available at your gym may not have all the qualifications and certifications you want from someone helping you to exercise, either. It's worth asking your gym what they require of the people whom they allow to offer training services in the building. Sometimes, there are stringent requirements ? these trainers you can trust. Other times, they are just fitness fanatics like you. In those cases, you're better off hiring a private trainer or continuing to work alone. Of course, if you feel you're the type of person for whom a trainer would only addstress to your workout, it's probably a good idea to take a pass.

Weighing your options to balance the pros and cons

Ultimately, the decision may come down to the quality of the trainers at your gym. If you're on the fence about it, consider making a list of your personal pros and cons. What could you stand to gain, and what concerns you? It can also be a good idea to ask other members of your gym if they've ever used one of the training services. Word of mouth is often an excellent indicator to rely upon when you want to determine if a gym's offerings are worth your time. Your fellow gym members don't have any stake in selling you a few hours of training assistance ? so if it isn't worth your while, you should find out quickly. Let's consider one final thing. Look at where you are in your fitness journey. Do you think you need a hand to help get yourself off your current plateau? The answer to that question will make the difference.

Seize the best opportunity to further your fitness

Deciding whether you want to work out with a personal trainer is, well ? a personal decision! Ultimately the factors that indicate whether it is a good idea will vary from person to person. You may be the type of individual who functions best in a competitive atmosphere of encouragement, and that could be just what you get out of training experience. For others, it merely intrudes upon the peace and privacy they attain during their weekly workout. Consider the information laid out above, look at your options, and choose the path that will allow you to most effectively improve your fitness and stay motivated. Don't miss the opportunity to speak to some of your gym's trainers one on one, either. That one conversation might tell you everything you need to know.