1. What is Barre Fitness, and Why Do So Many People Love This Workout?

    Sometimes, it can be challengingto keep track of all the many fitness fads, crazes, and classes that are out there — especially when they all have unique names. From Zumba and Peloton to Pilates and more, there are tonnes of classesvying for your attention. In your daily commute, have you noticed locations which advertise themselves as "barre studios"? Perhaps during a visit to your gym,you saw such a class advertised and wondered: what is that all about? It can get your curiosity up, especially when you start to hear things about how it involves training your body like a ballerina. How could that be a gateway to better physical fitness?

    Barre is not a new phenomenon, and its popularity is well-established in many locales around the world. However, as more people continue to turn to fitness classes as an easierway to improve their bodies rather than choosing self-guided fitness, its gaining followers again after several years of steady growth. Focused around "the barre," that i

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  2. High VS Low Intensity Training – Health and Weight Loss

    Training regularly, no matter what the type of pace, is a superb way to make sure your body is well tuned. Important aspects of working out are highlighted below;

    • Improved heart health
    • Weight loss
    • Enhanced stamina
    • Refreshing and energizing
    • Keeps muscles strong

    However, when talking about cardio training, there are two main forms that act as a way to maintain a healthy weight as well as heart. These are usually combined together with a nutritious diet for optimum results; however some may prefer one over the other. In this article we are going to explore both of these aspects of cardio and discuss their positive effects on your overall well-being, and ultimately see if one is more effective than the other.

    High Intensity Workouts

    HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which means that in a general make-up of a session it would consist of about 5 to 10 minutes of on and off intense

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  3. Could You Become a Mermaid? Why Mermaid Training is Gaining Popularity

    Are regular swimming activities not cutting it for you anymore? If you find that you're feeling bored every time you get into the pool, it can be almost impossible to stick with any sort ofroutine you might have built up over time. That can, in turn, lead to inconsistencies in your fitness efforts. What if you could spend some time pursuing something in the water that could revitaliseyour interest in maintaining good health for swimming? Add one more question to the list: what if you could do that while taking on the role of a mermaid? It might sound like a fantasy story, but it's a reality you can access today.

    Mermaid training is a growing niche element in the world of fitness based onold-fashioned shows that were once performedfor tourists, especially in places such as Florida in the United States. Wearing a single swim fin designed to look like a mermaid's tail, professionals are renowned for their ability to perform complex moves underwater while holding their breath for

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  4. Prama — What is 2018's Breakout New Fitness Craze All About?

    In recent years, most fitness "fads" and crazes have been variations on themes we've already seen before: new exercises based in the pool, the latest type of dance fitness, or some kind ofspin on yoga. While not every fitness fad is truly good for your approach to wellness, they can be a valuable tool in the fight against boredom, the biggest enemy for any fitness-minded individual. As we progress into 2018, the latest innovations gaining in popularity have become clearer and easier to spot. One of those is a fitness experience called Prama, not so much a class as it is an exercise experience.

    At first glance, with the brightly painted squares of numbers on a Prama room's walls and floors and the prominent black light usage, it looks more like a scene out of TRON than it does a room in a gym. Watch people dashing back and forth around the room for a few minutes, though, and the strenuous workout it is becomesapparent in no time. Is this something you should consider taking pa

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  5. Understanding Functional Fitness and How It Could Benefit You

    Everywhere you look today, itseems as though another exercise craze or fitness fad is hittingthe market and sweeping up millions of people eager to improve their health and lose weight. While some of these crazes can be good for someone's short term wellness, they often aren't sustainable as a long-term routine. Dancing in a Zumba class once or twice a week is greatfor your cardiovascular health, for example, but it isn't doing anything to improve your strength or help you gain mastery over your muscles. For that reason, it's important to look outside the box for other ways to improve.

