family winter outdoor activitiesChristmas is creeping closer and closer, which means that families begin to gather for the festive season and children are breaking up from school to spend time at home. As the entire family will be together, it is the perfect time of year to experiment with fun activities which would not only make the most of their free time but will also get the entire family moving and enjoying the fresh brisk air outdoors. By remaining active over the winter, you will be able to remain focused and alert without giving in to the festive season slump.

Therefore, within this article we have put together a list of exercises and activities which are suitable for families that are a must for winter weather. These activities cover a range of budgets and weather conditions to make sure that you get the most out of the Christmas break.

Skiing or Snowboarding Trips

If you do not live in an area where there is an unlimited amount of snow in the winter, you can organise to take the family to indoor areas which have specialised skiing and snowboarding tracks which give you the feeling of being in the great outdoors on vacation in the winter. These are great fun for the whole family and can be booked online at your local venue or over the phone. You can also get the family involved in a crash course of lessons too.

Sledging or Snow Tubing

An all-time classic way to spend snow days is to take a sledge or a tube out to your nearest hilled green which is covered in snow and glide down the hill at an impressive speed. This is a very budget friendly type of winter activity as the only thing that would need purchasing is a sledge or a snow tube which can be used over and over again each year.

Ice Skating or Ice Hockey

Another cult favourite activity in the winter is to strap on a pair of ice skates and take to your local rink. During the winter there are an influx of rinks popping up across the country which you can visit with your child along with all-year round rinks too. Most pop-up locations are located outside, whereas the all-year round rinks are undercover and contain heated viewing areas, so it is up to you which type of venue you want to visit. You can go freestyle and go on a public session which is monitored by qualified marshals, who are happy to help pick you up or guide you through basic moves so that you can find your footing. But you could also sign up to a crash course of figure skating or ice hockey lessons at an indoor venue too and learn a new skill as a family.

Playing in the Snow

When you wake up to a blanket of snow across your street and surrounding areas, there is a childlike instinct in all of us that urges to play. Therefore, you could find yourself and your family taking a few moments out of your day to enjoy the wintertime weather by going outdoors wrapped from head to toe in fluffy accessories to stay warm. In the snow you could make angels, conduct a snowball fight or even build a snowman.

Weekend Walks or Snow Shoeing

A great way to keep fit for the whole family which is very budget friendly is to go on weekly walks around a local park or around your area. These types of walks are great for your mental health over the stressful festive season and can also be a great way to communicate with your family members who would normally be glued to their smart devices. You can also invest in a pair of snowshoes and go out as a family for a walk in the snow.

Have Fun this Winter and Stay Fit!

Within this blog post we have covered a variety of exercises which are guaranteed to get your blood pumping this winter. Fun for the whole family, let us know if you have tried any of these ideas and if you have any tips or ideas on other outdoors games and activities to add to the list. Let us know over on our social media pages and don’t forget to wrap up warm this winter to avoid a chill and shop our wide range of sportswear and accessories which are the perfect gift for loved ones over on our store – Sports Fitness.

This article was written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury