1. Understanding and Avoiding the Most Common Beginner Mistakes in the Gym

    When you want to develop your fitness, exercise is the only way to do it, but how you do it is up to you. Ask around, though, and what's the top advice you're likely to hear from everyone? "Go to the gym!" It's the default place people think of when the topic of personal fitness comes up in conversation. It's true, too, that the gym provides many exceptional opportunities, plus access to expensive equipment you aren't likely to have space or funds to bring home with you. So, you've signed up for a gym membership, and perhaps you've even paid the weight room a few visits already. You're all set, right? Pump the brakes — you could be in the middle of committing some common beginner's errors.

    From forgetting to respect your fellow gym-goers to using the incorrect form on an exercise machine, these mistakes range from a simple faux pas to a severe problem that could cause you an injury. For that reason, you should take the time to familiarise yourself with conventional gym norms, a

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  2. Is VR the Future of Fitness?

    Just a decade ago, "virtual reality" was still something that existed more in the realm of science. Sure, there had been attempts at VR video games in the past, and there were always some cutting-edge scientific efforts exploring this technology. However, over the past few years, virtual reality headsets have gone from being prototypes on paper to real devices that have ended up in the hands of countless consumers. These include models such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with more VR companies springing up since. At first, the primary focus for these technologies was on video games. However, as these products mature, more people have turned their attention to other areas.

    Fitness and exercise are two of those areas now receiving more attention in the context of virtual reality. Could VR be the wave of the future that will transform the way we relate to our exercise? What are the potential benefits of using VR for fitness, and are there any drawbacks? Though the answers to these

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  3. Should Teenagers Join a Gym? The Pros and Cons Explained

    27th March 2018.Gyms are a fixture in places all around the world. Wherever people live, there will be a space for them to gather together in one communal area to share equipment and work on their fitness. From businessmen to teachers and stay-at-home mums and dads, just about every kind of person can be found at a gym at some point during the day. Is this environment good for everyone, though? More specifically, what about teenagers? Do younger people belong in a gym? It can be a tricky question to navigate, especially since gyms aren't typically the kind of place you might consider when you think of teen hangouts. That being said, for those teens who play sports or take an interest in their physical fitness, visiting a gym might offer plenty of benefits, especially if their school lacks the resources for the same kind of workout. Like many things, this is a balancing act, and it could be a better choice for some than others. Let's look

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  4. Can You Exercise Hard and Live a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle at the Same Time?

    More people take the time to think about and remain conscious of their health and lifestyle choices today than ever before. With the wealth of products and services out there aimed at helping people get fit and stay that way, it's easy to see why there's such a keen interest in living better. For some, that means more than just cutting down on junk food and visiting the gym more often ? it means a drastic change in the way they approach their diet. For vegans, who choose to consume no animal products whatsoever, nutrition is a unique challenge.

    Balancing one's diet without access to meat, dairy, and other products takes more work, but it is perfectly possible to live a wholesome life with a completely vegan diet. What about exercising hard, though? We know that working out burns tonnes of calories, and we also know that the body needs access to all kinds of nutrients to grow and develop. That's why supplements such as protein and whey powders are popular, especially amongst those

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  5. Gym Bag Essentials: What Should You Pack for Your Next Workout?

    Take a look in your gym bag ? what's in it right now? If you don't put very much thought into what goes into your bag before every workout, chances are the answer is "not much." Perhaps it contains the clothes from your last workout and maybe your headphones, but is the rest just a bunch of empty space? Your bag has tonnes of pockets and storage spaces for a reason, and it can be a valuable asset in your efforts to improve your fitness. Rather than merely being an item you use to carry your spare clothes around, start to think of it as your workout toolbox.

