Cycling is such a popular activity when the weather is nice and can also be used as a form of commuting instead of catching the bus or using your car. However, when looking to purchase a new bike, there is a wide range of types available for different requirements. And within this post we will take a look at the pros and cons of owning a power assisted bike.

How do E-Bikes Work?Electric Power Assisted Bikes Motor

Assisted bikes such as electric and powered types are like most normal road bikes, but they have one significant difference. Typically an assisted bike contains a motor, which when switched on, can greatly assist with the handling of the ride when you are travelling against a high resistance such as uphill or in a windy environment.

Going into the technical side of a power assisted bike, let’s have a look at how it all works. There are two main types of motors and these are direct-drive and geared. Each of these systems can be integrated into bicycles which contain chain drive, belt drive, hub motors and friction drives. The most commonly used type is the brushless DC electric motor which is a synchronous motor that gathers power from AC current which is transformed to DC.

Electric bikes work by using one of the motors mentioned above; however this motor would need charging after a certain period of time. And it is recommended that when the bike is not in use, that you take the battery out and store it away from the bike at room temperature (0-40 degrees). There will be an indicator on the battery itself when it is running low on charge which is a fantastic indicator, as no one wants it to run out of charge when they need the assistance the most.

Who are These Best Suited for?

Due to the fact that these types of bikes make it easier on the body, power assisted bikes are most loved by a variety of riders. Some of which include those at a lower fitness level, older generations and for when you are travelling a considerable distance. All of these criteria greatly benefit from this type of bike compared to a regular road bike, as the assisted motor takes the strain off the rider as the motor takes some of the load off.

As these bikes can have their motors switched on whenever they are required, these bikes are perfect for long journeys and can also benefit the regular commuter. However, you would most definitely make sure that they are charged to an ample level to get you to where you need to go and back comfortably without stopping.

Most Popular Bikes on the MarketElectric Power Assisted Bikes Gtech Sport

Above we have looked into the basics of the power assisted bikes, we are now going to look at a few of the most popular ones available at the moment. From as little as £995.99 to a maximum of £4,000 these bicycles listed below are suitable for a variety of budgets, however they all serve the same purpose, which is to help you get from A to B with a pleasant experience.

Gtech eBike Sport

Gtech are widely known for their vast range of electric appliances, and have in the past couple of years, broken into the ebike market. Available on the manufacturer’s website for under £1,000, this bike is one of the most affordable ones to own. Continually monitoring your pedalling, the Gtech motor kicks in when needed to give you that extra boost.  However, it is only limited up to 15mph for the motor to assist you.

Pinnacle Lithium Ion 2018 electric bike

Currently on the market for around £2,000, this electric bike is amongst one of the more budget friendly bicycles. This bike combines the expertly designed Shimano STEPs pedal-assist system with 3 levels of power assist with a 250W output. Along with this, the Shimano Deore/SLX 10 speed drive train makes changing gears smooth and provides you with a range of options depending on your terrain.

Trek Super Commuter +9 2018 electric bike

You can purchase this e-bike from the Trek website for £4,000 or alternatively you can get one from any respective bike supplier’s store. Produced using a 250 watt Bosch Performance CX drive unit, this bike also features a Bosch 500 Wh battery that can be easily charged at home. Helping you to comfortably maintain up to 25 km/h, this is the ideal bike for long commutes.

Coboc ONE eCycle electric bikeElectric Power Assisted Bikes Coboc ONE eCycle electric bike

The Coboc ONE eCycle electric bike is the most recent début to the company’s first ever e-cycle. Only weighing 11kg, this bicycle contains a fast responding torque sensor. One of the most loved things about the Coboc bikes is that the electric components such as the motor are kept invisible. This therefore helps the bike to still look like your average bicycle instead of standing out as an e-bike. With its 500W engine power, this bike does not hold back compared to its lightweight frame.

VOLT Infinity 1 electric bike

Available from the manufacturer’s website for £2,599, the VOLT infinity 1 electric bike is rumoured to be the most advanced bicycle on the market at the moment. Manufactured using a 36V battery, this e-bike is believed to last 70 miles before it requires charging. The motor itself is called a mid-drive and this is the perfect choice for a balanced experience when riding the bike.

Would you Consider Purchasing an E-Bike?

Above we have looked into how electric/power assisted bikes work and their benefits and drawbacks. Taking all of these points into consideration, would you ever look into buying one of these bikes for yourself? Or do you already own one of these bikes?

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This article has been written exclusively for Sports Fitness by Loren Astbury