1. Careers in Health and Fitness – Ideas and Requirements for a Range of Roles

    18th September 2017.Have you ever considered the possibility that you might get a job working in a field related to fitness or health? Whether you love playing sports or you're just a fitness nut who hits the gym on a regular basis, it's possible that you could turn that love into a passion ? and ultimately, a career. There are many opportunities that you can pursue in this sector, and there are very diverse career options for those willing to put in the work. Some jobs require intensive preparation, while others focus on your physical ability to do the job without so many qualifications on paper. How can you decide which way to go with your interests? You can start by thinking about what motivates you and what type of fitness activities you enjoy the most. Swimmers, for example, will naturally gravitate more towards fields that keep them in or around the water. Others zero in on clients to improve their health or guide them to better

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  2. How to Care for your Exercise Kit

    28th August 2017. What's in your gym bag? The kit you bring to the gym or that you use for working out at home is essential: it provides you with some of the most basic tools necessary to exercise effectively and in comfort. From the shoes you wear to the fitness tops you pull over your head, your clothing and accessories all play their part. If you've ever opened an old bag after forgetting about it for a while, though, the funky odour alone can be enough to make you want to ditch your kit and replace it with new items. Exercise clothing can carry a big price tag ? so why deal with the problems that come from neglecting your gear? Knowing the proper way to care for your kit will save money over time and keep you comfortable at the gym to boot. It doesn't add too much extra time to your routine to start caring for your clothes the right way, either. Let's break down the various ways you should clean and look after your fitness gear. We
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  3. The Pros and Cons of Visiting a Fitness Boot Camp

    14th August 2017. Getting into shape is hard. Anyone who has tried to start a diet and exercise regimen, or experienced the failure of a New Year resolution, knows that's true. One of the biggest challenges you'll face is the struggle to develop discipline. It takes a lot of willpower to work through the initial resistance to exercise and creating better life habits. While some find that they don't have such a difficult time, for others the demands of life make it almost impossible to put in the time necessary. What if there was someone out there who could help you get over the initial "hump" to building healthy fitness routines? Today, there is an option for just that which continues to grow in popularity: fitness boot camps. Inspired in part by reality weight-loss TV shows like The Biggest Loser, the idea is simple. You (and others) travel to a location run by a third party. Often, this is a short-term residency program. The leaders

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  4. Trampoline Workouts: Fun Fitness for the Whole Family

    24th July 2017. Wouldn't it be good if you could walk into the back yard with the family and take part in a fun, wholesome activity that also doubles as a vigorous workout? With a trampoline at home, you could do just that. Kids love being able to bounce around, exploring the boundaries of their abilities as they soar into the air. Adults can design intensive workouts based around a trampoline to target many different areas of the body. With the right plans and a good sense of how to use trampolines safely, it can translate into one of the best workout tools for a family investment. Not everyone knows what to do right after purchasing a trampoline, though. For that matter, not everyone will have the means or the space to buy and store a trampoline. What options does your family have then? The good news is there are still ways you can get in a bouncy workout without breaking the bank. Before you know it, your kids will be begging for more
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  5. 7 Health Benefits of Owning Pets

    10th July 2017.Taking care of yourself comes in many different forms. Going outside and heading out for a run or playing some sports will help you improve your athletic ability, it's true. Physical activities for the sake of exercising are really just one way to approach your fitness and, by extension, your general wellness. Remember that wellness embodies more than just your actual physical state of being. You can have a healthy body but poor wellness overall if you aren't also taking care of your social, emotional, and other needs as well. It's important we look at ways to care for our whole body and mind ? not just our muscles. Did you know that owning a pet can contribute a substantial amount to improving your wellness? It's true, and many studies have borne that out in comprehensive research. Empirical evidence suggests that pet ownership can have a startling number of positive effects on our lives. Whether you own a cat or a dog,

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  6. 8 Excellent Summer Holiday Activities for the Kids