    Your gym bag should be your number one resource for anything you might need during your workout. Why is it to so important to pack your bag with the essentials? You'll find that it allows you to stay more focused on your workout. When you're in the middle of a series of tough reps, you should zero in on your form and your breathing. When you need to think about where to get a drink of water or to find a snack, though, you're

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  6. The Top Fitness Trends to Watch For in 2018

    With the new year already in full swing, tonnes of people will be looking at their waistlines, thinking about their muscle mass, and saying: "Maybe I should do something about this." While not all resolution-makers will make it through to the end of the year, many others will stick with their plans. Others may not get serious about their health until later in the year, but one thing is for sure: 2018 will bring about new fads, new popular trends, and more new ways for us to exercise than ever.

    In years past, we've seen the rise of scientific fitness, the explosion of dance-based classes, and the resurgence of more traditional exercises such as running and cycling. While not every trend is worth keeping around, they offer us a valuable way to try new things ? and that's very important when it comes to staying engaged with your exercise. Otherwise, it's too easy to succumb to boredom and fall out of your routine. Some trends have staying power, too, such as dance fitness; once

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  7. Tips & Tricks for Staying Motivated for Fitness in the New Year

    30th December 2017.With the end of the year on the horizon and the beginning of a fresh calendar almost here, many people begin to make plans for their New Year celebrations. Others turn their minds to the typical "New Year's resolutions" ? solemn determinations to make changes or do things differently next year. We're all familiar with the stereotype of the person who makes fitness resolutions and can't keep them. Maybe we've even been that person before. It's discouraging to want to make a change while feeling like you haven't been able to live up to your promises in the past. It doesn't have to be that way. First, though, it's important to accept that sticking to a New Year's resolution will be difficult no matter what. The start of the new year is more symbolic than anything, you'll be just as busy on January 1st as you were on December 31st. There's no magic button to push; you'll need to come up with some willpower to help make any

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  8. The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gym Fanatic in Your Life

    5th December 2017.Developing and maintaining physical fitness is no easy feat it takes willpower, determination, and a positive attitude to be able to see your plans through to fruition. For some people, that manifests in a passion for a particular sport, such as cycling or swimming. For others, it's running. For some special individuals, though, the gym is their second home. With access to all kinds of exercise equipment, it's both their primary means of exercise and a way of supplementing activities in actual sports. Do you know a self-professed gym rat? With Christmas coming right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the gifts you want to give. What would be most suitable for someone in your life who loves the gym? At first, shopping for such an individual might seem harder than it is in reality. When they practice in a sport all the time, it's relatively easy to pick out gifts that align with that interest. When the

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  9. Should You Take Advantage of Your Gym's Personal Training Service?

    27th November 2017.At some point, everyone who visits the gym to lift weights or do cardio experiences the inevitable "burn out." You can't stand to think of doing one more rep, let alone another few miles on the spin machine. The thought of trying to stick to your weekly routine just doesn't seem as rewarding as it did before. The reality is that exercise is not always fun. Sometimes, you need a measured dose of willpower and determination to push through the doldrums and keep going. Maintaining motivation is hard, though, and not everyone does it the same way. At other times, you might burn out because you don't understand the best way to work on your body. When you don't see gains, it doesn't take much to feel discouraged. What about hiring a personal trainer? Maybe you've seen signs at your gym advertising their availability. These individuals are often available to hire on an hourly basis, and they bring skills to the table that you

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  10. FloatFit: A New, Exciting, and Extremely Challenging Way to Exercise on Water

    16th November 2017. Exercises based on or in the water continue to grow in popularity around the world. It's not just because access to a pool is relatively easy to come by for many, whether at home or in a community setting. It's also because working out in the water is more fun, less stressful, and in many ways easier on the body than dry land exercise. However, "Jazzercise" type classes, old-school water aerobics, and even Zumba-like classes in the water may not yield the challenge you want. What if you're looking for something with a higher intensity, a greater challenge, and more potential for long-term gains in other areas? You'll need an activity that's up to the task. Enter FloatFit, yet another small-scale craze that could explode into widespread popularity solely because it offers its participants a brand-new take on water-based exercises. Rather than spending your time in the water, working your muscles against its resistive

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