For whatever reason, most people don't think of boxing when they are brainstorming new sports or activities they could pursue. Perhaps it's because on TV, boxing looks brutal, hard-hitting, and dangerous. However, while boxing can be dangerous if taken too far or attempted without proper training, it can also deliver a whole slew of physical and mental benefits. Here are eight good reasons to find the nearest boxing class and sign yourself up! The eight reasons covered within this article are:

  1. Great Way to Keep Fit
  2. Learn Self Defence
  3. Increased Confidence
  4. Opportunity to Express Emotions
  5. Socail Aspects
  6. Clear Thought Under Pressure
  7. Build Discipline
  8. Enhances Coordination

Eight Reasons to Take Up Boxing Workout

It's a Great Way to Get Fit

Boxing is not just mindless fighting. On the contrary, the right boxing training regimen can be a terrific path to full-body fitness. Warm-ups, sparring and other in-class exercises will work your upper arm muscles, your lower arm muscles, your shoulder muscles, your chest muscles, and even the muscles in your abdomen and core. Suffice to say that there aren't many athletic pursuits that can deliver the kind of amazing upper body workout that boxing can. One of the best things about boxing is that it also pulls in other types of fitness. Sure, in an actual boxing class, you will spend most of your time stretching, warming up, sparring with a partner, or working on your form in front of a punching bag. With the gloves on, you'll work the aforementioned muscles, boost your upper body strength, improve your endurance, and get your heart beating. Outside of class, though, don't be surprised if your instructor encourages cardiovascular workouts (running, swimming, etc.) or strength training (weightlifting) to keep you in shape, maintain your endurance, and increase your muscular flexibility. These activities will help make you a better boxer, but they'll also help you establish a cross training routine that will pay dividends in virtually every aspect of your life.

You Learn the Art of Self-defense

As your boxing instructor will probably tell you on the first day of class, learning to box is not an excuse to go punch the guy at work who has been driving you up the wall lately. With that said, though, taking up boxing can help prepare you for the rare situation where self-defense is required. With stronger muscles, a more powerful body, and a better sense of how to dodge hits, block punches, or throw your own, you will definitely be better prepared if and when you have to face-off against an attacker. Perhaps just as importantly, boxing gives you the confidence to know that you can hold your own in a fight if you need to. Such confidence can help you control your adrenaline or fear and give you the ability to stay calm and collected?even in an emotionally distressing situation. Looking confident, strong, and ready to fight in front of an attacker might even make your opponent reconsider their mistake and back down.

You Become More Confident

Speaking of confidence, taking up boxing can be a great way to bring new levels of self-certainty to all areas of your life. As you build new muscles, lose weight, and start getting the body you've always wanted, you'll feel more comfortable in your own skin. As you learn new skills in the ring alongside coaches, classmates, and friends, you'll feel a new sense of strength and accomplishment that you can translate to success in every facet of your life. Taking up boxing will give you the confidence you need to stand up for yourself?whether you are preparing for a physical fight against an attacker or learning to push harder for what you want at work or in your personal life.

Eight Reasons to Take Up Boxing Punchbag

It's an Opportunity to Channel Emotions into Something Positive

Are you stressed out about work? Angry about being passed over for a promotion? Frustrated with your boss? Irritated or upset after an argument with a significant other or family member? Boxing provides a place where you can take all of those emotions and channel them into something positive. You can stew in your own anger or frustration for hours, but doing so will only make you angrier, more stressed out, and more frustrated. Instead of holding those feelings inside and letting them ruin your day, let them out by sparring with a partner or beating up your punching bag. Solving problems with your fists is never a good idea when it comes to dealing with actual people, but getting your body moving and giving yourself the opportunity to hit something in a controlled environment can help you process and vent your emotions.

You Make Great Social Connections

Since boxing classes are built around the concept of "sparring partners," they provide great opportunities to meet new people. Why not combine your fitness life with your social life? With boxing, you'll get to share your growth, accomplishment, and confidence with others in a fun environment. Suffice to say that you shouldn't be surprised if most of your classmates want to go out for a drink or a bite to eat after a tough and satisfying session.

You Learn to Think Clearly Under Pressure

Most people only see boxing as a physical activity, but it's also a test of patience, mental resolve, concentration, and strategy. Knowing when to block, when to dodge, when to go for a head hit or a body hit, when to conserve energy, and when to unleash a flurry of fists takes practice and patience. Boxing is an art because you have to control your emotions and adrenaline and keep calm enough to read the other boxer's moves, even as you plan your own. This kind of strategizing under pressure is immensely valuable?particularly if you work in a high-stakes business environment.

You'll Build Discipline

The patience required to be an effective boxer can make you a better critical thinker, even in high-pressure environments. However, the benefits of that patience can go beyond just thinking clearly under pressure. Not by accident, good boxers are masters of discipline and self-control. When you have to conserve your energy and pick your spots to attack, keeping your emotions in check along the way, you learn lessons that you can apply to anything in your life?from your job to your marriage. Nothing good in life comes easy, including a victory in a boxing match. You have to stay resilient, bide your time, hold strong, and take opportunities when they come your way. This type of never-give-up discipline is a vital life lesson for everyone?and is one of the best reasons to also consider boxing courses for your child or teenager.

It Increases Coordination

Boxing is a sport that uses your entire body. From mastering the footwork to knowing how to sway or turn out of the way of incoming hits, all the way to grounding your body to deliver your own punches, you will need to learn a range of different movements and techniques to be an effective boxer. You won't learn all of the postures and movements in a single training session: just like with anything else, you'll have to develop muscle memory over time. However, as you continue to train, you'll become more conscious of what your whole body is doing, becoming more coordinated from head to toe. Sure, you'll build hand-eye coordination as you learn to aim your punches for maximum impact, but you'll also just gain more control over your body. Since coordination is important for just about any athletic pursuit, you can expect boxing to make you a more effective all-around athlete.


Before you sign up for your first boxing course, it's important to realize that this type of athletic pursuit is not going to be easy. Boxing might seem like brute force when you watch it on TV. When done correctly, though, boxing is actually an elegant art form, an almost balletic sport that requires every part of your body to work in concert toward one shared goal. The full-body demands of boxing, coupled with the mental demands of the sport, make it a difficult sport to master. However, as you can see from reading the list above, there are many benefits that you will reap if and when you do master boxing. So open up your Google page today and search out boxing classes nearby. With determination and a lot of hard work, you'll surely start to notice all of the ways in which boxing is having a positive effect on your life.