    26th June 2017.When school lets out for the holidays, no one is more excited than your children. It's an opportunity to spend time away from educational responsibilities, to relax, and to have fun. Every parent wants to ensure their kids don't spend the holidays cooped up indoors the whole time, however. With the allure of video games and electronic devices stronger than ever, it's important to encourage physical activity. The summer should be a time for fun, but that doesn't have to mean sitting indoors and avoiding the hot weather. That's where you come back into the picture: your goal should be to create plenty of opportunities for active fun and exercise. The key is in the way you present the activity. Taking your kids for a run is a hard sell; organising a game with some of their friends is something to excite any child. With that in mind, what are some of the best activities you can engage in with your kids over their holiday? There's

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  7. Hiking Is A Great Summer Activity for the Whole Family

    19th June 2017. Summer is the perfect time to gather the family together for fun and activities together. Whether you go on holiday or stay at home, there are endless opportunities to engage with your kids in exciting ways. With school out, they will probably have tons of energy to burn. So why not plan for an enjoyable physical activity? Not only will everyone get to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors, but you'll appreciate knowing the activity has positive health benefits, too. So, what activities are ideal for the whole family? Consider hiking. At first glance, a family hike might seem like a strange idea ? but think about it on a deeper level. Not only is it an opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors, but it can be quite a demanding exercise, too. What if you don't want to put your family through their paces? That's fine too ? hiking can be as strenuous or as easy-going as you like. That flexibility, combined with the fact that
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  8. The Weekend Warrior Lifestyle: Can You Stay Healthy If You Only Work Out on Weekends?

    5th June 2017.Do you spend every day of the work week in a rush, waiting for the chance to relax in the evenings? That is the reality for a growing number of people around the world today. Unfortunately, this lifestyle is not very conducive to exercising every day. It's often a matter of cutting an important item out of your schedule or compressing the whole day into an even bigger rush. As a result, a trend has emerged where individuals look to cram in all their weekly exercise on the weekends. Known as "weekend warriors," there's no shortage of them in gyms, on bikes, and in the pools every weekend. Is this a good lifestyle to lead, though? In other words, can you spend five days of the week being relatively inactive and still see benefits or better health from exercising on the weekend? The answer is more complicated than you might think. In this article, we'll take a general look at being a "weekend warrior" and discuss the evidence

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  9. What Role Can Gaming Devices Play in Fitness?

    18th May 2017.When Nintendo released its revolutionary motion-controlled video gaming console, the Wii, it bundled the device with a game called Wii Sports. Intended to introduce individuals to the way the motion controls work, it also opened the door to something new altogether: video games as a way to exercise. Several years later, following the success of Wii Sports and the prevalence of discussions about physical activity, Nintendo released a dedicated fitness game for the platform. Called Wii Fit, it took the world by storm. However, it's worth asking: are Wii Fit and other, similar exercise "games" actually helpful for improving your fitness? A major advertised benefit of these games, especially Wii Fit, is their ability to track your progress and present you with goals. You work towards these goals by regularly playing the games (or using an app on your smartphone), which involve many kinds of exercises. This tracking feature is

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  10. Cheap, Effective Equipment for a Home Gym

    4th May 2017. When was the last time you made it to the gym for a two-hour-long full body workout? It sounds like a good idea in theory ? especially if you imagine making trips to the gym a regular occurrence. In reality, though, that often just isn't possible. Work, family, and other obligations can all combine to make it hard to fit exercise into your schedule. However, it's important to include physical activity in every day. The science is clear on this: daily exercise lengthens life and reduces the risk of disease over the long term. So how can you work out when you don't have the time? Why not bring the gym home instead of going to the gym? By stocking up on the right types of equipment, you can build your own powerful home workout. Whether you have an afternoon off to devote to exercise or just 30 minutes in front of the television, you can still develop your fitness. With that in mind, what kinds of equipment should populate this
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