    One of the latest "fads" attracting more attention by the hour is something called "functional fitness" — but it isn't reallya fad at all. Instead, it's all about basic activities that you can do as exercise, rather than a dedicated sport such as running or swimming. As more individuals begin to talk about participating in functional fitness, which usually takes place outside of a class setting, you

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  6. The Growth of Family Fitness: The New Fitness Craze on the Rise in 2018

    For parents everywhere, raising healthy children is a primary concern. How do you create an environment in which they can truly thrive and grow up to be healthy and fit? It starts by fostering an atmosphere where exercise isn't seen as something to dread or to avoid, but as something to embrace and enjoy as a fun part of living. Relying on physical education classes in school or local sports to fill in the gaps isn't always the best option, though. In fact, one of the best ways to encourage your children to keep exercising is to get involved with it yourself! If you lead by example, you may find it's much easier to motivate kids to stay active.

    That’s the reasoning at work behind one of the growing fitness trends becoming apparent in 2018 — the rise of family fitness classes. Group exercise itself is nothing new, of course, but this unique spin on the concept is more about bringing whole families together to explore opportunities to exercise. Not only is it a great way to bui

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  7. Understanding and Avoiding the Most Common Beginner Mistakes in the Gym

    When you want to develop your fitness, exercise is the only way to do it, but how you do it is up to you. Ask around, though, and what's the top advice you're likely to hear from everyone? "Go to the gym!" It's the default place people think of when the topic of personal fitness comes up in conversation. It's true, too, that the gym provides many exceptional opportunities, plus access to expensive equipment you aren't likely to have space or funds to bring home with you. So, you've signed up for a gym membership, and perhaps you've even paid the weight room a few visits already. You're all set, right? Pump the brakes — you could be in the middle of committing some common beginner's errors.

    From forgetting to respect your fellow gym-goers to using the incorrect form on an exercise machine, these mistakes range from a simple faux pas to a severe problem that could cause you an injury. For that reason, you should take the time to familiarise yourself with conventional gym norms, a

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  8. Is VR the Future of Fitness?

    Just a decade ago, "virtual reality" was still something that existed more in the realm of science. Sure, there had been attempts at VR video games in the past, and there were always some cutting-edge scientific efforts exploring this technology. However, over the past few years, virtual reality headsets have gone from being prototypes on paper to real devices that have ended up in the hands of countless consumers. These include models such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with more VR companies springing up since. At first, the primary focus for these technologies was on video games. However, as these products mature, more people have turned their attention to other areas.

    Fitness and exercise are two of those areas now receiving more attention in the context of virtual reality. Could VR be the wave of the future that will transform the way we relate to our exercise? What are the potential benefits of using VR for fitness, and are there any drawbacks? Though the answers to these

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  9. Should Teenagers Join a Gym? The Pros and Cons Explained

    27th March 2018.Gyms are a fixture in places all around the world. Wherever people live, there will be a space for them to gather together in one communal area to share equipment and work on their fitness. From businessmen to teachers and stay-at-home mums and dads, just about every kind of person can be found at a gym at some point during the day. Is this environment good for everyone, though? More specifically, what about teenagers? Do younger people belong in a gym? It can be a tricky question to navigate, especially since gyms aren't typically the kind of place you might consider when you think of teen hangouts. That being said, for those teens who play sports or take an interest in their physical fitness, visiting a gym might offer plenty of benefits, especially if their school lacks the resources for the same kind of workout. Like many things, this is a balancing act, and it could be a better choice for some than others. Let's look

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  10. Can You Exercise Hard and Live a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle at the Same Time?

    More people take the time to think about and remain conscious of their health and lifestyle choices today than ever before. With the wealth of products and services out there aimed at helping people get fit and stay that way, it's easy to see why there's such a keen interest in living better. For some, that means more than just cutting down on junk food and visiting the gym more often ? it means a drastic change in the way they approach their diet. For vegans, who choose to consume no animal products whatsoever, nutrition is a unique challenge.

    Balancing one's diet without access to meat, dairy, and other products takes more work, but it is perfectly possible to live a wholesome life with a completely vegan diet. What about exercising hard, though? We know that working out burns tonnes of calories, and we also know that the body needs access to all kinds of nutrients to grow and develop. That's why supplements such as protein and whey powders are popular, especially amongst those

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