1. Christmas Gift Guide for Darts Players

    Preparing gifts for your loved ones can be tricky, especially when they don’t know what they want. So to aid you with the task of brainstorming what to get the dart player in your life for Christmas, we have put this article together covering a range of accessories and equipment. Whether you are after a novelty present or gear to assist them with training, you are guaranteed to find it below. Here is a brief breakdown of our top 7 darts gift ideas:

    1. Darts Set
    2. Quality Board
    3. Laser Dart Throwing Line
    4. Novelty Items
    5. Dart Travel Case
    6. Rubber Dart Board Surround
    7. Tickets to a Darts Championship

    gift guide darts set

    Darts Set

    Whether they are new to the sport or a seasoned professional, you can n

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  2. The Most Impressive Guinness World Records in Darts

    It's no secret that darts players are incrediblypassionate about their game of choice. A visit to any of the professional, officially sanctioned darts matches will reveal that in an instant: the screaming and roaring crowd that instantly falls to silence when a player approaches the line comes right back to life when the throw lands true. Even your average casual pub match can become boisterous and excitable. The skill and precision necessary to be a good darts player, combined with the need for long-term consistency, means that this is a game where bragging rights are of the utmost importance. 

    It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that the Guinness Book of World Records contains dozens of darts-related records accumulated from over the years. Now players do not needto argue over who can achieve what — there's always the opportunity to put one's proverbial money where their mouth is by challenging a record. Some of the recordsin the book have stood f

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  3. Getting Started with Darts: Basics for Beginners

    Watching professional darts players is great fun, not only are there huge, excitable crowds in the venue, but the players are also highly skilled and competing for big prizes. Overall, it's a game that combines concentration, skill in hand-eye coordination, and even strategy for a very enjoyable time. Why remain just a mere spectator, though? Everyone must start somewhere, and you could find that playing darts is rewarding, fun, and might even bring you some brand-new friends.

    When you're a total beginner, though, figuring out how to get your darts all the way to the board at all is a challenge in its own right. Don't be discouraged, though: throwing a dart can be tricky, and getting it to land in the right spot that you want is even trickier. All it takes is time, practice, and an understanding of the right way to do things.

    There's no substitute for standing around with the darts in your hand, but it can help to familiarise yourself with the technique and the action of

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  4. Why Women Should Consider Playing Darts

    9th September 2017.All one need do to know that the popularity of darts is on a meteoric rise is to spend a few moments watching a professional match take place on TV. The huge crowds that fall silent during a critical throw but roar to life when someone nails a 180, the increasing pots of prize money, and the free-flowing sponsorships ? they're all a sign that darts is on the rise. You may also notice that many competitors are men. While there is a women's side to the World Darts Championship, it continues to draw smaller numbers. While men dominate the sport, that doesn't mean the ladies are entirely left out; in fact, there are plenty of pro women making a splash on the darts circuit. It's not just for the pros, though: just like an average man can pick up a game and start refining his aim, so can you. Why, though? Besides the fact that it is a fun sport, there are plenty of other reasons, too. From social benefits to keeping your mind sharp, sending a steel-tipped dart sailing

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  5. An Introduction to Premier League Darts

    25th May 2017.Today, darts is far more than just a game played between friends over a few pints down at the local pub. From its origins in the 19th century to now, the game has seen constant growth into a highly competitive game with professional leagues. Though the game is easy to learn, it features a "hard to master" quality due to the extremely consistent accuracy required. Pros seldom play just one game, or "leg," against each other, either ? matches often consist of potentially dozens of legs. In other words, winning isn't just a fluke; it's the result of focus, a steady hand, and a refined throwing motion. One of the most popular ways for fans of the game to watch today's best players compete is through Premier League Darts. Separate from the World Championship hosted by the Professional Darts Corporation, or PDC, Premier League Darts nonetheless draws its players from the PDC leagues. If you're curious about watching darts, what should you know about the Premier League? How

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  6. 5 Reasons to Join a Local Darts Club

    1st November 2016.For a game so seemingly simple, darts defines the adage "easy to learn, difficult to master." Although throwing small, pointed objects at a board for points might not seem hard at first, it quickly reveals itself to be a game of both finesse and strategy. Whether it's scoring strategically to defeat your opponent or concentrating hard on nailing the bullseye, darts presents many different challenges. At the same time, it's often an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun with friends in a social atmosphere. Perhaps you keep a dart board at home, or maybe you're just interested in picking up the game. Either way, you won't find the best experience anywhere but in a darts club. Local clubs for dart players can be found in many kinds of establishments, although the local pub is usually a good place to begin your search. Aside from having a regular place to play the game, why join a club at all? Instead of just having friends around once every week or two for a

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  7. Darts: A Game or a Sport?

    When you're out at a pub, a few beers in and playing a game of darts with your pals, it probably feels like just that: a game. Believe it or not, though, athletics funding organization Sport England actually considers darts a sport. That fact caused a bit of a squabble last year when enthusiasts of the card game bridge launched a court challenge that essentially asked: "If darts is a sport, why isn't bridge?" According to a report from Reuters, the court challenge was spearheaded by the English Bridge Union. In 2014, the English Bridge Union applied to have their favorite card game recognized as a sport by Sport England. That application was denied, leading to the 2015 court challenge where the EBU attempted to determine whether the denial was lawful. The battle between the EBU and Sport England?and, more fundamentally,

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  8. How to Choose the Perfect Dart Shafts and Flights

    New to darts? Intermediate player? Veteran tungsten thrower? This article will help inform you on the best decisions to take when choosing dart shafts and flights. So, if you're new to the game or simply tweaking your long-established setup then read on. We will help make sure that you understand how important the choice of shafts and flights is to your throw and the results you achieve.

    choosing dart flight and shaft Harrows Bomber 85% Tungsten Darts

    Choosing Flights

    When choosing darts flights it is important to learn how the size and shape affects the actual flight of the dart. Smaller flights cause less drag meaning the

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